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Twitchin bars and Magic Eyes at ICAST

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I am down in Las Vegas enjoying balmy weather of 117 yesterday and a cooler 114 today. I thought I would share some of the cool new products displayed at the ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) show in Las Vegas.

Lowrance has introduced its new modular connector which allows you to connect or add any component anywhere in the wiring harness with universal modular connectors. This is a quantum leap in wiring up electronics.

Diawas new TD Viento has a twitching bar which rests under your thumb when palming the reel. This allow you to take up 4” of line with a slow push, or more with a quick push. This lets you hop or crawl the bait across the bottom in a very realistic manner.

Shimano has a new Curado D model out which is upgraded from the previous model and is also offered in a blazing fast 7.00 to 1 retrieve model.

Gamakatsu has a new eye design (Magic Eyes) on its trebles which will make changing hooks on crankbaits a snap without split ring pliers.

I also saw a new product which allows you to save your trip when you spin a hub on your prop. You simply remove the prop nut and washer and inert this unit and reinstall the prop hardware. It will keep the hub from slipping and allow you to get back to the dock or save your weekend. I do not remember the name but will try and post it tomorrow.

Kistler has a new line of rods which do not have any fore grip in front of the reel seat. Although they do look a little odd they feel great in the hand. I think this will be an idea that will catch on as we never really use the fore grip anyways.

Coast products has some really neat LED lights for virtually any application.

Consolidation continues with Normark/Rapala’s purchase of Luhr Jensen and rumors that it will be announcing the purchase of another big player in the tackle industry here at ICAST. It may be the Pradco brands as they supposedly made an offer last fall that was not accepted at that time.

I will update this with some other neat new items in the near future, but it is Vegas and it may have to wait until I get back later this week.

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Sounds like some great stuff! I'd like to get ahold of that Daiwa with the twitching button.

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Thanks for the update. Have you been hangin out with DocKehr?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • jparrucci
      The majority of docks can't be put it. Water is over the top of pretty much every permanent dock.  Very few docks are in. 
    • cm012419
      Crappies are all up shallow in the south metro. Caught this one shore fishing with a beetle spin from a more secluded lake without much access. All of the crappies were between 7-9 inches with this 11.5" being the exception
    • Wanderer
      A co-worker reported they had some the best fishing ever on V last weekend.  Trolling 6-8 feet in the morning with HJ10’s.  Where the water temps were in the mid/low 50’s
    • PSU
      Those campsites are right across the water from us. Seem pretty well protected and I haven't heard of challenging over there. Holiday weekends they fill up very fast
    • mdogdaddy
      My son camped on Hinsdale with his aluminum runabout. Nice site but walking across the hull parked on uneven ground he separated a couple of the rivets.
    • herm
      Thanks "Skunked Again!" I searched old posts and it sounds like my fiberglass boat might not be the best rig for Hinsdale. Still, would appreciate more advice/input. 
    • SkunkedAgain
      I don't know about either of them, but welcome to the forum.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I destroyed my main propeller saving a neighbors dock section from ramming my other neighbor's dock. Definitely watch out for each other out there.   Raven77 - on the plus side of the high water, the floating swim platform that you sold me the other year was able to just float off of the rocks that I had beached it on. No need to do any heavy lifting this season! I'm glad that I tied it to a tree as usual.
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  A great 2022 MN Fishing Opener for most anglers.  The walleyes and saugers are hungry and the bite is on!  Good numbers of fish caught. Lots of big fish amongst the eaters.  Most anglers were vertically jigging in 6' - 20'.  Anchor up and jig over the side of the boat.  A nice mix of sizes.   The water is a bit dirty on the east portion of the south shore due to runoff from the rivers.  A bright jig with a minnow is the most productive. Reports were also good from the west portion of the south shore.  A bit cleaner water and equally good bite.  Lots of big fish mixed in with eaters.  Some anglers fishing on structure or on the edge of structure where available. On the Rainy River...   A lot of walleyes in the river as predicted, but the current is ripping and the water is a bit dirty.  Those who found slack water often found fish.  The norm was 6' - 15' with a bright jig and minnow.   Typical spots in the main channel were tough to fish due to high current.  The fast moving water helped to congregate fish.  Once you found them, there were normally good numbers. Sturgeon fishing is closed until July 1st.  July 1 - Sep 30 is a sturgeon keep season with one fish per calendar year 45" - 50" or over 75". Up at the NW Angle...  A great jig bite up at the Angle for the opener.  Most fish were caught in 6' - 20' adjacent shoreline structure, neckdown areas and on some shallow flats. Again, a jig and minnow was by far the most common method vertically jigged below the boat.  With cold water, a subtle presentation.  Both fatheads and frozen shiners worked well. Various ways to travel to the Angle. 1.  Drive through Canada to the Angle  (must be vaccinated, no covid test required) 2.  LOW Passenger Service (charter boat service across the lake avoiding customs)  3.  Lake Country Air.(fly from various Midwest locations to LOW and NW Angle) 4.  Take your own boat.  (Safety first, this is a 40 mile ride over big water)  
    • herm
      Greetings all! Our group (two boats/five guys) is looking at fishing/camping trip based at Hinsdale Island Campground or Wake 'Em Up Bay Campground in about 3 weeks.  Can anyone advise about Hinsdale, especially the shoreline for landing boats? (Is it sandy or rocky? Mostly protected?) We're also wondering how busy both campgrounds are? We've stayed at Wake Em Up,  but that was 6-8 years ago and it was mostly empty...just the host and 2-3 others. Nowadays, do either or both fill up on June weekends? (We'd probably arrive on a Saturday, stay most of the week.) Of course, we also welcome suggestions for walleye techniques, depths, etc. We tend to fish smallies during the day and chase eyes in the evening.  Thanks in advance for your help! 
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