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I spent a couple hours on the Zum this morning a was able to find a few fish.

The sunfish were everywhere from shalloe to deep and readily took a small hair jig, while the crappies have pretty much moved off shore now. I did manage a handful in a couple spots, but the bulk of the crappies were taken over deeper water. Casting to deep wood was working pretty good.

For the crappies color got to be an issue today. The lake, while not really dirty, has some serious color to it. The usual purple/chartreuse Stub Grub was getting a few fish, but the bulk of them came off anything with white in it today. The white/chartreuse tail Stub Grub and the same in the Crappie Rat accounted for most of the crappie action. These were cast without a float and slowly retrieved after counting them down. In most areas I was fishing wood that reached into about 20 feet of water and did the count thing to about 12. Hits were very solid.

The fish of the day was a ring-lipped freshwater tuna of about 18 pouinds. The thing slipped off my scale and landed on a rod. So much for the rod. I had the camera, but trying to control that thing and take aim was as close to impossible that one could get, so no pic for ya'll carpus delecticus lovers. (Yes you Dan).

With the water at 70 just about everywhere I fished, I noticed that there were beginning to be a lot of larvae casings in the water and that some fish flies were active. I think this is one reason the color shift was to the lighter stuff. If this is going to be a major hatch fishing will likely get pretty thin....just have to waiit and see what the bugs decide to do.

There is quite a bit of small debris in areas where the water is slack.

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Ahhhhhhh...!!! How can you catch a 18 pounder and have no pictures to show us???!!!! What is a freshwater tuna BTW?

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It ain't what it was, that's for sure. Fished it again this morning for a couple hours and hammered small fish. ALL were small. I had exactly one crappie worth calling a fish to the boat when it fell off.

Tried high, tried low, changed colors, profiles, yada,yada, yada.....just plain sorry for a bite out there today. Not even a carp would humor me.....now that's bad!

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