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Florida fishing help!

Fishin Beast

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I am heading down to Weston right next to Ft. Lauderdale May 14-21st and was wondering if anyone knew of a Larger Charter that is inexpensive. I did a few searches and every one I found was a 1-2 person specific species charter that went a good 250-400 bucks a half day or full day. I have been wanting to find one that you could fit 15+ fisherman on a charter and fish for alot cheaper, near the 50 dollar range a person or less.

Anyone have any ideas or charters? Either that or I was going to look at renting a boat near the Everglades or Okeechobbee (sp) and fool around but the gf wanted seafish instead.

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Fish City Pride was a charter in the late 90's that I used a couple of times.

I also fished the shore in the Pompano/ Ft. Lauderdale area with squid, steal leaders and catfish hooks and caught hammerhandle sized barracuda and a blowfish shocked.gif

Talk to the the bait shops for more info!

p.s Richard Simmons lives down there watch out tongue.gif

Helen's Drift Fishing out of pompano is the other one I have used.

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I looked up a few others. Anyone ever been on the Blue Heron Fleets? or the Mary B. 3 Charter?

I figure some of these are decent but others can be dumpy. I looked up a Flamingo Charter also but that didn't look to nice smile.gif

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