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White Sox' Ron Kittle speaks out on Bonds


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SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds blasted former White Sox slugger Ron Kittle, whose recently released book quotes the San Francisco Giants star as saying "I don't sign for white people" before a game at Wrigley Field 12 years ago.

"Who is Kittle? How long did he play? He played in our league?" Bonds said, lying on a clubhouse couch before Thursday's game against the Royals. "Ha! Do you guys believe that? ... Do you guys know my life history a little bit? ... One, you insult my children, who are half-white.

"I was married to a woman who was white, so let's get real. I don't even know the guy. Tell him he's an ... (Contact US Regarding This Word). Somebody said he wanted a piece of me. Tell him I'm at 24 Willie Mays Plaza and he can come get me anytime he wants to -- with pleasure. Don't insult my family."

In Kittle's book, "Tales from the White Sox Dugout," he writes that he approached Bonds at his locker in the visitors' clubhouse at Wrigley Field about autographing some jerseys to be auctioned for a cancer charity. Kittle retired after the 1991 season, and Bonds and the Giants were in Chicago to face the Cubs.

"It's the truth. I don't lie," Kittle told The Associated Press in a phone interview Tuesday. "I tell it as it is. It's unfortunate it happened. And I didn't bring it up to sell the books."

Kittle said the book's co-author, Bob Logan, asked him to write about the good and bad aspects of the game.

"This was one of the rotten things that happened," Kittle said.

While he was furious at Kittle, Bonds said Thursday he was pleased with the progress of his surgically repaired right knee. But he dismissed a report that he hit soft toss in the batting cage Wednesday, saying he was just playing catch.

"Hey, Murphy, have I touched any of my bats?" he hollered to longtime equipment manager Mike Murphy. "I don't even know where they are."

Bonds has had three operations on his right knee since Jan. 31, the most recent on May 2 to drain fluid and examine an infection. He has not played this season.

Bonds said he isn't ready to guess when he might be back in the batter's box. Bonds has a routine doctor's appointment Friday to have his blood tested and another Sunday. Trainer Stan Conte believes Bonds could be off antibiotics sometime next week.

Will Bonds he back this season?

"I still don't know," Bonds said. "You guys will know when I'll be ready. You'll see. There's no reason to discuss that stuff until I'm with my teammates on the field."

Bonds said in spring training he could miss half the season or even the entire year, but has been more optimistic recently about a return. One popular timetable -- though the club won't make any predictions -- has Bonds returning sometime around the All-Star break. He turns 41 on July 24.

Bonds is third on the career home run list with 703, 11 behind Babe Ruth and 52 from tying Hank Aaron's record. Bonds batted .362 last season with 45 homers and 101 RBI and walked a major league-record 232 times on the way to his record seventh MVP award.

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Hey Buzz,

I know Ron. He was just at a function with some people from my work and it is true what Ron said. Kittle had paid cash out of his own pocket to buy the jerseys and wanted to sell them at the raffle for charity and he told Barry this when he introduced himself as a former player and asked him to sign the jerseys. This guy is probably the biggest "tool" in all of sports. The guy acts as though the fans owe him something, the reporters owe him something. He owes his whole life and lifestyle to baseball and that means the fans. The ones who come to watch his sorry rear whine and moan and act like a class A jerk. You couldn't pay me to watch a game that he plays in. It is common knowledge that even his teammates can't stand the guy. To go off on reporters and blame the media for his injury is laughable and to use his son as a "media sheild" is gutless but I would not expect any more from this waste of baseball talent. Here's hoping he never wears the uniform again and god forbid he breaks anymore records with his "drug enhanced" performances. I hope that baseball does not let up on their investigation and I hope that Bonds is exposed for the fraud he is and that an asterik is placed on every record he illegally overcame through steriod use.

What do you think, Buzz?

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Windy, you finally said something that isn't just totally off the wall. Bonds is a loser. It is a shame that he owns the HR record now and would be a real travesty if he had the career record. I like how he gets hurt for 4 months as soon as they start testing for steroids. smirk.gif

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Bonds will go out as softly as Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco did before him, he's an embarassment to baseball and this Balco thing WILL end his career. The party is over for 169 lb. scrappy centerfielder that played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Just look at the size of this guys melon now versus two years ago it's like 3" smaller across the front for petes sake... I'm tired of the Barry watch and Sportscenter update's... The guy is a has been and no one cares if we get one more report or one more juiced home run from Bonds... He's done!

Ron Kittle is right just like most other people that reported on this guy when he was and was not roided up he's been a p$ick and the sad part about is that he is teaching his son the same crap. If I see another Barry update I'm gonna hurl! I wish Harold Reynolds would stop stroking Bond's it's embarassing. The way he sucks up to Bonds you'd think he was getting payed to pump Barry.

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C'mon Tim, tell us what you really think.

I'm with you 100% - it would be a darn shame if Bonds gets the career record. But, we could still hate him for his personality whether or not he does. But a fastball to the knee might already be in somebody's game plan to keep him on the DL? We can only hope.

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The White Sox' Ron Kittle is a lying loser just trying to sell his junk book.

Barry Bonds has done more in one stroke of his pen for charity then that washed up broke arse Kittles entire pathetic ancestry. grin.gif

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Hey at least Windy will have someone to go to rehab with as was suggested another day. He's more right on this one then you are in my opinion.

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If it was only Kittles that ever brought this to attention, I would agree with you 100%. But we know that is not the case.

The guy is a JERK. One word, JERK is all you need to sum up Bonds.

I have never seen or met anyone as arrogant as Mr Bonds, and his me first attitude. His records should be washed away just as his reputation has over the years.

If I could name one person to NOT be a role model to any kid out there, he would be the first person that would come to mind.

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It just hit me, he's probably the Ty Cobb of our era. Great player, but a first class jerk nobody can stand.

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Windy, my response is that I "think" Bonds is a jerk who manipulates the media as much as possible. For that I'm not a fan of his. I have no reason to disbelieve Kittle, it's just too bad that statement was found in a book he has for sale. If I had to pick a side, I'd lean towards believing Kittle... who knows, all I know is that this whole steroid thing is really tarnishing baseball.

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The White Sox' Ron Kittle is a lying loser just trying to sell his junk book.

Barry Bonds has done more in one stroke of his pen for charity then that washed up broke arse Kittles entire pathetic ancestry.

I agree with everything that's been said about Barry Bonds.

It has nothing to do with my opinion about that loser Kittles.

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Hey Pier,

I think you are way out on the pier...by yourself on this one. As much fun as we have bantying about about the Twinks and Sox you are way off base on this matter. Barry has been, is now and will always be the worlds biggest tool. He is the most selfish and gutless person I have seen dealing with the press, other players and even his own teammates. Ron Kittle has more integrity in his little pinkie than Barry could possibly hope to achieve in his entire lifetime. And now it looks like he is a racist to boot, go figure. Makes perfect sense to me.


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