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Red river catfsh


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Hey all, those BIG Red river Catfish are on the bite now fattening up for winter. The Drayton area and spots to the north are kicking out alot of BIG fish as of late.

Fresh report for the northern valley area on the red river page.

Extraordinary shorefishing for sure and it will get better and better thru September too....Don't miss out this year!


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I love to fish for catfish, and I love deep fried catfish fallet. Hey where is Red river at??? and the hot spot if you don't mind.

Thanks for the info.

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The Red River is no secret.

It flows north along the Minnesota/North Dakota Border through Fargo, Grand Forks, Drayton, Pembina, and Winnipeg, Canada just to name a few towns.

The catfishing in Canada is absolutely world class and a destination for anglers all over the United States. While I have not been there yet, it is on my list of things to do.

Look up Stu McKay of Cats on the Red in the Red River forum if you are interested. That is THE place to go and the person to talk to regarding the big kitties of the north. Big meaning a 20lb average with 50, 60, 70, 80 cat days being very typical.

The stretch of the Red north of Grand Forks is also known to produce some monster cats! I'm hoping to get in a couple trips to the MN portion of the Red yet this fall. Fisky, you get that e-mail. smirk.gif

BTW, deep fried cat is delicious! grin.gif

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Man I love battered and deep fried cat fish fallets. No bones at all too.

Alright so I guess I'll have to look into that, I'm on vacation during labor day and that just might be what I want to do. Some of my friends pick fishing catfish over anything, I'm more into bass and eyes. One thing for sure, monster cats will fight till the end.

Red River huh......how long of a drive from the twin cities?

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Hey snowdaboy, I am NOT speaking of Canadian waters here. The Red up in the NW corner of MN is a world class Channel cat fishery in its own right, as well as a destination for Catfishing folks from all over. Plenty of BIG cats in US waters and the catfishing verges on downright easy some days.

Hanson mentioned the Grand Forks area, good fishing there but I'd have to say you will do better up north around the Drayton area and from there on up to the Pembina area.

Drive time from the cities to Drayton would be maybe 6-6.5 hours? Lots of spots to access and fish. Most land along the river up here is not posted and many gravel roads run along the river, with the twists and turns this river makes it is a short walk to many fishy spots. 2 boat ramps at Drayton, 1 above and 1 below the dam. boat ramps at hwy175 west of Hallock Mn, and another up at Pembina Nd. you can fish around these spots and wander off from them as well.

As for the 'hotspot' there are many to choose from. If you decide on making a trip out this way shoot me an email and I can try and help to get you pointed in the right direction. Hanson there was talking about maybe fishing with me over labor weekend up here also, who knows maybe we will end up having a mini get together out there!


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Hey thanks but I was crossing my fingers for something a little closer like Fargo. I would like to go early and fish and then come home at night. I just don't have much time because of home improvement projects this labor day. Red River flows through Fargo right?

Anyways hit me an email at [email protected] (I dont care what anyone says about Moss tongue.gif)

Sorry I'm a noob so I would like to know:

What size hooks

size lines and type

baits....was that frogs you said, dam I scared of frogs

what size pole recommend since my is more for crappies you know.

and just some personal advises, anyone else is welcome to shoot me an email too. Thanks folks. smile.gif

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