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257 weatherby magnum


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my father in law just got a new gun. 257 weatherby mag in weatherby mark v with a 26 stainless but the barrel looks blued with laminated wood stock. Nice gun I must say. Anyone out there shoot this caliber? I was reading on the net that its the flattest shooting 25 caliber out there. I was amazed at the ballistics. Has anyone used this for elk? he wants to head out west again to hunt elk one of these years. He's looking at topping it off with a Nikon 3.5-10X50 with a lighted crosshair. 600 $ scope thru cabela's. He asked me if he was going overboard with this scope but I told him that you got a nice gun put a good scope it. I dont understand some people will spend 600,700,800 plus dollars on a gun a put a cheap scope on it. 'precaite to get some feedback on this. Thanks in advance! Brian

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Wow. That sounds like a really great all-around gun. I agree, don't skimp on the scope.

Although I am believer in bigger bores for elk ( I like the .338), this gun should do the job just fine with a quality controlled expansion bullet such as Nosler Partition or a Barnes X. Avoid bullets like the Ballistic Tip on elk.

My only concern would be smashing through heavy leg/shoulder bones on entry with a lighter bullet. If the shot selection is good and you can slip one through the rib cage behind the front leg, he'll do just fine.

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Dude, the big thing for your father is for him to know his rifle. He should practice, practice and practice and then practice some more. The great Jack O'Connor was a firm believer in using a 270 for Elk, Deer and Goats. The thing is he knew his weapon, knew how it shot, practiced enough to place killing shots at many different distances and had complete faith in the weapon.

I don't know much about the 257 Mag., although I did shoot one a couple of times at a range. The owner was impressed and still is to this day.

Enjoy and good luck.

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