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Sure why not?


Why buy $79 bolt cutters when one can go Barbless?

Why are people affraid of going Barbless for Muskie?

Seems kind of silly to me. confused.gif

You will hardly ever lose a fish fighting it and if you did, so what?

Go hunt up another one.

Enjoy the moment.

It's sposed to be fun and not easy.

One huge reason we do it, Musky fish. smile.gif

Not going to kill it for food.

So why the barbs?

Not going to kill it to wall hang it.

Why do we need Barbs on our hooks?

Makes for huge fun going barbless.

Messes with your mind a bit and makes one pay more attention.

Intense!!! laugh.gif

Fish release easy, bit more of a challange controling fish?


All Vermilion Musky guides should maybe think about fishing Musky Barbless.

Clients in said boats should also.

We might start something cool.

Something needed.

Something everyone may not agree on, but it might help the fish?

With increaded pressure, how many Brabs from 3/0 to 7/0 hooks to face can they handle. crazy.gif

I have tried it, going BRABLESS, and the only down side I see is the pain in me brain as I'm pinching a barb down on a $20 Lure. blush.gif

Well, it was just a thought.

Back to the basement. Weather guy on the radio says Big storm a brewing! shocked.gif

Thomas "Fart Boy" Wehler

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Do it!

When I hook those buggers, I want to make sure I land them for those 2 5oz cheek fillets....hmmm....musky cheeks....


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Is that like going "TOPLESS"???? just a little more exciting. blush.gif

See YA


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I can't a chance on losing a 50" fish "if and when" one ever stikes. Overall, I've never noticably injured a muskie with regular hooks. I also am not aware of any notable reports of muskies dying off due to hook damage where if affects the population. Awareness on quick and proper catch release tactics seems more in order here. In and out as quickly as possible is the key. Just enough time on the bigs ones to get off a photo!

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I've fished barless for years on trout streams. Adds a little adventure! Makes releasing alot easier! Really, as long as you keep pressure on the pole, you'll be alright.

Barbless is ok with me, braless too!!

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I would be all for going barbless if I thought/saw a lot of damage from barbs. I personally have not noticed any damage though, as the other poster said. A lot of the time you can barely get these big fish in as it is, taking away the barb makes that even harder. I also notice that after the fish are in the net a lot of the hooks pop out regardless. I just HATE losing fish cause I am out there to catch!

When I reach a point in my career when I have mastered musky, and have caught so many big fish in my time, then I would consider something like that. But until I personally get to that point, I am just going to focus on proper handling and releasing of the fish. However, I do respect your opinion because from what I have seen, Tom has gotten to the "Musky God" stage that guys like me can only dream of getting to cool.gif

and of course, I am a large fan of Braless Fishing

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The truth of the matter is that if you keep pressure on the hook the won't even come into play. If you don't know how to keep pressure on a fish, learn! It is a matter of keepig the rod tip up.

As a matter of fact with out barbs you will get a better hook set and drive the hooks deeper.

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upnrth (Hey up, FM doesn't like your name. I can't type your entire name. They don't like it!) made the point that I was going to make. I haven't gone to barbless hooks yet. I still have a lot of the mental hang up that most others do. But one arguement I've heard for going barbless that most people don't think of is exactly what upnrth said. Because there's no barb, your hook will be able to penetrate the fish's mouth easier. How many times have you lost a musky that you've hooked WITH barbs? Why? Maybe it's because the hook didn't penetrate past the barb? If you're barbless, it's that much easier to sink the hooks in and bury the hooks deeper. I don't have personal experience. But it sure makes sense.


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Well, I repsect the idea. However, until I get to that point in my life where I have also mastered the large one's - just can't take that chance. Interesting post! I'm still waiting for that 52" fish for my wall - replica of course.

What's this pressure on the rod thing? What a weird concept! :-)

Like the braless idea 100%! smile.gif

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I don't think it needs to be a law, but I fish a lot of barbless lures and I don't lose fish. Makes release ridiculously easy and you'll be VERY glad if you ever hook yourself. PS I've seen plenty of you guys fishing on my lake and I'm AGAINST having any of you take any take any of your clothes off!!!!!

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Okay gang...now a subject close to my heart. Have ALWAYS fished barbless-don't own a lure or fly with a barb. A MAJOR reason, aside from those mentioned: ever have to take a hook, maybe a treble, out of the back of your hand while holding a 15lb. 'cuda, or northern, or muskie at the same time? Hooks deep beyond the barb. I have, a couple times, and it took less than a second. BAM...barbless are OUT! Otherwise.....BAM....a run for the emergency room with THREE big trebles in your hand. I'm done.

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Maybe I'll take a day out on the lake next time up in Canada and try it. We usually boat a few ski in a day up there, so it never hurts to try.

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