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Hello, I am going to be up at Boulder Lake in a couple of weeks and was hoping that someone could give me some insight on depths, locations and techniques. In return I will gladly post my results and anything I learn.

I will be staying on Boulder lake so fishing there would be convenient, but if the fishing isn't good or there is excellent fishing elsewhere nearby, I would be open to that information as well.

Thanks in advance!!

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We stay at Boulder Lake every summer on our family vacation. The lake is very clean, clear water. My comments are based on what works for me during the end of July.

Morning: We have good luck fishing for bigger northerns and large mouth bass in the mornings. There are many hammer handle northerns everywhere in the lake. Some larger fish we have caught on the east end of the lake have come from the 8-10 feet of water on various lures. Large mouth bass can be caught on a regular basis on the north shore of the lake in the weeds. Try fishing between the red house on the island and the point just to the east. Powerbaits / worms have worked the best.

Mid Day: there is a growing smallmouth bass population in the lake. Look for rock points etc. Sun fish are everywhere - everywhere. Kids love catching them and the action can good almost anywhere on the lake.

Evening: most people troll, troll, troll. Since the lake is so clear, I usually don't head out till about 9:00 pm myself to chase after walleye. There are walleye in the lake, but you'll have to work for them. Last summer I caught six (6) all week long. Trolling crankbaits and/or pulling leeches on lindy style rigs has worked best.

Best of luck.

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If the Boulder lake you are refering to is near Nevis then I can tell you a few things.

One spot to try for walleyes is just out in front of the resort. If you're facing the lake from the resort try just off to the right. About 50 yards from shore there is a 9 foot gravel hump. Try that with a Lindy rig and a leech.

Also to the left of the resort there is an island. It's a small island that seems to be getting smaller and and smaller every year. If you anchor out at about eleven feet and fish at night with a lighted slip bobber using a shinner minnow that should get some eyes as well.

For panfish action and some bass try the secluded bay straight across from the resort. It's out of the wind and it's loaded with some dandy gills. Try using a small leech on a plain hook and a small spit shot. Use a bobber set at about 18". Be carfeul going in and out of that bay. There is rocks on both sides of the entry. I guess that makes sense since it is called Boulder Lake.

Generally the northerns are crusing around the lake in 9-11 feet deep. Trolling a jointed Rapala will pick up a few.

Hope this helped and good luck to ya!

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What time of the year are you at the resort? Just curious, we stay there at the end of July usually.

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I really haven't stayed at that resort for quite a few years now. I do know that it has changed hands a few times.

I think it was in the early '90's when the last time I stayed at the resort. The new owners wouldn't let us camp in tents any longer since there was more money to be made by letting the 5th wheels come in and hook up. Can't blame them though.

I was always up there during the last week of May, and the 1st week of June. Before the weeds got bad. I met an old guy named Roger that was an old retired school principle one year, and every year we went back we would sit around with him and b.s.. We would also do very well right off the dock at night.

Also we could umbrella seine enough lake shiners to last the whole week. One lesson we learned was to put a rock in the minnow bucket so it would sink. Apparently them shiners don't like it so good if the minnow bucket floats on the surface and bakes in the sun.

Fun place to fish for sure! We still go to that lake when we are in the area.

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mnz71hunt and Dan, thanks for the information and tips. As promised, here are the results of my adventures.

We spent the week at Boulder Lake and enjoyed it very much. The lake is great for kids catching fish off the docks, my 4 year old must have caught about 75 fish, everything from perch, sunfish, blue gills and bass. He caught so many fish off the dock that when I took him out in the boat and we didn't catch fish right away, he wanted to go back to the dock! I caught 2 northern off the dock as well (18 inch and a 24 inch).

When in the boat, I stuck to the southern shoreline and fished off the points. Caught walleye and bass with the Walleyes all in the 15-19 inch range. The bass were a bit smaller, but put up a pretty good fight. Most of the fish were caught backtrolling with crawers on Lindy's and Jigs and seemed to be in 16-19 ft depth. I tried leeches, but got no bites. There were a lot of fish showing up on electronics in 21-24 ft depth, some suspended and others at the bottom. I tried to tempt them with various combinations of lures and spoons and even tried getting to them using a Jet Diver, but in general they didn't seem to be active fish. The only fish caught trolling were bass using shad raps.

Because I was up with my family (2 yr old and 4 yr old) who have a short attention span, I didn't get to fish as much as I would have liked to and usually not at the best times. There were a lot of people fishing the first or second major southern point to the east of the public access (there is a blue swim platform just to the east of the point and it is just to the west of pine valley resort - http://www.parkrapids.com/lodging/lakemaps/boulder.html). I never got a real chance to fish that spot because there was always someone there and I didn't want to fight against another boat with all the other spots on the lake open. I ended up fishing between the two points to the east of that spot (there is an island in between those points that has a pretty good drop off). In general, there were a lot of weeds in the 10-16 depth so use an extra long leader if you are fishing lindy's and make sure that you rig your bait so that it is weedless.

I agree with weighting down the minnow bucket, all my minnows were dead within 2 days even though they were not in the direct sun. The surface temp of the water was in the mid to high 70's by the docks and the shinners couldn't handle that.

mnz71hunt, I think we are going back up in the first few weeks of August, so if you get a chance, please post an update after your trip in late July.

Thanks again and good luck!

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Not too much to report - hot weather followed by a rather extreme cold front really locked things up for a few days last week. When we arrived on 07/23 it was 95 by Monday / Tuesday night we were seeing lows in the mid 40's.

Walleye - tough bite, fish are quite shallow at night roaming the weed lines. My brother in law caught a 26"+ walleye off the resort dock on a light pike sucker minnow, fish hit hard and seem hungry. When release the fish just hung around the docks for a while then disappeared into the weeds, actually sank into the weeds. Found some fish active in the morning before noon 16-20 feet on the breakline, feeding on crawlwers.

Northern - seemed most active in the evening. Trolled most of the time. My son caught a 32"+ northern one evening, photo's coming soon I hope, fish released. Needless to say, he had bragging rights that evening at the resort with the other kids.

Overall - typical tough walley bite, a few bass and sunny's with norther providing most of the action.

Best of luck.

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