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Tourney info for Big/Mitchell Lake - Aug 27

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There are only a few spots left for this.

If you think Big/Mitchell is not a quality fishery, due to all the recreational boating, you are wrong. cool.gif

I personally fished it last week for my leagues final lake.

We fish Clearwater, Sugar, Maple, and several other lakes that are hit hard due to reputation.

Guess what lake this year had the most fish brought in for scoring??? I aint telling, but Big/Mitchell wasn't our last lake because we wanted to go out tubin'. grin.gif


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Is this a Bass Tournament? I can't see anything that states what type a tourney it is.

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Multi species

You can bring in 6 bass, 6 pike, 4 walleyes, 1 crappie and 1 sunnie.

12 inch min on bass

20 inch min on pike

14 inch min on Walleye

9 inch min on Crappie

7 inch min on Sunfish

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shocked.gif You should do good at this one, since you are the multi species champion this year! Good Luck.
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No can do. heading north to work on food plots....

I wish I could, cuz another grand in my pocket would be nice.

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