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Best cut for bleeding fish

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I saw a TV flyfishing show the other day where the guide said the best way to bleed a fish is to stick the knife inside its mouth and make a cut somewhere near the gills. It's supposed to work better than the more usual lengthwise cut between the pectoral fins because if you make the cut near the gills, the heart keeps pumping out all the blood in the fish, including the blood around the spawn. The usual way cuts through the heart, and only gets rid of some of the blood, apparently. But the darn guide never showed the viewers how to make that cut. Anyone know how?

Steve ([email protected])

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The reason to bleed fish in the first place is to get rid of any chemicals or parasites in the blood that may damage the flesh or cause a foul taste. In some fish soon after the fish dies eurhea in the blood turns into ammonia rendering the flesh uneatable.

Without a photo it is hard to describe, but there is a large artery that is above the esophagus that connects smaller veins to the gill lamellae.

I still use the old method of cutting along the operculum to bleed a fish because it also severes the same artery that is in the back of the throat and the nice feature about this is that you do not have to risk being injured by the teeth of the fish.

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Not being a fish biologist, but haveing done this to quickly kill a fish and seen it done several times, I can describe the method I'd use. Turn the fish upside down. Flare the gills. The flesh that's the "thinnest under the gills" is where all the arteries run that feed the gills. Make this small cut completely through and the blood runs out of the fish and it's like right now.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • mtheis
      I came up when it was hot (mid 80's) and unfortunately it has stayed that way the whole trip.  I knew I was doomed when Pike Bay was over 82 degrees, and Big Bay was well in the mid 70's.  Skies have been blue, and with little wind to break up the water.  I got up around 5 am, and stayed on the lake until 10 or so.  I didn't want to get sick, this is supposed to be fun afterall, and I came back on after 4 pm.  I trolled trying to find them.  I was successful, but only got enough to get some fish fry's for the family.  The bigger ones came from lead core, with an occasional one coming in from trolling shallow.  DNR stopped by while on the lake, and he said the mayfly hatch might be starting.  Good luck everybody!
    • PSU
      Question for this knowledgeable group   I've noticed over the past two weeks at the lake that in certain areas there seems to be a ton of black "duck-like" floaters that seem to congregate by tons and stir up the water and then move to another area close by, stir up the water again and move again. I've seen them recently in Greenwood Bay and around Fectos.   Are these cormorants? Are they stirring up the water by fishing?   Thanks
    • smurfy
      i'm just kidding about Leech.........i've never met the guy personally yet but been on the forums long enough with him to know he's a pretty good egg!!!!!👍👍
    • smurfy
      be careful what you wish for Kettle!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣   i almost called you the week prior to memorial weekend!!!!!!!!!👍 if everything works out i'll be headed back up the monday after tomorrow but will be with a buddy........we will eventually fish together.......i hope!!!!!!!! then i might even catch a walleye!!!!!!!!🙄
    • StateofHockey
      Followed the advice I posted, slip bobbers w rainbows and crawlers in big bay on a dozen humps topping out at 6 to 12'. Caught a few smalles and a couple 12" walleyes. So not very successful but maybe didn't hit the right humps or lake was too calm or wrong time of day - 7:30 11 am. That's why they call it fishin'
    • leech~~
      I may have to take you up on that. I've been moving for a month and don't even have my boat in the lake yet!  
    • Roseypike19
      Walleye Report:  Just spent a week on the lake (East end).  The fishing was as hot as the weather with many, many 14-25" walleyes.   Surface Temps: Consistently 70-72 with the recent hot weather.  Swimming was comfortable the past three days.  Depths:  All caught in less than 10 FOW Techniques: Lures - Plastics and jerkbaits.  We bought two dozen leeches but never opened them.  I do regret not watching a bobber dip below the surface.   Tactics: Cast and retrieve lures in sandy bays, over main lake/secondary rocky points, across rocky flats, between sandy flats, and throughout silt/mud bays with shallow weeds.  A little wind and clouds helped but was not always necessary.  And we had lots of random fish.    Advice:  Get out there and fish.  These patterns should hold for the next week-two.  The fish are aggressively feeding in the shallows where they are finding crawfish, shiners, etc.  A fast moving bait is getting hammered.  I literally can't tell you how many times I saw fish INHALE our presentations at the boat.   The population is healthy.  Catch and keep a few and let a bunch of them go.     Good luck.   
    • Kettle
      I'll take anyone fishing  just let me know when you are around the grand rapids area. I'll even cover gas and bait
    • StateofHockey
      Excellent report with Q&A video of Vermilion fishing over Memorial day weekend on the Everett Bay Lodge Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0P6R367DVCXxuZN9LQmZo3ptHADXTbR7NewV2P4W8BouagdzmZ56RpSC6SP2KTjNhl&id=100031660668169&sfnsn=mo&mibextid=RUbZ1f Good timely advice on walleyes
    • leech~~
      Lol, if they had enough enforcement in the first place. They may catch them the rest of the season without the tag!  
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