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Safe Harvest Quota ?


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I would like to direct this inquiry to the likes of Kelly-p,

Halad, Ninetoe, Labs4me and Bieganek. I am only looking for factual information and do not want this subject to lead to speculating or perception hence the above direction.

Will there be a safe harvest quota once Red lake re-opens to walleye fishing as is the case on Mille Lacs?

I am aware of the future slots and limits set for the fishery. Any other questions I have would lead to speculating which could/would inflame this senitive issue.



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If my memory serves me right the proposed safe harvest quota put out by the DNR is 3-fish/acre. The Tribe controls 60,000 acre x 3fish = 180,000 fish. The State controls 48,000 acres x 3fish = 144,000. The Tribe controls all of Lower Red.

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Scupper, the formulas Halad gave are the ones that were used by the DNR to calculate the slots and harvest. They show what they felt was a safe allowable harvest. It is my understanding that the 2 fish limit was put in place so they wouldn't have to use a "poundage quota" like on Mille Lacs. If a 3 or 4 fish limit would've been set-up, there was a very real chance that ice fisherman would not have been able to harvest any walleye do to the open water fisherman reaching the "poundage quota". By allowing a 2 fish harvest, they felt it would spread out the total take through the entire season and they would not have to monitor every fish taken as on Mille Lacs and leave the fishery open for the entire season. The others can chime in if they understood this in a different light.

Good Luck!


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Halad and Labs summed it up pretty good. As I understand it we are not locked into a certain number of walleyes or pounds of walleyes taken and then walleye fishing quits. The 2 walleye limit with the protected slot means that we will be able to fish all season. The 2 walleye limit might seem low but there are a lot of variables that no one can predict. How many of the busy summer weekends will have a strong west wind and very few people can fish??? What % of the fishermen are going to take as many walleyes as they can regardless of the regulations??? How many of the caught and released walleyes are going to die??

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The walleyes are looking a little better now than they did three weeks ago, but they are still are in poor condition, particularly those over 20 inches. There needs to be some serious harvest on this lake to get the walleye poopulation back in balance with the prey. Forget formulas.

The DNR seems to have forgotten one of the first principles you learn in wildlife managment 101: You cannot stockpile wildife.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

The walleyes we got two weeks ago ranged from fat to skinny. Most were pretty typical for this time of year. There seems to be plenty of eyes and adequate forage. But I'm sure the DNR is trying to reduce the "goldrush" effect which will likely occur when all the folks who have been catching them by accident fishing for slabs finally get to keep a few.

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I have an E-Mail from the DNR explaining how they have decided to do things the way they have been. I'll forward it to Rick and hopefully he can post it word for word.

For the people that want to keep informed on what is happening with the URL Fisheries the DNR has a report in each issue of the URLAA Newsletter. For the $25 membership fee you'll get a lot of info.

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How about the fish that rot in the nets because of storms or neglect will they be in the quota. Oops maybe im not spose to talk about that.

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OOPS grin.gif Nice one Hal,

Hey, the stars alined, or misaligned and I will be up there late tonight through Sunday. Hope to see you, as I recall it is your turn to buy me dinner and then not pay your tab. wink.gif


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Kelly forwarded the following e-mail to me to post for all to read...

Gary Barnard said we could post this word for word including his address and phone #. Now, who has the skill to do that??? I know I cann't. hehehe kelly


Thanks for the opportunity to respond directly to the safe harvest question.

First let me clarify that the Long Term Harvest Plan has not been finalized

and formally approved by the full Red Lake Fisheries Technical Committee, so

there still could be some minor modifications to the exact numbers, but the

management framework will be approximately as follows.

The safe harvest range that we will be targeting will be the same in pounds

per acre for Reservation and off Reservation waters. If any adjustments are

made they will be made proportionally on a per acre basis.

We have identified a preliminary range of 1.75 - 3.5 pounds per acre as the

safe harvest range for the entire system. For the off reservation portion

of Upper Red Lake (48,000 acres) that is 84,000 - 168,000 pounds. We will

be monitoring mature female spawning stock as the primary measure of

population stability. Significant changes in spawning stock densities will

result in adjustments to the safe harvest ranges.

Both jurisdictions will also be monitoring annual harvest to insure we are

maintaining harvest within the safe harvest range. The difficulty in

managing harvest precisely by setting a regulation prior to the fishing

season was recognized in the original recovery plan. Also, it is understood

that there is a strong desire to avoid mid-season regulation changes. This

was addressed by incorporating a three year running average into the harvest

plan framework. Thus the upper end of the safe harvest range does not

represent a hard quota where fishing would need to be closed. Slight

overages above the safe harvest range could be compensated for by adjusting

the regulation between seasons to bring the three year average back within

the safe levels.

Excessive harvest above the safe level can not be allowed since it can

endanger the fishery and would be impossible to adjust for in following

years by simple averaging. To avoid excessive harvest in any individual year

there will be a harvest cap imposed, preliminarily set at 4.5 pounds per

acre, or 216,000 pounds for off reservation waters. This is not really a

quota either, since it is recognized that this level of harvest can not be

maintained on an annual basis. The harvest cap will also be adjusted as

necessary based on the level of spawning stock density we are maintaining.

The regulation selected and proposed for the 2006 opener, a two fish bag

limit with a 17-26 inch protected slot, was selected from a limited number

of regulation options where model output predicted harvest within the safe

harvest zone. The citizen advisory committee that helped with the selection

process believed this was the most socially acceptable regulation that had

the best chance of controlling harvest within the safe harvest zone and the

least risk of reaching the harvest cap where the fishery would need to be

closed. Anglers, businesses owners and Fisheries managers would all like to

avoid a season closure, but not at the risk of a set back to the walleye

recovery effort.

While this harvest management framework is more complex than a simple

harvest quota, there are definite advantages by providing some flexibility

for variability in catch rates and uncertainty of angling pressure. But

more importantly, it provides an additional level of protection from

overharvest by incorporating programmed adjustments to changes in spawning

stock densities. Any underestimate of harvest or undetected sources of

mortality (such as excessive release mortality) would be detected and

compensated for through harvest level reductions. Alternately, controlled

harvest within the safe zone and continued levels of spawning stock above

the optimal levels could result in less restrictive regulations in future


I hope this provides some clarification.

Gary Barnard

Bemidji Area Fisheries Supervisor

Gary Barnard

Bemidji Area Fisheries Supervisor


[email protected]

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I'd like to thank all of you that took the time to help me understand this subject. Red Lake is special because of people like you watching over her.

Best wishes...

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Scupper, There are too many variables in this scenerio, Time will tell, & I'm taking a wait & See approach. And I'm going to keep my opinion to myself but Halad is on the same track I'm on. I know everyones track record, Whites included.

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kelly-p, LABS4ME, etal: thanks for the input. If the majority of anglers ( open water and hard water) abide by the rules we'll know in a few years just what kind of "catch and keep" pressure URL can sustain.

I hope that the DNR, knows that there are quite a number of you with a vested interest in a successful and longterm outcome, and that they will seek your help to aid in policing this fishery.


Dr. Roland E. Kehr, Jr.

Lindy Tackle

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with a 17-26 inch protected slot, was selected from a limited number

of regulation options where model output predicted harvest within the safe

harvest zone. The
citizen advisory
committee that helped with the selection

process believed this was the most
socially acceptable

when did knifing 27" fish become socially acceptable?.

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when did knifing 27" fish become socially acceptable?.

I may be reading into this wrong but I dont believe I read anywhere that it stated [KNIFING 27"] fish.

I don't know any one that would. A majority of the population I assume would mount a fish that big IF, they kept it.


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Okay now we are supposed to manage our fisheries based on what is socially acceptable instead of biology?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
      Had walleye last night with the nephews, gave me a chance to go out again this evening for a quick solo 6, water temp 55 degrees, fish 12-14 ft on jigs
    • hopper33
      I have questions about the following hypothetical. Buy used boat and trailer from Iowa Resident. Would need to transfer, and I have not done before. Duck boat, may occasionally fish out of it. Technically 15'11 1/2" long. Will have motor. Do I need a title? Does it need registration?   Same for trailer. Need a title? Need Registration? License Plate?   Thank you for any help.
    • PSU
      I realize it's only been 2 days Raven77, but are you continuing to see the level decreasing?  
    • cm012419
      Sight fished this one, also got a 19" off a bed with a senko but didn't get a picture because my phone died. Length was 14" for the one in the photo. Haven't been able to get out much recently, but I should be able to go Saturday.
    • Pat McGraw
      Sizes caught matched most recent survey very closely - a lot of 12-14" fish with a few 15". Three to six feet of water against rocky shoreline at dusk was very productive. Fish still discharging milt. Should continue to be great fishing for next couple weeks along shoreline. 
    • CigarGuy
      Our group of 6 guys did pretty good. From Thursday evening to Sunday caught a bunch of crappies, 4 walleyes that were to big, a handful of pike and sunfish. One sunfish was 11". All on the west end.
    • ReefWhooligan
      You did a lot better than us...  Did you mostly catch them in mornings and evenings or were you able to catch them mid-day also?
    • Wheres_Walter
      We were up this past weekend.  We got cold but did ok.  We caught around 40 walleye.  Most were 12-14" a handful of 14-16".  Good activity and a full fry pan, but no bigger fish.  Frazer and Smarts bays.  All Jig and minnow.  Mornings we found them at 24-26 FOW.  Evenings in 7-10 FOW.  Water temp was 50-52.
    • Kettle
    • Leroyboyisthatu
      Was out the last 2 days. Saw some Crappies caught in warmer bays. Not much action outside the mouths of bays today. Hoping it picks up this week. Trying to learn this lake over the summer.
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