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Have not done well on Ida the last two times on the lake. But that was 30 days ago. This was my go to lake for 20 years but it has let me down the past few years. Will not fish it again till late Sepember and into October.

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I was up there for a little over and week and it didn't go well. Caught one eye that was about a half pound and I can;t say much else. I started Bass fishing towards the end of the week b/c of the lack of success. I did have a 7-8 pound walleye follow a Jig and Pig right up to the boat when I was Bass fishing. There were a lot of boats out at night many times but I didnt see anybody pull anything in...

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Haven't been there for a couple of weeks myself now, but have been able to pick up a few here and there but nothing all that consistant or concentrated. This has been the case for a couple of years now.

Marbleye, what sort of tactics, general structure have you been finding fish on?

Last time for me was midlake structure next to the weedline with a live bait rig and a crawler or leech.

Just curious,


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Ida is my faqvorite lake.

The walleye bite is tough.

I have been out there a half dozen times in the last couple of weeks and besides releasing a 25.5" eye, haven't caught enough for a meal.

I even tried Redtails this weekend. Bass and Rockbass and small Northerns sure love 'em.

Sunfish hammer me on the outside of the weeds with crawlers and leeches.

Maybe I'll just have to take a meal of them. I'm getting hungry for fish.

WW seems to fish the lake as well or better than anyone I've heard lately. His advice is exactly right on.

I keep going out looking around for the secret pattern.

So far with little luck.

I need to take a week off to sift thru the lake.

I know they're out there somewhere!


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Ooops, I see I screwed up on my previous post. It was suppose to say "Fishman" instead of "Marbleye" and I thought it said that you "Have done well" not "Have not done well". Sorry for the confusion.

I'm going to be "sifting" starting Thurs. night. I may just load up with some caffine and spend the night on the water. That's the only other option that I can see doing as I haven't spent a tremendous amount of time fishing in the dead of night.

A couple of other options...searsh out deep mid lake humps. Usually toping out around 25 + ft. There are multiple ones in the lake that I have caught fish on in past years this time of year. Also if you get bored of rigging. I'll switch to more traditional bass tactics with a Texas rigged worm (I usually use a Gulp night crawler)and you can snuff out some eyes that are buried into the deep weeds.

So redtails are available in the area? How much is the going rate or don't I want to know?

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Thanks for the info guys. My summer hasn't been the best on the lake either. I'll be heading back up in a couple of weeks again. My folks bought a place on the north end and I got to do a little work for them. But atleast I can get to the lake anytime I want. <>< <>< <><

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Have you ever heard the saying that if you have to ask "how much"?, you really do not want to know...?

Try 8 bucks! And they count them one by one.

And not a bakers dozen!

Fatheads on a jig work are looking very adequate.

The eyes I am catching puke up 1" perch.

Night fishing is not my thing.

Some people have to work. ;-)

I have no doubt night fishing can be productive. And also to get more size.

The deep humps can be good, but it hasn't warmed up enough I don't believe.

Nights may be the best option.

I won't find out unless some brave soul ventures out... and reports back. :-)

Keep in touch.

Maybe see you during daylight hours.

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I knew I shouldn't have asked. The night thing isn't really my gig either but there is also a saying..."Any port in a storm". If daytime isn't producing I think I am going to have to resort other tactics.

I haven't been seeing anything on the deep humps either. However I will be checking them out this weekend as someone has to be the first to catch them there!!!

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When I was up, the one small Eye I caught was on Mid Lake structure that topped off at about 26-27. I also had some very light bites which didnt want to stick around after feeding a little line. It was very frustrating b/c there were a good number of fish suspending a few feet off the bottom. Hopefully I will be able to get back up in 2-3 weeks so any updates would be great!

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Are you coming up tonite?

I'm thinking about being out there after work.

I'm going to hit it pretty hard this week...

you know, sifting.

What kind of boat do you have? A black ProV?

I've got a fishhawk with a 40 merc.

Let's hook up.

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Sorry for the late reply. Just looked at the forum's now from my last post. Yep I was up there on Thurs. night but didn't hit the water until Fri. I was in a blue/tan ProV with a 75 merc. on the back.

Didn't really hit the water all that much but I was able to put a couple of fish in the boat over the weekend. Fished walleyes in the mornings and evenings and between construction projects, fished sunnies during the day. Best morning was 4 walleyes.

I like to say that the walleyes where consistantly slow. In other words, I still couldn't locate any fish that where just stacked together and aggressive. Fished spots that where mentioned above. Leeches and crawlers where the bait of choice. Yes keeping crawlers from getting bit off at times was difficult. Switched to leeeches or Gulp crawlers with a float to try to reduce this. Sunnies are all over the deep weed lines. It's just a matter of finding the ones that are nice sized.

Anyone else out there over the weekend?

Unfortunately I probably won't be up there until labor day as I have a muskie tourney on leech in a couple of weeks and then off to Canada towards the end of the month.


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I did not find an 'eye Sat. a.m.

Lots of bass, panfish.

Settled for two northerns for lunch.

Good fights for sure.

(my wifey poo told me not to come home without fish for lunch; when we have fish, her nose flattens and she makes these embarasing squealing sounds)

Time to switch lakes.

Maybe Mille Lacs

See ya.

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  • 1 month later...

any walleye news on Ida? is the action picking up at all yet? If it is, what's the approximate depth? I will be headed up there this Friday... I'm already way too excited! Any info is much appreciated

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Im a die hard night fisherman and the fullmoons coming up and a tourney on waska i think i might have to resort to other lakes any suggestions(Even though ny stubborness will probably having me putting in to waska as the moon rises friday night what ever time that is and loading up by 4 am to show them tourney guys my hog(Lol I Wish) God I would love to sift through Ida sometime but waska takes all the little time i have these days. Every trophy i've taken on any lake has been from midnight till 4 am (Period) Quiet times fish feed A september october november full moon all the better I'll break through ice with the boat if it worth and at night to boot, but by then I'm more worried about sticking a deer with a broadhead smile.gif I'd love to learn more about ida, and carlos for that matter. I have to beat 32.5 inches that will be a challenge. confused.gif

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Idaeye Where are you staying this weekend? I'll be on Ida starting Friday for a week. If you see a blue pro-v give a wave and say hey!

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EYEHUNTER...is your night tactic mainly pulling plugs? If so, are you doing that in shallow water or what? Just curious as I am looking at doing some of that this fall on Ida. Typically focused on live bait rigging/jigging.

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I'll be staying with my parents on the lake. They have a place a few lots north of the Pilgrims point Pub Access. I'll be in a blue Lund Cherokee (model b/f the pro-v so pretty similar looking)

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • SkunkedAgain
      Yes indeed. We actually bought it together. We wedged the pontoon boat into that lift last fall and hoisted it out of the water. Unfortunately the water came up so much this spring, the pontoon couldn't float with the rising levels. There wasn't much that we could do opening weekend except wait for the water to drop and then assess the damage. It's mainly a garbage hauler so no big loss for a $500 boat/motor.
    • gimruis
      I forgot to post this but I got a jake during season B north of Princeton on some private land.  I had been hunting this flock of birds for 3 seasons now.  I hear and/or see them every day, but simply could not get a legal bearded turkey to come within range.  Finally, a hen came walking out with a jake and I dusted the jake on the 4th day of my hunt.  There's plenty of birds there, including several mature toms, so I intend to keep hunting there in the future as long as I can obtain permission.  The weather was downright terrible.  I had one nice morning of sunshine and then it was windy, rainy, and raw for days.  Saturday morning even produced a heavy summer-type down pour.  I was so thankful to be hunting in a blind.  I also saw a fair amount of other wildlife in four days, including deer, pheasants, a pair of raccoons, and a coyote.
    • Mike89
      Glenn will be jealous!!   🤣👍
    • Kettle
      Had walleye last night with the nephews, gave me a chance to go out again this evening for a quick solo 6, water temp 55 degrees, fish 12-14 ft on jigs
    • hopper33
      I have questions about the following hypothetical. Buy used boat and trailer from Iowa Resident. Would need to transfer, and I have not done before. Duck boat, may occasionally fish out of it. Technically 15'11 1/2" long. Will have motor. Do I need a title? Does it need registration?   Same for trailer. Need a title? Need Registration? License Plate?   Thank you for any help.
    • PSU
      I realize it's only been 2 days Raven77, but are you continuing to see the level decreasing?  
    • cm012419
      Sight fished this one, also got a 19" off a bed with a senko but didn't get a picture because my phone died. Length was 14" for the one in the photo. Haven't been able to get out much recently, but I should be able to go Saturday.
    • Pat McGraw
      Sizes caught matched most recent survey very closely - a lot of 12-14" fish with a few 15". Three to six feet of water against rocky shoreline at dusk was very productive. Fish still discharging milt. Should continue to be great fishing for next couple weeks along shoreline. 
    • CigarGuy
      Our group of 6 guys did pretty good. From Thursday evening to Sunday caught a bunch of crappies, 4 walleyes that were to big, a handful of pike and sunfish. One sunfish was 11". All on the west end.
    • ReefWhooligan
      You did a lot better than us...  Did you mostly catch them in mornings and evenings or were you able to catch them mid-day also?
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