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ServicingY our Bow


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Anyone have any advice on what you should have done to your bow and how often to keep it in top shape. I could ask the local pro shop where I bought it, but wanted to get some other advice as well. I give it a good visual inspection each time before I use it and often check to make sure all of the bolts are tightened up good before shooting. I've been shooting pretty accuratedly with it since I bought it last fall. But I'm wondering, is there any regular maintenance I should get done every year or every couple of years?

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Here's a few things that I do.

1) Wax my bowstring at least weekly

2) Verify none of my bolts have moved

- I paint a line on my bolts with a reference paint line on the bow that lines up with the paint line on the bolt. This gives me a quick check to make sure everything is still tight.

3) I grease my axles approx. 4 times a year.

4) Check my arrows for damage after I shoot a few close together if I am shooting at the same target. I have had carbon arrows explode on me when shooting because I did not do this.

5) Replace strings every 3 months. I do a lot of shooting.

6) Replace serving when it starts to show wear.

7) Clean the inside components of my release yearly.

Hope this helps.


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Iceman pretty much covered it all. The average Joe is gonna need to go to the local pro shop for the string, serving, and limb pocket greasing. I also like to lightly spray all metal parts, especially after a wet hunt to prevent rust.

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