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Pelican Muskies...

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I've never fished Pelican, and I was wondering if anyone could give me and idea of the muskie population in the lake, and if it's any good?

I've heard very little about it.

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Pelican can be good if you can find fish!!! There isnt a lot of fish in the lake but they are normally big. I know a guy that caught 3 skis there on opening weekend(42, 44, and a 51.) Lucky guy huh!!! Can be a very tough lake though. You just gotta find the hot spots like any other lake.


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There are nice muskies in Pelican, some are very large. I wouldn't say that there aren't a lot of ski's in the lake, but they are tough to catch. It is a good trolling lake as well, lots of fish taken trolling spinnerbaits and bucktails.


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Pelican can be sort of a tough body of water for muskies. Tons of weed flats and endless weedlines, so if they're just hanging on the weedline someplace, it can be tough to find them with any consistency - part of why trolling is a popular approach there I think. Pelican seems to blow hot and cold a lot too. Plus Pelican just doesn't seem to have the population density compared to some other stocked muskie lakes. It certainly is capable of kicking out some nice fish however.

The other thing with Pelican is, if you fish it on a weekend during the summer, the recreational traffic can be insane. Constant boat wake, jet skis, pontoons full of Sr. Citizens (I call 'em the Blue Hair Navy), water skis, sailboats, speedboats... If it can make noise or get in the way, there's one on the lake, and many of them have oblivious operators. Begs the question of why you need a license to operate a Moped, but don't to operate a boat with a 250 hp inboard...



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I have a cabin on Pelican and have my best fishing of the year in the fall (less traffic). For me Pelican is one of those lakes where a fallow doesn't mean a whole lot. I usually always boat the fish at our first encounter. I have also never, out of the 50-60 fish boated there, caught a muskie after seeing a northern.

The lake can be divided up into three parts with the three seasons. Youre favorite spots will hold fish at diferent times of the year for no apatent reason.

There are some pigs in the lake, but they can be lazy and frustrating. It's not a lake where I would tell someone to fish and expect anything if they don;t know the lake.

Iv'e boated one over the 4th before, but you gonna want to fish from 4am to no later then 9am. Alot of know it all rich guys that don't care about us little fishermen out there. It's not like Minnetonka where the fish don't mind the traffic.

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