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Two Harbors Breakwater....

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I had the occasion to fish the breakwater from Staurday until Monday afternoon. All I can say is ....wow.

The first cast of the trip gave up a nice fat 6 pound fish of laker heritage. A bit later Saturday morning another trout came to visit. Things turned quiet after the second fish and pretty much remained as such until Monday afternoon.

The weather had been getting hot inland at the cabin, but the ne wind had been a persistant factor in keeping me cool every day until about 1 on Monday. I made my run into town and found the water flat and no wind to harrass me, but there was a serious looking bank of clouds looming on the sw horizon. And it was seriously warm even at the end of the breakwater. Lots of broken fog banks were floating around to. It wasn't long before the sky took on overcast and the fishing soon started. I opted for a black/purple lil cleo. Inside of an hour and a half I put two nice lakers on the cord, lost two very similar sized fish and had one huge chunk clip me right at the surface. I have never seen laker action that fast out there.

As soon as I got broke off, the fishing took its downward turn as did the weather. I got hit with everything but funnel clouds before I could get off the wall, but hey....two great lakers and the other action made it all worthwhile.

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Crappie Tom,

I get up in that area 5-10 times a year and have never fished it, any suggestuions? I have a boat that I can use when the lake permits.

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Way to got Tom! Of course, pretty soon your skin will turn green with pale squiggly spots from eating all the laker. laugh.gif

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Yea right Steve....then I'll look like you. How are things?

No herring and only one salmon follow all weekend. Those herring must be pretty on/off as far as being in the area to be caught.


Lots of good fishing right in the immediate area there, even in the harbor if the lake is rough. You will probably want to hang a down rigger on the boat though to get deep enough when the need is there to do so. If we are going to find salmon, this is where we do so as a rule. Lakers will hide there too.

Trolling parallel to it on the lake-side of the breakwater is always a good place to start. At the dogleg near shore you will want to steer out ( almost at a 90 degree angle) and bring the ball up to about 45 feet until you find deeper water again past that point that comes out from the lighthouse. SE of the end of the wall about a half a mile is a series of humps in the main lake. A couple will come up to about 52 feet out of 110-120 feet of water. Look for fish on the tops of the humps. The trenches between those humps will hold deeper fish too. The humps tend to heat up after July but we fish them at all times of the year in open water and do well regardless. If the lake is flat and you are marking fish on top of these structures you can jig them with a heavy jig/stinger and a smelt for some real dinner type attraction. Plain white or white/chartreuse works well for jig color. And the two ouncers work well in getting down quickly. Keep the hooks sharp! I don't care who makes them, sharpen them. A rod spooled with braid will be good for this as long as the rod has some backbone. And if you know you will be jigging, eat your wheaties!

The best piece(s) of advice is to read this forum religiously to learn where things are happening and what the trends for the tackle are. Pay attention to the weather and the water. Leave the sauce in the car....small boats are quite safe as long as everyone in that boat has a crystal clear head. I often fish a 14 foot jon boat in the areas just described to you with absolutely no hesitation as long as the water and weather all agree with it's limits.

Most of all....enjoy this fishing. It will leave a mark on your heart forever!

Find the drop-off at the inside corner on the end of the wall and troll in a straight line towards the old breakwater across the bay. If you can keep on course and stay "just" on the deep side of the break there and keep the ball slightly deeper than the shallow water you can get some real hefty lakers there.

My favored baits for the lakers are medium sized flash baits in gold/orange stripe/ black spots and anything with purple.....purple/chartreuse or pink spots, purple/black, purple/blue. The purple I like if it is cloudy or very early in the morning.

In August flashers/dodgers with flies work well when touched up with a smelt. Be sure and rig a stinger though on VERY heavy super braid! 4 inches behing the primary hook is a good length.

Early in the year and again in the fall you will want to look seriously at the upper water column for the salmon, but be mindfukl that fall temps in the water can keep the salmon quite deep. Its not unusual for us to hook up on salmon while fishing 125 deep for lakers.

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Thank you for the information, I should be going up again in a couple of weeks, I'll let you know how it goes.

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