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The Rocket and stuff...


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White Sox talking to Houston about Clemens? I don't think the Rocket would go since Houston's been on a decent run recently 11 of 14. And if the Cubbies don't stop the bleeding the Astro's could over take the 2nd spot in the division soon. Thae Astro's are still 6 back in the wild card but by know means out of it....However if the White Sox starting rotation got the Rocket there's no stopping the south siders. The White Sox are already 2nd behind the Cardinals in quality starts adding Clemons would pave the way to a trip to the series. That's just my opinion... It will be interesting to say the least when the trading deadline comes., whom the contenders and whom the pretenders will be and all the wheeling and dealing involved will provide more fuel for fodder. I'll be interested to see what the Twins do to bolster a solid wild card run... They looked good last night against the halo's. Haven't checked out the "red hot" Indians much this year but will get a chance to see them against the Yanks this week.

J.D. Drew on the DL again? Now there'a surprise, LOL...it looked like J.D. leaned into that pitch that was smack dab on his wrist, loser...

Anybody catch Brett Boone's "they cut me piece?" Another roid guy that couldn't come back naturally. That was funny when Giambi said a couple years back that Brett had bigger biceps than him...

Matty Mo picked up his 10th win last night to up his record to 10-1. It's too bad he was a couple of starts shy of another Cardinal pitcher selected to the all-star game. They better sign him in the off season he's worth every penny. Mulder on the other hand has been a disappointment, I know he's in a new league but he has been getting tatooed.

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I really think the Stros are going to be buyers, not sellers, around the deadline. They've played some decent ball as of late, and were in worse shape at this point last year, before going on to make the playoffs.

I also just don't know why the Sox would make this move. Why give up a significant piece of a puzzle that has helped you towards the best record in the league?

That St. Louis team is looking pretty solid right now ... it will be interesting to see if they make any moves, or just sit tight.

Twins rumoured trade prospect of the day: Shea Hillenbrand.

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Hillenbrand would be a nice add on, though he is mostly a average guy but he would be a good upgrade from who we have.

Sox being unbeatable with Clemens ooo.gif

Highly doubt it, but whatever floats der boat. If they still had Carlos Lee I might buy into it alittle more. But they aren't that great. Yankees have a better team, "RED" Sox have a better team, Angels have a better team, and the Sox would not have a chance at beating the Cardinals in a series.

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Oh Pig,

You got to do better than that...fish ain't biting!


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Windy with all politness just because someone says something about the sox doesn't mean they are talking to you. I am just giving input on my knowledge in sports, nothing else. If you want to go back n forth please find someone else because I am not interested.

Like I said before goodluck with you and your sox, I am still cheering for my Twins and nothing is wrong with that.

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You gotta be kidding? The Sox aren't that great? Yankees are better?

This is 2005 guy. Not 2004 or 2003. Have you followed baseball at all this year?

WHITE SOX ARE 30 GAMES OVER .500!!!!!!!!!! They're just an average team.

Sox rotation is very deep. They could go with a 3 man rotation in a world series, and have el duque and contreras come in as relievers............That's deep!!!!!!!!

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Come On Pig,

Like Wally said to The Beav, "Don't let Eddie bother you Beav, he's just givin' ya the business".

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All good points I am not blind they are on their streak, but like everyone says it is the whole season. If they keep it up well then they have to do it in the playoffs.

Yankees are way better on paper than any team, even yes the Sox. No team has a more potent offense than the Yankees, I hate the Yanks but they are still good.

The Twins though are actually doing better (win-loss) than last year at this point and last year they were the most feared team if you asked the playoff teams. There is a reason the Twins are called the Patriots of baseball. I have followed baseball more than just about anyone at this point in the season. Weird work schedule for the spring and summer right now so I have been left watching every sportscenter and running 8 fantasy baseball teams. Not to mention reading this stuff on here lol.

Sox wont get any recognition in the fall if they cant do anything in the playoffs. Anyone will tell you it is the drive right at the end of the year that makes the good teams. So for bragging rights please wait till October to let me know how great the sox are.

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Additionally, Pig, do a quick count of how many of their players (and their manager)have ever experienced the post season. Can you imagine if they go into the postseason still holding the best record in baseball with a group that has little postseason experience? That's some pressure, and oh baby, there will be some stomachs churning on the pale hose bench.

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Mind-tricks by some Twin fans????

What about throwin' some the Nationals way? or the Cardinals?

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Oh Pikey......How many Sox players have post season experience? ELEVEN. That's 11, and not including coaches! And all but 1 starter has experience. Let's look and see.

32 Playoff Games Pitched

El Duque 17 Games 9-3 2.65 ERA

Contreras 8 Games 0-2 5.73 ERA

Garcia 6 Games 3-2 3.71 ERA

Buehrle 1 game 0-0 0.00 ERA

Not Bad!!!!!

Position Players: 78 Playoff Game Appearances

Dye 28 Games 102 AB's

Thomas 9 Games 26 AB's

Everett 8 Games 28 AB's

Konerko 3 Games 9 AB's

Perez 14 Games 56 AB's

Widger 2 Games 4 AB's

Pierzynski 14 Games 45 AB's

Not Bad............

Then you have the coaches......112 Playoff Games

Ozzie Guillen 1 World Series Ring as a coach 18 Games, 44 AB's, 1 World Series appearance

Harold Baines 31 Games, 102 AB's, 1 World Series Appearance


Joey Cora 27 Games, 98 AB's

Greg Walker 2 Games

So the Sox have little post season experience? Maybe compared to the some of the Braves or the Yankees, but the Sox players and coaches have played in a combined 222 post season games, AND OH BABY, EVERYONE'S STOMACH WILL BE CHURNING REGARDLESS OF THE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this really "a group that has little post-season experience"?

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Oh Jimmie, I applaud your blind faith. You are a true fan of your team and I have great respect for that. However, let me translate your post from Chicagoan to English for others who may be reading: That's four EVERY-DAY players who have post-season experience.

Let's not side-step the point here Jimmie. If the season ended today, the teams appearing in the American League playoffs would be Boston, Chicago, LA and our Minnesota Twins. Which of those teams do you think has the least amount of playoff experience? I'm betting it's your Sox. It's ok to be scared. Apparently your front office is, as I hear they're anxiously working the phones in search of another veteran starting pitcher.

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You said the Sox have little post-season experience. That's just so way off base, ESPECIALLY with a coaching staff with the experience they have.

So, did you MEAN to say the Sox have little post-season experience compared to other teams?

And I just replied to your "quick count, including the manager, of playoff experience."

The answer was 222 games, 11 players, 5 coaches, and the manager has a world series ring, and played in another world series.

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Sorry, Pike, but I gotta say that the Injun's stats seem like alot more to go on than blind faith. I personally don't put alot of faith in playoff experience. It is the same 9-inning game with the same rules and objectives.

As to running scared, it sounds like adding another pitcher is the same thing EVERY playoff contender would like to do to solidify their staff.

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Commanche, I guess I thought the "compared to other teams" part was implied. (After all, if we're not comparing it to other teams, then what number will we define as alot of postseason experience? Shall we just pick one?) Anyway, poorly stated on my part, I suppose.

Gene, I think postseason experience does matter and might matter quite a bit, depending on the situation, but I will agree that sometimes a little too much emphasis can be put on it. And, no ... not every team is out looking for an arm right now, but yeah, most competitive teams. That said, I think when you're steamrolling the league like the White Sox are it sends a poor message to your clubhouse when you're shopping for guys, especially a starter. I just personally think it's a poor idea at this juncture.

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Aighty Jim that makes about as much sense as a 500lb crappie.

You guys have said you only need 3 starters for the playoffs. Buhrle, Garcia, and the great Garland. Wait hm how many games of experience is that? 7 total, 6 from the worst of the 3 so far this year. And by the way even the relievers dont have experience.

Who the heck is Widger haha, and you did name only 5 of the starters with any playoff experience and not that many games at that.

So YES, they have VERY VERY LITTLE playoff experience.

Thats why I have always said wait till the playoffs to brag about your team.

What did the Suns do this year in basketball. Didn't they have the best record? Hm anyone know if the Suns won the Championship?

The Spurs won because of Playoff experience, Duncan, Horry, Barry, Parker, and probably every other player.

Ok that was a different sport but it is almost the same thing.

But just like every other post you will take this personally and try and rip me down for something. I just put my knowledge on the board, for what I know.

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Pig, did you just back from the tavern?

I named 4 starters with experience, not 5.

If we go with 3 man rotation in the playoffs, that means we have 2 others to come in as relievers or go as emergency spot starters............remember when Arizona used Schilling and Johnson in the same games to win the World Series?

Our aces this year have little playoff experience. But our 3 other starters, Garcia, El Duque, Contreras, have quite a bit of experience. Pick and choose. Not a bad problem to have, is it?

Our closer has been to the playoffs twice......

Did the Angels have playoff experience when they won the World Series? Finished 41 games back the previous year.

Did the Marlins have playoff experience when they won the World Series? Finished 23 games back the previous year.

Did the Diamondbacks have playoff experience when they won the World Series? Finished 12 games back the previous year.

Pitching wins Titles! And that is what we have this year....playoff experience for some, and career years from those without much experience.

Lay off the sauce.

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And Pikey,

How can you say that looking for another starter is sending a bad message to the clubhouse? We have one starter on the DL, and another starter who's having big control problems?

Don't you think NOT addressing the problems would be sending a bad message to the clubhouse?

I think by looking for a starter shows the clubhouse that the WHITE SOX ORGANIZATION WANTS TO WIN!!!!! Don't you think?

Do you think going after The Rocket will completely break this team apart and ruin the clubhouse chemistry?

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Dye, Thomas, Everett, Konerko, and AJ all have the talent to be starters, thats 5 confused.gif

Let me know if neither of those 5 have started.


Please Jim keep the personal attacks away from me.

And no I wont go back n forth with you, with personal attacks thank you.

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Can you believe what you are reading here? These die-hard Twinkie lovers have gone into a full blown debate over whether the Sox will win in the playoffs! I don't see much talk anymore about the GREATEST PITCHER EVER TO RUB A ROSIN BAG, YO-HAN. 7-5 looks pretty mediocre, especially with an ERA approaching 4. Hear a little squak here and there about Nathan, but don't hear much about Tori (who got beat out by Scotty Pods for the All-Star Game, I know I put my 25 votes in). Morneau isn't getting much pub on this site and I haven't heard a peep about any other starter on the squad, except for trade bait talk. I guess we can debate with these guys for the next 3 months about who the Sox will face in the playoffs and their chances. Like I said about 3 weeks ago, it seems as though the Twink fans have given the season to our beloved Pale Hose and are just hoping to crawl in the back door (Wild Card). The way the Injuns have been coming on, it's just a matter of time until the Twink fans give up totally on the season and just root against our Pale Hose. How bout THE BIG HURT he hit another one tonight in the same spot as last night (I was at the game) and it was with guys on 1st and 3rd again. And how bout our new kid pitching Bobby Jenks, throwing 100 mph aspirins up there!


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What personal attacks? Was it offensive that I asked if you just got back from the tavern? Just kind of a guys question......Like, what have you been smokin. I'm very sorry you took it as a personal attack. I say that to all my friends......probably because it's a legit question. smirk.gif


5 starters.....Garcia, Hernandez, Contreras, Buehrle, and Garland are the 5 starters......Garland the only one without experience.

Dye, Thomas, Everett, Konerko, and AJ all have the talent to be starters, thats 5

Let me know if neither of those 5 have started.

Yes, all 5 of those have started....in the playoffs too!

I'm sorry you felt I personally attacked you. I didn't think I did. confused.gif

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Even guys in recovery shouldn't take that too personally, but "what are you smokin'" is certainly more acceptable and understood to be more light-hearted. We used to say "what are you on, drugs?" but I do kind of like the "lay off the sauce" too.

Me? I refuse to get into an argument about getting in an argument! Unless, of course, I think I can win the argument OR if it is all in fun. And I think the Injun is just having fun, so it's back to Stripes, and "Lighten up, Francis" as both Twin and Cub fans watch our hopes sink out of sight.

Riddle me this rhetorical question about playoff experience.....which team started the year with the most playoff experience?

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My theory on a top-tier team trading at this juncture is probably different than most, so I accept that others might have different ideas. I see no problem with trying to better your team, but the Sox are looking to add an actual ace to a three-deep staff. I think this sends a message to the clubhouse that management feels this staff isn't good enough as-is, to win the World Series. If neither of these trades happens, then all of a sudden players start looking around the locker room, wondering if they've got enough horses to win a title - after all, management is acting like they don't. Always good to try to improve, yes, but you when you've got the best record in the league, I think you have to view trying to trade as a risk/reward venture.

As far as the on-going debate about postseason experience, I think what most of those who don't reside in Illinois are saying is that a few of the MAIN COGS of this team: To me, that includes your three stud pitchers and Podsednik, who I think is this team's biggest offensive weapon. And, please, quit trying to pass off Buehrle's 1/3 inning (in which he gave up two hits) as postseason experience.

Windy, the reason you can't believe what you're reading is because you don't understand it. Most people here enjoy a legitimate baseball discussion, versus blindly blowing smoke toward the rear ends of those on the roster of our team. We're realists and would rather talk ball that irritatingly tout those we root for as the best thing since sliced bread. If you don't like that, that's cool. Don't read it.

As far as Twins fans giving up on the AL Central race ... yeah, I think alot of us have. I still think we can win it, with help, but it doesn't look likely, so I'm paying more attention to the Wild Card race right now. Does that make me any less of a fan? I don't think so. My team lost yesterday, and I'm still here.

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Here's a couple trade bits taken from an ESPN article.

Chicago White Sox: It would seem that the White Sox don't have much fine-tuning to do, given the size of their lead. But GM Kenny Williams is looking ahead to October and knows he would be better off with another experienced starter. Roger Clemens heads his wish list, though that trade won't happen. Beyond that, the Sox will take what they can find, given questions they have about Orlando Hernandez and Jose Contreras.

Minnesota Twins: Third base hasn't been adequately filled since Corey Koskie left via free agency this past offseason. Joe Randa's name has been mentioned frequently. Mike Lowell would be interesting, too, though his price tag might prove prohibitive.

Cleveland Indians: With the league's deepest bullpen and a solid rotation, the Indians' needs are plain and simple -- they need a bat, preferably a right-handed one for the middle of the lineup. But GM Mark Shapiro has been unable to unearth one and the Indians don't want to disrupt their rebuilding for an outside shot at the wild card.

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