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Perhaps They Should Just Go Fishing.....

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ChuckN and I have been discussing posting some amusing local news that we run across from time to time. We struggled with a title, but decided on "Perhaps They Should Just Go Fishing"

Here is the first installment, and we hope you enjoy it. BTW - Kudos to the police for putting a stop to this before it happend.

From the Fergus Falls Daily Journal:

Police threaten to crash underage alcohol party after receiving flier

By Brandon Stahl

Doing anything this weekend? Someone whose parents will be in Mexico for the weekend is throwing a party at a cabin near New York Mills.

All you have to bring: “a sleeping bag, a pillow and of course, tons of ALCOHOL!”

At least that was the information printed on a flier found by St. Paul Police who then faxed the flier to the Otter Tail County Sheriff's Department.

Along with the underage drinking, the party also promised snowmobiling on 100 acres of the teen's parents' land.

Naturally, the sheriff's department made advanced reservations. Lt. Mike Boen said he called the number listed on the flier and left a voice message.

“I told them we received the invitation and we'd take the appropriate measures to ensure that they had a quality time while in Otter Tail County,” Boen said. “I also assured them that we'd distribute the flier amongst the personnel here working for the weekend.”

On second thought, there may not be a party this weekend.

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Gissert down here in the citys that story was all over the news last night and the paper how funny!am coming up this weekend to do some fishing and to chop up some wood how much snow and water do you think will be on the ice on smaller lakes I want to try to get my house off.I can't pull it with the 4 wheeler if there is to much slush

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What I can tell you is that we had a major thaw around here and the lakes that I drove by this morning looked like a faded sea of blue. Little snow lots of water. This is just a observation, I would say your going to get wet.

Perhaps they should just go fishing

Battle Lake School let out early yesterday with a bomb threat, maybe they just wanted to go fishing???

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I heard that story on the radio yesterday afternoon when I was in the cities, LOL.

Looking out my window, I agree with PR Fisher - you should have no trouble getting your house off, but you might get a little wet from ponding water. It is supposed to cool off tonight, and that may tighten it back up a bit.

Snow cover on S. Turtle is minimal now.

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This week's PTSJGF.

From the FF Daily Journal. laugh.gif


Banana assault nets arrest

Police arrested an 18-year-old Fergus Falls man at the Lakeview Estates Trailer Park after he allegedly hit a woman with a banana.

Police responded to the home Tuesday night on a report of a fight. A woman said that the man tried to take a swing at her and missed, and she responded by slapping him in the face. That's when the woman said the man grabbed a banana and clubbed her with it, police said.

Police said there was banana debris at the scene to corroborate the assault.

The woman was cited for disorderly conduct; the man was taken into custody for fifth degree assault.

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LMAO! I read that in the paper and heard it on the radio this morning. You beat me to the post.

People who go fishing together are seldom involved in fruit assaults.

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Still having vertigo, but much less in intensity. Not quite up to driving yet, maybe tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

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  • 2 weeks later...

From today's Fargo Forum:

A woman who tried to buy marijuana at the West Fargo police station Saturday has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor charges.

Grace Tzega Ogbazhi Sium, 20, Fargo, appeared before Judge Cynthia Rothe-Seeger in East Central District Court in Fargo.

She pleaded not guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia and attempted possession of a controlled substance.

West Fargo police said the North Dakota State University junior called the police station about 3:15 a.m. Saturday and asked where she could buy marijuana.

A dispatcher repeatedly told her that it was illegal either to sell or possess marijuana, but Sium persisted.

The dispatcher told her there was marijuana in the evidence locker and that if she came down to the police station he would “hook her up.”

She went to the station and was arrested.

Court documents say she was carrying three marijuana pipes when she came to the station.

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Oh come on!!!!!!!!!!

No way. How could anyone be that stupid?

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Hey man, when you gotta an urge for 'special' brownies, you gotta get hooked up! It's not like going and borrowing a cup of flour from the neighbor.

I always get a chuckle about the number of people getting popped for weed in fish houses.

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I thought this only happened in Montana?


A man who pleaded no contest to a sodomy charge involving a sheep says he should not have to register as a sex offender.

Jeffrey S. Haynes said the state registry is intended to keep track of people who have committed crimes against humans.

But Calhoun County Circuit Court Judge Conrad Sindt told Haynes at his sentencing hearing that once he is released from prison, he must register with the Michigan State Police Public Sex Offender Registry.

Haynes, 42, of Battle Creek, was sentenced Monday to 2 1/2 years to 20 years in prison. He entered the plea in January. A no contest plea is not an admission of guilt but is treated as such for sentencing purposes.

Tamara Towns, an assistant prosecutor for the county, argued that Haynes should be ordered to register as a sex offender because once out of prison, he could prey on children or vulnerable adults.

Haynes said he is not a violent person and would not assault children.

"The prosecutor is being real hard on me for what I did," he said. "But I should not be treated as a child molester."

A telephone call seeking comment was left Tuesday at the Marshall office of defense attorney John B. Sullivan.

Police said Haynes had sex with a sheep at a Bedford Township farm on Jan. 26, 2005. The animal's owner caught him on the property and the sheep was found injured.

Haynes was arrested in June after a DNA sample taken from the animal matched Haynes' genetic material.

Haynes has prior convictions for burglary, home invasion and uttering and publishing, and was on parole for burglary at the time of the sex crime.

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What in the world is wrong with other people's children? That's just not even right to think about. Interisting, but sick story. That's all I have to say. Time to go fishing. shocked.gifcrazy.gifconfused.gif

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Responses to the last two stories- 1) the last time I assulted a woman with a banana I ended up with a baby boy nine months later. 2) That animalism story is really bhaaa bhaaa bhaaad! Almost bhaad enough to make me want to throw away my velcro gloves!! "Honest officer, I was just trying to help it over the fence!!!" grin.gifwink.gifgrin.gif

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They could just go fishing...but do we really want these kinds of people out on the lakes with us? Maybe a little therapy, then they can go fishing. tongue.gif

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I would agree with that.. Therapy big time...

I think locking him up with a bunch of young calves and pinned to the wall would cure his hankerin for animal love...

Truthfully I used to think this type of behaivor was an rural legend sort of like a urban legend...

I still can't beleive it..

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I played Minor League baseball in Battle Creek for 2 years, and we nicknamed it the Insest capital of the US. Lot's of "odd" people in that town.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • BrianF
      Ludlows and Muskego both hit hard.  The Dayton place had a lot of big trees down, not sure of structural damage.  Some say a tornado skipped thru that area.  Looking at the destruction, I could believe it.  I feel bad for those impacted by this storm.   Below are a few snap shots of common sights around the area a day or two after the storm. 
    • Wanderer
      Mike, was there a lot of damage in the Ely area?
    • leech~~
      Drove through Annandale last Tuesday and was really bummed to still only see the old cement slab at Little Jim's. Hope they can get it built-back-better! 🙂
    • bfisherman11
      I heard recently the water level had gone down some. Sound like folks are re really dealing with a mess.    Fishing pictures look like a good year in that regard.   Hope the property loss isn't terrible but seems bad.   Bill 
    • Kettle
      Yesterday was a grind to find bigger fish but we landed a few. Only 3 fish overall but they were all nice fish, all C&R. I do believe the sunfish are out of the shallows besides small ones. Thursday I took the nephews out and didn't see any on beds.  
    • redlabguy
      Glad you keep coming back, Mark. And glad you still know the way to catch a slew of walleyes. I wish i could’ve learned more while you were here. But I appreciate all the information you provide on what worked for you.  Strange year. We just got part of our dock in and our boat. I fished a couple hours this morning for the first time on a Frazer hump you know and caught ten under 12” and one keeper which I released… a nice 26+“. I’m hoping more to come soon. I hope all is well with you, Dick
    • smurfy
      kettle....have you chased around any sunfish lately???? kinda wondering if there done spawning???? the last time i was up the sunfish we did clean that had eggs in it didnt even look close to spawning. although i know they seem to carry eggs around most of the summer it seems!!!!!!
    • SkunkedAgain
      Maybe the bamboozler will end up being like every fish story, some old timers holding their hands out as wide as possible to demonstrate to a youngster just how big it was....
    • smurfy
      kettle, when are you going to fish for something decent to eat????🤔🤣🤣   nice batch of fish!!!!!!!!!
    • muskie-mike
      My wife agrees about the pizza...was the best...  
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