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Coming to Brainerd

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Hello: We will be coming to Brainerd on the 13th of August for 5 days. We want to do some fishing. Could somebody fill us in on what lakes are hot spots this time of the year, we don't care what kind of fish we catch, Walleyes,Northerns,or Panfish,just as long as we catch fish. We will have our boat. We will go to any lake any direct from Brainerd. We will be staying at Lum Park In Brainerd. Thank you for any information.

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I would suggest stopping by S&W Bait on 371 north (just north of BIR racetrack). There will be someone there to help point you in the right direction and you can get bait while you are at it. North Long would be a good choice, but Gull is picking up right now as well.

Good luck,


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trout pits in crosby irontone (14 miles east of brainerd on hwy 210) provide some nice trout fishing an panfish now in shallower bays.

the mine pits are very deep an very clear water so offer somethin new than the usual boat dodging frustration of the lakes around brainerd area

fishing trout ya need trout stamp though..

6lb test...slip bobber set around 8 feet deep...number 10 hook an small split shot set 16 inches above the hook (just enuf to get the crawler down to the set depth

cast it out as far as ya can...points bieng the best as they are closest to the deeper water

great way to spend a morning or evening...listening to loons...often sheltered from the winds as these pits are a giant hole lol

nightcrawlers are the best...if trolling theres numerous ways but i use rapalas

northerns,sunfish,crappies an bass are in these pits...brook,brown,rainbow an even lakers are in the pits..though in diff pits...theres a park ranger there now who will gladly give ya the scoop on what ya need to know

thank you state of minnesota for protecting the pits after all that effort...bless them for taking ugly an devastating open pit mining an changing it into somethin positive for all to enjoy

pits are spectacular!!

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Hello: I want to thank you for the information about fishing the mines at Cosby Ironton. I didn't get your message till after we got home. We spend from the 13th till the 17th at Lum Park. We had good fishing the five days we were at the Bainerd Lakes area. We will try the mines the next time we are up ther again fishing. We really enjoy come to that area. We really like Lum Park, we have stayed there five times. It is nice that you have Campground in Bainerd like that, it is so well kept up and clean,easy to get on the river. Thank You. Loren & Lana from Dundee, Mn.

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