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Fishing Rainy Lake

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My son and I will be fishing Rainy Lake this summer (June 24 thru 30) from Camp Narrows on the northwest part of the lake. We'll be targeting bass and pike (catch and release). Can anyone suggest some good lures to try? I understand that the smelt are now an important food source so I guess that imitations of them will work well. Also, what is the best kind of structure to look for that time of year? I have ordered some maps and would like to have a bit of plan befor we arrive. I'm not asking for any secret spots, just what type of water to look for.

Also, any hint's for Walleye? I've never had much luck fishing for them.


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My son and I fished out of Camp Narrows last September 15 to 22 or so. We had a great time and plan to return mid to late August this year.

We did so-so on the smallmouth, but cleaned up on the walleyes and pike. We caught only one walleye below the slot limit all week, and the son had one topping out at 27" Lots of pike. We both caught 33"+.

Water temperatures were 67f at the beginning of the week and 65f when we left.


We mostly used 3/8 oz jigs in whatever color came out of the jig box with minnows. Make sure they hit bottom and raise them 6"-8". We also found some by trolling cranks like a Bandit at about 2mph on the gps. I've never fished/don't know how to fish walleye with a worm-spinner rig so I don't know if that is effective. Maybe someone else will help both of us on that one

None of the wallyes came from the the narrow arms we fished. We found them around the islands and mainland shorelines. What we generally tried to do is start off the shoreline usually in about 6 to 8 feet of water then work the area parallel to the shore line eventually staying in 10' to 15' of water.


Look for any kind of weeds. Move the boat a cast's distance away and cast to the weed edge. Throw something big with a lot of flash. We did well with a silver "Johnson Silver Minnow" until my son thought he saw a pike up in a tree. Actually our best pike lures were spinnerbaits I made myself. blush.gif Charturese body, silver #5 1/2 willow leaf blade.


When we were there Tom suggested using a white Zoom Fluke jerk bait and I think I had everything but something like a fluke. I was thinking of bringing some Flukes and some Gulp Minnows this year. I hear Mepps spinners are effective. We did not try tubes.

Tom's a great host. My impression is he likes to get on the water himself and see what going on. Hell let you know what's going on and have great suggestions for you. We liked the cabin and I thought the upgraded boat we used was terrific.

If you have more questions, shoot an email to nimstugatyahoodotcom.


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Thank you for the info, it will come in handy. I'll be sure to post a report when we get back. Good luck on your trip in August.


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    • Wanderer
      @chaffmj, never mind.  I decided to take a cruise on up there today.  Had a couple popple tops in the driveway but nothing I couldn’t clear.  Nice to see the area again.
    • BrianF
      Ludlows and Muskego both hit hard.  The Dayton place had a lot of big trees down, not sure of structural damage.  Some say a tornado skipped thru that area.  Looking at the destruction, I could believe it.  I feel bad for those impacted by this storm.   Below are a few snap shots of common sights around the area a day or two after the storm. 
    • Wanderer
      Mike, was there a lot of damage in the Ely area?
    • leech~~
      Drove through Annandale last Tuesday and was really bummed to still only see the old cement slab at Little Jim's. Hope they can get it built-back-better! 🙂
    • bfisherman11
      I heard recently the water level had gone down some. Sound like folks are re really dealing with a mess.    Fishing pictures look like a good year in that regard.   Hope the property loss isn't terrible but seems bad.   Bill 
    • Kettle
      Yesterday was a grind to find bigger fish but we landed a few. Only 3 fish overall but they were all nice fish, all C&R. I do believe the sunfish are out of the shallows besides small ones. Thursday I took the nephews out and didn't see any on beds.  
    • redlabguy
      Glad you keep coming back, Mark. And glad you still know the way to catch a slew of walleyes. I wish i could’ve learned more while you were here. But I appreciate all the information you provide on what worked for you.  Strange year. We just got part of our dock in and our boat. I fished a couple hours this morning for the first time on a Frazer hump you know and caught ten under 12” and one keeper which I released… a nice 26+“. I’m hoping more to come soon. I hope all is well with you, Dick
    • smurfy
      kettle....have you chased around any sunfish lately???? kinda wondering if there done spawning???? the last time i was up the sunfish we did clean that had eggs in it didnt even look close to spawning. although i know they seem to carry eggs around most of the summer it seems!!!!!!
    • SkunkedAgain
      Maybe the bamboozler will end up being like every fish story, some old timers holding their hands out as wide as possible to demonstrate to a youngster just how big it was....
    • smurfy
      kettle, when are you going to fish for something decent to eat????🤔🤣🤣   nice batch of fish!!!!!!!!!
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