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Whitefish Tourney Results and Area Fishing Reports!

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After spending much of the week fishing the Whitefish chain I can tell you that most of the walleyes are up in the weeds. A few days before the GNWC tourney I was on some really nice fish along the weedlines, but as the wind changed so did my fishing. The size of the fish on the chain now is absolutely amazing, the lake is full of 16-26 inch walleyes. Look for some great fishing out there in the next few weeks. The progression from spring to the summer peak has been a slow one because of the unseasonably cold weather and rain we have experienced. I think the tourney timing just missed by about a week. I fished the tourney with my partner Rene, it was a beautiful day on the lakes. We caught plenty of pike but struggled to catch walleyes that were the right size. Our downfall was our inability to adapt. It always seems to be a problem when you fish your home waters. We got caught in rut and stuck with our Lindy Rigs and Redtails. After a couple of hours in the morning I figured the fish were scattered in the weeds and I should have switched to spinners and crawlers or shad raps over the weeds. Pitching small jigs and minnows would have been another good option. Like I said sometimes we get too smart for our own good and get stuck in rut. I have to give credit to Bernie and his crew for a running tremendous tournament and hope they will again choose to fish our lakes in the future. Congrats to all the tourney anglers that did bag fish, the conditions were a little tougher than expected and you guys put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Other reports in the Nisswa Area are really starting to pick up as we are finally starting to catch some nicer walleyes on the weedlines. Similar to what we saw on the whitefish chain we have started to catch them on Leeches, Nightcrawlers, or chubs. Work the weedlines in 8-18 feet for best results.

Jason Erlandson

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Hated seeing you come in without any fish Jason, but it sure was a tough one. Seems like we have a different front going through about every day and the fish have definitely not settled into any kind of a summer pattern.

We'll take a look at putting Whitefish back on the schedule again in the future. We definitely did not catch her at her best.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • SkunkedAgain
      Well, I chose my screen name for a reason. 😆 Congrats to everyone
    • Bbobber
      I had a great weekend the weather was decent and fishing was good. I caught 5 walleyes 21"-25", 4 northerns largest was 32" and a 17 largemouth opening day. 2 more walleyes, 2 crappies 2 northerns on Sunday all on jig and minnows.
    • DLD24
      We had a good opener as well we could have kept limits opening day, but just kept enough for a fish fry. Then Sunday had our little friendly tourney and everyone had a pretty good day. Pulling cranks and jigs n minnows caught fish.  
    • Kettle
      Water temp today 45-50. Few fish, windy and cold 
    • Tominator692
      Had a great opening weekend. Son and I boated 51 walleye between Saturday and Sunday. Plenty of small stuff but no problem getting some nice keepers. This is a pic of the best weekend fish for us. 
    • fishingstar
      I was on Rice this weekend also. Seen boat lifts with water up to the canopy. I was the only one to catch a fish out of the hole campground It was about a 6" crappie.
    • BWpineisland
      We had a pretty good weekend. There were two couples and we limited out both Saturday and Sunday. The eyes we kept were all 15-17”.  We caught many 10-14” eyes and one 26” which was returned to the water immediately. All on a variety of jigs in 18-35’ of water. As usual the women out fished both of us😀
    • Bloatlord
      Wrong area, sorry.
    • Raven77
      I will second the advice on watching out for floating debris.  We saw a lot of floating logs and deck sections this weekend.  Also, most hazard and navigation buoys were not out yet.  I wonder how many lower units and props were destroyed this weekend?  It would be dicey if you don't know the lake.
    • Raven77
      I will admit it.  Zero walleyes in two days of fishing.  We fished shallow and deep and marked a lot of fish in 16-20' and had a few weak bites.  A friend of mine caught 6 walleyes on Sunday but worked hard for them and he has fished the lake his entire life.  Got a few crappies in Black Bay.  I was shocked at how few boats were out, definitely a reflection of late ice out and how few docks are in because of the high water.  My fishing partner drove back to the TC on Sunday night and traffic was surprisingly light.  I'm guessing late ice out discouraged a lot of fishermen from coming north.  We need some warm dry weather.
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