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Eyes in the Zum???

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I was talkin to a few people the other day while fishing, and heard that people fish for walleyes and saugers in the river. Can anybody clue me in on as to where they are in the river or possibly want to venture out there with me?

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We have caught both saugers and walleyes in the river. Mostly we fish between Z.F. and Hammond. Murphfisher, Young Gun and me caught quite a few last year. No piggies though.

Crickschop and I were going to try the long rods during the last warm spell but never got around to it.

It might be worth your while to try pitching some jigs and plastics up and down the river road. Take 63N to Zumbro Falls and turn right just after you cross the bridge. It's county road eleven. There are a number of spots that leave room enough to pull off the side of the road.

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If they are true "river" born walleyes and saugers, they will instinctively head upstream in the early spring. A guy might have some luck near the dam if this is the case.

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During the warmer weather I've floated from the dam down to Bluff Valley Campground and have had very good luck fishing for sauger and eyes.

Everytime I came to a deeper hole I would pull the boat/canoe to shore and drift a jig tipped with a crawler several times through the hole.

Hit eyes, sauger, cats and even a trout once.

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I used to catch saugers up by the dam a number of years ago. Never any big guys but decent eaters none the less.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      You still have your trailer and place up there? Maybe you should do some summer rentals of it to help pay the taxes and up keep on it? 👍
    • fins_n'_feathers
      The water is starting to slowly go down. From what I can tell it looks like it’s down about 5-6 inches. The wind was terrible over the weekend though. I’m sure many properties suffered damages with Sundays winds. Things are finally starting to head in the right direction but it’s going to take a very long time for things to get back to even somewhat normal. 
    • Rivergroup
      Stopped at VC last week as well.  Didn't have pizza, but the sandwiches and appetizers we had were good.  The service was very good.  However, that's the first and only time we had been there.
    • delcecchi
      Any other info about VC?   Got kid and and fam coming up.  Been a couple years but really liked it.   Reviews on line still good.   Did Mark just hit on a bad night or has it gone down?   Being on west not a place we go often.
    • Oldehulse06
      Going up to visit family at Mille lacs 4th of July weekend. Given the current fishing restrictions and the fact that I don’t have a boat, does anyone know any good shore/kayak fishing lakes in the Mille lacs area?
    • JBMasterAngler
      Spent yesterday afternoon wading the upper croix. Water actually seemed a little low. There was lots of floating grass, so my traditional approach of using a fire tiger jointed rapala was unusable. Tried a whopper plopper for a bit, which avoided floating grass better, but I just didn’t have confidence in using it. So since it seemed like the crayfish outnumbered the rocks, I decided to use a weightless Texas rigged plastic craw. Caught 3 smallies, and a pike.   
    • h8go4s
      Here's the actual water level as of Saturday, 6-25. It has dropped some but still is 4 feet above the rule curve. This is updated daily; it's just too early in the day for Sunday's data to be posted. You can check it yourself here: http://www.lwcb.ca/waterflowdata.html
    • Wanderer
      @chaffmj, never mind.  I decided to take a cruise on up there today.  Had a couple popple tops in the driveway but nothing I couldn’t clear.  Nice to see the area again.
    • BrianF
      Ludlows and Muskego both hit hard.  The Dayton place had a lot of big trees down, not sure of structural damage.  Some say a tornado skipped thru that area.  Looking at the destruction, I could believe it.  I feel bad for those impacted by this storm.   Below are a few snap shots of common sights around the area a day or two after the storm. 
    • Wanderer
      Mike, was there a lot of damage in the Ely area?
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