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How late in the year can you fish...

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I'm a spring fisherman on Vermilion, but it looks like I may come up to watch the Packers beat the Vikings on Monday nite Nov 21 on the Frozen Tundra.

I'v been south so long, I can't remember how late in the year you can fish.

What is the latest time you guys fish open water on Vermilion?

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I've been on Vermilion as late as Thanksgiving when the lake was still open one year. It was horribly cold on the hands and equipment...and probably dangerous from the standpoint that no one else was out there and the water was super cold. Fishing wasn't too "hot" either.

Some years you will have ice forming in the bays in October, other years it holds off until much later, it depends on the temps and wind.

Some of the best fishing you can have will be in late September and October.

Nov. 21...I'd venture to say that you'll be stuck in the no-fishing zone, where there's a skim of ice in many places but not enough to support your weight for ice fishing. Hopefully I'm wrong, I'd like to be ice fishing on Nov. 21 this year!!


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November was great fishing last year!

It can be brutal if you don't get a very nice calm day though! blush.giftongue.gif

You just have to see what mother nature has to offer at that time of the year.


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A couple years ago we were fishing out off of fectos point on December 1. The ice had formed a day before but the wind came up that morning and cleared it. We had our limits in an hour. A week later we were out there fishing the same spot through the ice.

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