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Cozumel Reccomendations

Ralph Wiggum

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Has anyone fished in Cozumel? I'm going at the end of March and would like to try some fishing. I have no clue what to look for. Can anyone give me any reviews from their trips?

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I don't have any fishing recommendations but I did stay on the Island for a week a few years back and can recommend some other things.

I don't think Cozumel is especially noted for fishing, Snorkeling and Scuba is much more popular.

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If you’re a scuba diver, replace snorkeling with Scuba.

On the Island:

Book a snorkeling trip to Palancar Reef, It’s second in size only to the Great Barrier and it’s awesome, I saw two Barracudas and multiple stingrays, Stingrays are small out there. Lot’s of Groupers and assorted fish.

Check out Paradise beach, great snorkeling, Iguanas and just a nice place to recover from a hangover.

When the tour boats come in, head to the other side of the Island. Rent some motorcycles and lie on the beach, bar hop or spend time in the water parks, good snorkeling over there also. We stopped at every bar and had a great time. The water on that side of the Island is a lot rougher but still swimable. I saw some people fishing off the rocks on that side and actually saw a fish caught in the hour or so I was in that spot. You can rent fishing equipment in town if you want to just hang out for a day soaking some bait.

Off the Island: (another good choice when the cruise ships come in)

You gotta spend a day at the Xcaret water park, it’s on the mainland just south of Playa Del Carmen. You should be able to schedule a tour at the place your staying. Make sure to snorkel the underground river, it’s neat. Xcaret also has a great lagoon for snorkeling.

I really had no interest in the Ruins so I never went to Tulum


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I was in mexico when emily hit this summer and it did a lot of damage to the reefs and lots of the buildings. We actually talked about this today at work and co-workers had heard that there is 24 hour repair work at most of the hotels frown.gif. I hope it is not like that when you go down there. There was a lot of damage, and I am sure it took a long time to clean up.

Let us know the conditions of the yucatan pennisula when you return.

good luck-


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Will do. The hotel we are staying at re-opened on January 27th, so I would guess that things will be in order by late March.

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My wife and i have gone there the last two years, i go diving and she sits on the beach..if you want to go fishing go down by the presedente hotel and right before you get to it take the road towards the water, theres a harbor there where the fishing boats dock..i was able to get a great deal by negotating directly with the skipper...it was great nice clean boat and our own crew for about 1/2 what you would pay in town or pre arranged...

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      kettle....have you chased around any sunfish lately???? kinda wondering if there done spawning???? the last time i was up the sunfish we did clean that had eggs in it didnt even look close to spawning. although i know they seem to carry eggs around most of the summer it seems!!!!!!
    • SkunkedAgain
      Maybe the bamboozler will end up being like every fish story, some old timers holding their hands out as wide as possible to demonstrate to a youngster just how big it was....
    • smurfy
      kettle, when are you going to fish for something decent to eat????🤔🤣🤣   nice batch of fish!!!!!!!!!
    • muskie-mike
      My wife agrees about the pizza...was the best...  
    • Kettle
      Fished a bigger lake, fish or at least the eaters are on the mid lake humps. Water Temps 68 degrees, freezer now has 6 total as I've been eating fish often. Tomorrow we chase the 30" walleye for catch and release.  
      Stuntz Bay Boathouse Historic District - Wikipedia   They have some info.  
    • smurfy
      👍that can be arranged!!!
    • MarkB
      I just returned home today from 4 wonderful days of fishing my favorite lake. We arrived late Saturday and was able to fish a bit that evening. Our group was comprised of my cousin, one of our very close friends and myself. On Saturday evening we managed to catch 16 walleyes on crawlers, leeches, and minnows. In spite of less than perfect weather conditions(95 degree heat and high to near hurricane force winds) we ended up with 103 walleyes boated and perhaps that many missed and lost during retrieval through Wednesday early afternoon. Minnows worked best one day, leeches worked great one day, and crawlers were the ticket Wednesday with our biggest fish of the trip coming that day. The bites ranged from very light to jerk the rod out of your hand. Our terminal gear consisted of jig/minnow, Lindy rig, to my old standby 4 ft leader, 1oz bouncer, 2 red beads, and a Gamakatsu size 8 orange hook. The bouncer rig outfished the rest by a wide margin. Speed was a huge factor and .4-.6mph was the speed that worked best. The high winds made boat control/speed a real challenge. We caught all of our fish from 8ft to 24ft with the optimun depth ~14ft give or take. When we got to the lake the water temp was 64.5 degrees and yesterday afternnon when we quit, it was 68.5 degrees. We did not see any significant amounts of mayflies except in the water columns in a few areas of the lake. The fish we cleaned went from stuffed with mayflies, full of crawdads, to full of perch minnows. We found the fish in the rocks and on mud flats. I looked for the fish with sonar and only fished where I found fish. I found our fish in the east end of Big Bay, Daisy Bay, Armstrong Bay, Portage Bay, and Bystrom Bay. We caught fish at every place we stopped. Wind dictated where we fished on any given day. On Monday, I had to cross the east end of Fraser Bay and in over 60 years, I have never seen it that rough.  We found the cheapest gas at Shamrock Marina($6.29/gal) and the best bait at the Y store. We have eaten pizza at the Vermilion Club for more years than I can count and, to put it bluntly, we were very disappointed this year. To us, it was definitely not the same quality of pizza we have become accustomed to. Suffice it to say, we will be ordering something different from the menu in the future. All in all, Lake Vermilion provided us with another lasting memory. Great fishing on the greatest lake in Minnesota. We will return in mid-September and we are already anxious. Pictured below is my cousin with two nice walleyes caught 10 minutes apart. They were caught on crawlers.   Good Fishing MarkB🙂    
    • Wanderer
      Maybe pay him in smoked pike so he can taste some fish instead just crunching down on walleyes all the time! 😉
    • smurfy
      Hey stay outta it.😫🤭🙄 😊   Thanks kettle I may take you up on that sometime.
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