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The problem with FM

Mark Christianson

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You know what the problem with FM is????

This weekend I was gonna be laying low.

Well now I have to go fishing tomorrow morning with BigMike(FM member), Sunday morning with Smallie Hawgin(FM member), and Sunday afternoon with Hawgtide(FM member).

Thanks to FM, now I have to go out fishing in the heat, because of all the great guys I have been fortunate enough to meet because of this site.

It aint easy being me..... wink.gif

A big thanks to FM.

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Sorry to hear that BLB.

I let Fisher Dave get ahold of my cell phone # and now I'm on my way to the river tonight. frown.gif

Thank god it cools off at night or I might lose 5 lbs in water weight.

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I know! If it wasn't for this darned site then I wouldn't have known that guy at the launch and my son and I would have had a great time sitting on the pier instead of suffering through an outing with Hawgtide in his boat! I hate fishing with quality anglers mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif

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Yeah, what BLB said! Here I am at 4:30, getting ready to go fish a LETS event on Rush Lake.


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I had the honor of going out with beeflover last week Friday morning on Waconia...

Big thanks to FM as well as Ron for takin' me out.

I don't have a boat, but I am always willing to meet new people obsessed with this awesome sport/hobby! If anyone has thw ability too ever go out on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (my days off) - let me know! I'm always willin' to chip in for gas cash, snacks, pop, etc, etc. wink.gif

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My biggest down fall with FM is the all the information and tactics sharing, not to mention the endless hours spent reading(I hated reading in school). I'm not the best fisherman or hunter in the world, so everytime I hear of new things to buy or to try out, It costs more money.

You know how the whino always has money for alcohol, but not a home

And the poor college student always has money to go out partying every weekend and/or week day, but no money to eat.

I have all the money in the world to hunt and fish but no money to buy stuff I need for house repairs, or lawn care, even the occasional debt for other payments.

It's great to have an understanding girlfriend who is willing to help me out with all my financial needs. grin.gif

I love that girl.


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a big and severe problem with this site is that has so many of us addicted to it! quite a while back the server went down for a couple of days. there were many of us seeking professional help do to withdrawl symtems !! ( nervousness, cold swet.) it wasn't a pretty picture around this house til it was back up!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
      Water temp creeped into the 50s finally. 2 man limit
    • Rick
    • Raven77
      Water level is going down, but slowly.  My dock frame was 6" underwater last week and I can just see it above water today.  It's going to take time.
    • TomWehler
      My lil island front iron crib dock also under bout six inches. No Good! Lil higher than this time May 2008.  😮😮🥅🏒😮 No good to drop west dock for lifts as that would be under also n lift rails n pads be just but under water.  No Good! Marauder Boys miss the lake too. Happened before in my 26 years out there n will happen again so we just deal doing other stuff off lake n enjoy it all. Fun being a Shore Rat for shallow Crappies around home lakes. Bust a move n keep in the Grove. 🏒🥅🤩 We figure by anniversary June 12 th level drop enuff we sneek out in smaller Lund n fix up n open up? 🤩 Best of luck to ya but be safe. This lake is deeper n darker than you or I know…🤩 Big Smiles n Keep on Rocken! T    Did'nt intend to have pic so big....Geeezzz.  
    • redlabguy
      We’re in the same boat. Actually I’d like to be in any boat. Our island cabin dock frame is about six inches under water. I hear that water is not rising which gives hope it will fall but I think Memorial Day is too optimistic, at least for us. You should think about other plans?
    • Djsnej123456
      looking to do some kayak bass fishing on Clearwater lake by Annandale. Are there any Other landings other than the one on the far south west end? Was wondering how the fishing is on the east end but that is a heck of a paddle. Appreciate any feedback. 
    • mbeyer
      Water levels seems to be topic of the day. I'm visiting over Memorial Day week. Docks are not in on the island where I stay. Wondering if the water is going down? What do the rivers look like? Are they just pouring our water?? Is water level 6" lower than a few days ago?
    • Rick G
      Couple prespawn creek smallies
    • Rick G
    • Rick G
      Finding plenty of fish around the area lately. Water on most of our area lakes and rivers is very high. Most of the panfish have moved from those back bay areas and are staging for the spawn. You can find the pannies tucked in the weeds right now close to those spawning beds. Casting small jigs without a float to pockets of vegetation or to outside the pencil reeds has been working well. 
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