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wind and barometric - does it affect fishing?

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wondering what wind does for the fishing in the winter, it seems that east and south winds affect the bite, also don't really understand baro pressure, anybody with answers?

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My two cents..

I am a firm believer in barometric pressure affecting how fish bite. I have been a fisherman for 35 years and learned this from my dad, he used to carry a barometer with him.

Barometric pressure changes when either high or low fronts come through the area. I always try to fish when a high pressure system is coming in, means the barometer reading is rising. A steady barometer is ok.

As far as wind and ice fishing, I'm kinda new on the hard water, but in the summer a stronger wind blowing bigger waves into a shoreline can stir up sediments and baitfish, bringing many predarory fish in closer to shore.

Usually a West or South wind is better, but this may go back to barometric pressure, since most fronts in the spring and summer come from the west, or southwest.

An old German fisherman (grandpa)used to say:

If the winds in the North - the fisherman does not go forth,

If the winds in the East - the fish bite the least,

If the winds in the South- it blows your bait in the fishes mouth,

If the winds in the West - the fish bite the best.

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For the barometer - you'll get as many different answers as replies. My personal experience - stable high is best, nothing has been changing to throw the fish off. But a falling barometer can be good too. Kind of like you see deer and pheasants out feeding heavily before the storm comes, the fish will do the same.

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Most people seem to feel as though the best fishing is right before and during a Low pressure moving through. Think of it this way. When do you catch the most fish, when it is sunny or cloudy out?

I guess I have personally had my best fishing on cloudy, overcast days which are related to low pressure. Sunny, cloudless days are more associated with High pressure systems.

As far as wind is concerned, I don't know how it affects fishing while the lake is frozen, but people swear that it does.

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Definitely low. If that pressure gauge is at 30.00 and dropping, usually 6-8 hours before a storm blows in, them fish are usually snapping. Of course, it doesnt always work that way, but seems like all species get the feedbag on and you can catch bigger fish.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Oldehulse06
      Going up to visit family at Mille lacs 4th of July weekend. Given the current fishing restrictions and the fact that I don’t have a boat, does anyone know any good shore/kayak fishing lakes in the Mille lacs area?
    • JBMasterAngler
      Spent yesterday afternoon wading the upper croix. Water actually seemed a little low. There was lots of floating grass, so my traditional approach of using a fire tiger jointed rapala was unusable. Tried a whopper plopper for a bit, which avoided floating grass better, but I just didn’t have confidence in using it. So since it seemed like the crayfish outnumbered the rocks, I decided to use a weightless Texas rigged plastic craw. Caught 3 smallies, and a pike.   
    • h8go4s
      Here's the actual water level as of Saturday, 6-25. It has dropped some but still is 4 feet above the rule curve. This is updated daily; it's just too early in the day for Sunday's data to be posted. You can check it yourself here: http://www.lwcb.ca/waterflowdata.html
    • Wanderer
      @chaffmj, never mind.  I decided to take a cruise on up there today.  Had a couple popple tops in the driveway but nothing I couldn’t clear.  Nice to see the area again.
    • BrianF
      Ludlows and Muskego both hit hard.  The Dayton place had a lot of big trees down, not sure of structural damage.  Some say a tornado skipped thru that area.  Looking at the destruction, I could believe it.  I feel bad for those impacted by this storm.   Below are a few snap shots of common sights around the area a day or two after the storm. 
    • Wanderer
      Mike, was there a lot of damage in the Ely area?
    • leech~~
      Drove through Annandale last Tuesday and was really bummed to still only see the old cement slab at Little Jim's. Hope they can get it built-back-better! 🙂
    • bfisherman11
      I heard recently the water level had gone down some. Sound like folks are re really dealing with a mess.    Fishing pictures look like a good year in that regard.   Hope the property loss isn't terrible but seems bad.   Bill 
    • Kettle
      Yesterday was a grind to find bigger fish but we landed a few. Only 3 fish overall but they were all nice fish, all C&R. I do believe the sunfish are out of the shallows besides small ones. Thursday I took the nephews out and didn't see any on beds.  
    • redlabguy
      Glad you keep coming back, Mark. And glad you still know the way to catch a slew of walleyes. I wish i could’ve learned more while you were here. But I appreciate all the information you provide on what worked for you.  Strange year. We just got part of our dock in and our boat. I fished a couple hours this morning for the first time on a Frazer hump you know and caught ten under 12” and one keeper which I released… a nice 26+“. I’m hoping more to come soon. I hope all is well with you, Dick
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