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Red Door 2/10


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The trip started out bad when I crossed the bridge and ripped off a protective shield on the under carridge of my truck. What protective shield you ask? NO CLUE! I'm not a motor-head, just an idiot who went to fast over a resort bridge!! The ramp had a nice easy approach that dropped off like the sex drive of a woman who's tasted her own wedding cake! No fear though boyz; they fixed the bridge. Wedding cake however is the enemy!

Anywho, We fished out in front of the resort in their first line of houses (as per a tip from the gal taking our road money)and caught a few keeper perch. After things got too slow for us we headed out to one of the many small mud flats and drilled a bunch of holes in search of fish and only found a six inch walleye. He's at the taxidermist right now to be displayed in a mount being eaten by the bald eagle I shot this Fall.

We headed back in towards shore where we heard of a fifteen inch perch being caught in eleven feet of water (to the east of the Red Door on sand) and caught many tiny perch. Once this got old I headed out into fifteen feet of water where I caught two more jumbos and several "Winnibigoshish" sized perch before we had to leave at 3:00. My fishing buddy stayed in the shallows and caught zip during my half-hour foray in the cold and snow.

In hind-sight the hour spent looking for fish on the flats was a waste of time. The tip in 11' of water lead us from where we should have stayed; twenty-five feet of water right out from the resort.

By the way not one fish came on a minnow or any part of a minnow. Eurolarve and a jigging spoon was the order of the day.

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Netman, don't feel bad, I tore the lp tank holder going off their ramp. Seen many of ramp at Mille lacs and theirs have always been the skimpiest. That guy that drives the plow truck, he's crabby! Been there 3 times and man, if your job is that much of a PITA, quit!

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I don't know man? We were up there today and that white haired guy in the resort is as pleasant a guy as your gonna find?

The bridge was fine, we just went over it slow and the guy in the plow truck gave us a wave? Everything was fine except the fishing!

We got 2 Jumbos and an eel and that was that! We missed a few few, had a few on that got off, but pretty slow stuff!

We fished west of the satellites and tried from 20 out to 28 feet..stayed moving most of the day, cut 10-12 holes in a row, fish em out, fish em back, repeat and move. We tried east of the satellites and we headed south, out to the far group. We did a cross country to the large group that lays south, southeast of Red Door...nada everywhere and the same with everyone we talked to...same deal fish are down there but they won't bite.

We tried various sized minnows and heads, waxies, those smelly little red euros, different colors, shapes and sizes, nothing seemed to interest them?

The wind was really bad today and it was blowing snow and filling in the holes as fast as you could clean em out (Fished outside all day) about dusk, just when we would have probaly had our best shot at getting a walleye, we gave it up...that all day wind took the starch right out of us!

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