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Stillwater, MN Trout - Brown's Creek

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Hi all - I've been fishing Brown's Creek in Stillwater for the past couple weeks, probably 4 times total. Haven't landed any of the brown trout that occupy the creek. I was wondering if any one else has fished it and what there experience has been. I tried to fly fish twice, but because it's only 6 feet wide and grass stand 8-10 feet tall on its banks, a fly rod is more trouble that it's worth. E-mailed the DNR and they said there are some 12+ inch browns in there, but nothing over 15 or 16 inches. I've seen them around 8 inches multiple times and had one that must've been 15 or 16 inches roll over at my feet, splashing me in the face (the water was muddy). All were chasing a Mepp's mayfly imitation in yellow/gold.

Anyway's let me know what your experience has been.

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I live about 45min away in Eagan but due to some of the reports I'm sure you heard, I was intrigued and tested out the waters of Brown Creek. After about 5-6 trips, I discovered that my odds of catching a trout were better at nearby Square Lake rather than the sketchy Brown Creek. I only caught 1 fish ever in Brown Creek that was no more than 10". As you said, the width of the river, the vegetation and nearby roads do not make for a very attractive stream. I think the muddy water also keeps many trout from the creek as well. Good luck anyway!

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