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Pout Fest post analysis

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WOW! What a blast. That was a REALLY fun event.

Enjoyed it alot.

Learned something about pouts too. I opened the belly of mine and it was PACKED with tiny crawfish. Maybe like 40-50. 1 minnow that probably was mine, but can't be 100% sure.

See you all next year. Maybe will try to have more than just my fish house as my encampment. Some really cool ones out there - Karaoke in the middle of the lake, hot tub in the middle of the lake, a disco dance floor in the middle of the lake ---- snowmobiles dressed like row boats - many couches whizzing by with people sitting on them - a motorized picnic table with a bunch of guys driving by drinking a beer - airplanes landing next to your fish house. You name it, we probably saw it - and it was a SLOW year!


Capt aka at Pout Fest "the Green Hat Guy"

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Another great year!! We didn't even bring a auger or a line and caught just as many fish as the people around us!!!! We did however bring beer, and went through plenty of that. Brought along a few games for the outside, lights, music, and signs, which all helped make it a great time and helped beat the cold. Met a lot of fun people and had great time. Counting down until next year!!!

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Dirtking and I along with 6 other non-fm'rs were there. We caught 16 pout and three rough fish (walleyes). Not a bad year. I agree that in terms of numbers of people, this was a small fest. But good time was had by all.

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