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satellite radio ?'s

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My kids gave me XM radio for fathers day, im wondering if the border causes any problems as they dont offer any service in Canada. so I hear. it would sure be nice in the fish house!

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I sure hope I'm not next to your house!! Peace and quiet, except for the hoorah's when pulling in a good one.

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Your XM radio will work fine from southern Baja, Mexico to northern Canada.

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One of the boats that was fishing with us on the Winnipeg River last weekend had XM, and It worked just fine. In the Boat and out of it.


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Minneman: I too have "XM" in my Denali, and it works just like Baja said. A friend of my has the "After Market" unit that when placed in the car, is picked up on his FM car radio. Well we found out that when his car is within 25 feet of the fish house, the radio inside the fish house will also tune to the XM output from the car.. Just think, you won't miss a single minute of "Fox News" while fishing....LOL Enjoy your new toy!! I don't even listen to the regular radio anymore. Kaz smile.gif

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minneman- I take it you have a portable unit, I haven't had any problem or question about XM when crossing the border. My Sierra has it built in and I am seriously thinking about getting a portable unit for the boat/fish house and whatever else a person might use it for. I never thought I would PAY for radio but you know, it's pretty nice.


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Thanks guys! yep portable, great for the job site!

I never thought it would be worth it either but, $.30 per day seems like nothing for all the music/news/weather at a push of a button.

FYI, they have a BOGO free offer till 7-2-05, now my wife wants one too.

Dont worry 2pounder, I never bother anyone where I go. wink.gif

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • CigarGuy
      Nice job Bob! Fishing off the neighbors dock sucked for us. My gang is coming up Thursday night till Monday, this will be our opener, we'll hit it hard. It's a bummer my dock is mostly under water and the lift isn't in. Thanks to the neighbor around the corner for letting us park on shore at there place next weekend.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Well, I chose my screen name for a reason. 😆 Congrats to everyone
    • Bbobber
      I had a great weekend the weather was decent and fishing was good. I caught 5 walleyes 21"-25", 4 northerns largest was 32" and a 17 largemouth opening day. 2 more walleyes, 2 crappies 2 northerns on Sunday all on jig and minnows.
    • DLD24
      We had a good opener as well we could have kept limits opening day, but just kept enough for a fish fry. Then Sunday had our little friendly tourney and everyone had a pretty good day. Pulling cranks and jigs n minnows caught fish.  
    • Kettle
      Water temp today 45-50. Few fish, windy and cold 
    • Tominator692
      Had a great opening weekend. Son and I boated 51 walleye between Saturday and Sunday. Plenty of small stuff but no problem getting some nice keepers. This is a pic of the best weekend fish for us. 
    • fishingstar
      I was on Rice this weekend also. Seen boat lifts with water up to the canopy. I was the only one to catch a fish out of the hole campground It was about a 6" crappie.
    • BWpineisland
      We had a pretty good weekend. There were two couples and we limited out both Saturday and Sunday. The eyes we kept were all 15-17”.  We caught many 10-14” eyes and one 26” which was returned to the water immediately. All on a variety of jigs in 18-35’ of water. As usual the women out fished both of us😀
    • Bloatlord
      Wrong area, sorry.
    • Raven77
      I will second the advice on watching out for floating debris.  We saw a lot of floating logs and deck sections this weekend.  Also, most hazard and navigation buoys were not out yet.  I wonder how many lower units and props were destroyed this weekend?  It would be dicey if you don't know the lake.
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