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You could try Cannon. There are a few spots you can fish from shore. The bridge that is on the NW side of the lake can be ok. Also in Warsaw there is a bridge. That is on the far south end of the lake.

Also, if you're just looking to catch any fish, you could try the cannon river in between Faribault and Morristown or the dam right in Mo-Town.

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I'm a shore fisherman too. I wish you good luck!!!

The good news is that you won't have to be pushing people aside in order to cast out.

The bad news is there ain't much biting off shore this time of year.

On Wednesday, I spent the day doing my normal circuit of lakes - Rays, Roemhildts, German, Jefferson and finally Madison.

My observations:

1. Lots and lots of boaters. Over 10 trailers at Frances, German and Madison. There was absolutely no one shore fishing on ANY of the lakes.

2. I fished from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours on each of them and only came up with dinky bullheads and a few baby sunnies. I tried ground fishing as well as bobbers (with crawlers and minnows).

3. The funnest lake was Madison. I actually caught a nice sunnie and also four sheepheads. At least I got some action with the sheepheads.

My recommendation is to find somewhere where you don't have to compete with all the boaters who are either getting on the lake or leaving it. That can be quite a hassle if there isn't room for you to get away from the landing area.

The only lake I could recommend in the area I mentioned would be Madison. There are still fish to be had from shore even if you aren't an expert fisherman. And there's plenty of room on shore. But that might be a long drive for you.....

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carp searcher, Are u a fan of fishing rivers at all? the minnesota near st. peter is worn down to the earth almost, and some good fishing for cats can be had from just about any sanbar where u can reach publically which is just about most of them. Read the river and find where the current swirls around into and eddy which usually means some kind of hole. Throw an line with a 1-2 ounce egg sinker and the normal kinds of baits and or jigs. Walleyes, cats mostly, sheepies, and just about anyhing else you can think of will bite willingly. This is almost better than shore fishing from lakes at the right times. good luck!!!!!!!

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A few days ago, I posted a couple of messages suggesting that river fishing is an alternative - especially at this time of year. But when I go on the rivers, I have no idea what I'm doing!!!! I got lucky and caught some stuff in the past couple of weeks. However, the past two or three outings were not so good. That explains my trip on Wednesday visiting all the lakes.

I really appreciate your help and advice. Last night, I went to the Watonwan and got three cats. So my luck may be changing. I think my big problem right now is trying to find the "holes". I have no idea how to do that.

By the way, on Wednesday, I made a detour and drove up and down a few streets in Cleveland. First time I'd been there. Seems like a nice little town.

I went by Scotch Lake. I had never heard of that lake before. It seems like a big lake right by Cleveland. Is there anything in it? What do people catch? Or is it just a "bullhead hole"?

Thanks again.

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Scotch Lake is more a waterfowl resting area. At one time it was a Walleye rearing pond, but I think they stop doing that around ten years ago. It seems to be a good lake to load up with Catfish bait (Bullheads).

As for fishing from piers. will you be fishing with kids? Or will you be alone?

Remember once you are in the water you can go where ever you want. So wade in. The water is fine.

Try fishing at the landing at fish lake.

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carp searcher, the hardest part of dealing with rivers are the currents. I fish smaller rivers for smallies and trout alot better than i do the big rivers for whatever u can find. It helps to load up on weight. i like one or two ounce egg weights for big river fishing. Holes are easy to find. Look where the main river current streams past. usaully at the end of sandbars you can notice where the water swirls and churns the oppisite way making an eddy. usually some nice holes can be found where the water swiles around in here. lately the river hasnt been good to me so i been trolling cranks around on madison and german. all sorts of fish so far but no eyes frown.gif

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