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Clyde's Walleye Tournament Results


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To start off, we have an announcement to make. We at Clyde's were analyzing the results this morning and we realized that someone else should have been awarded 5th place. It was announced at the tournament that Frank Pilney & Mike Meyers took 5th, but in reality it should have gone to Bart Fisher & Dean Fisher. We would like to congratulate them for both biggest fish and 5th place, and say that they will be receiving their check and plaques in the mail. Frank Pilney & Mike Meyers would like to congratulate Bart & Dean Fisher for beating them fair and square. They both agree that the integrity of the tournament is more important than placing in the money.

Sorry for the mix-up.

Anyway on to what all of you are waiting for, the results:

1st place - Chad Bleeker & Carl Stayberg - 29.93 lbs total

Fri. - 5 fish - 15.99 lbs, Sat. - 5 fish - 13.94 lbs

2nd place - Robert Pilney & Paul Mahoney - 23.04 lbs total

Fri. - 5 fish - 9.02 lbs, Sat. - 5 fish - 14.02 lbs

3rd place - Andy Johnson & Jeff Sobiech - 18.88 lbs total

Fri. - 5 fish - 8.92 lbs, Sat. - 5 fish - 9.96 lbs

4th place - Turk Gierke & Scott Hale - 18.56 lbs total

Fri. - 3 fish - 7.27 lbs, Sat. - 5 fish - 11.29 lbs

5th place - Bart Fisher & Dean Fisher - 17.33 lbs total

Fri. - 4 fish - 12.32 lbs, Sat. - 3 fish - 5.01 lbs

*Also took biggest fish with 5.87 lbs walleye caught

on Fri.

6th place - Frank Pilney & Mike Meyers - 16.33 lbs total

Fri. - 2 fish - 5.93 lbs, Sat. - 4 fish - 10.40 lbs.

7th place - Jerry Hein & John Mullenbach - 14.34 lbs total

Fri. - 5 fish - 10.05 lbs, Sat. - 3 fish - 4.29 lbs

8th place - Mike Johnson & David Farr - 13.59 lbs total

Fri. - 5 fish - 10.50 lbs, Sat. - 2 fish - 3.09 lbs

9th place - Michael Luett & Brian Perkins - 13.07 lbs total

Fri. - 2 fish - 3.89 lbs, Sat. - 5 fish - 9.18 lbs

10th place - Ed Philpot & Jeff Priebe - 11.02 lbs total

Fri. - 5 fish - 7.43 lbs, Sat. - 2 fish - 3.59 lbs

We thought it was only necessary to post the top 10 winners. If you would like the details of all 27 boats you can either call Clyde's at 651-439-6554 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, Frankie's Live Bait & Marine, Triton Boats, Evinrude Motors, Minnkota, and Reef Runner Fishing Lures for helping with this tournament. Second we would like to thank all of the fishermen who participated in this tournament. We ended up with a total of 27 boats and everyone of the fishermen made this a fun and relaxed tournament for all involved. We got an e-mail this morning from Turk Gierke, one of the local St. Croix guides who was in the tournament and he just wanted to let us know that he thought the guys attitudes were up-beat and relaxed as opposed to the other up-tight tournaments that he's been in. We appreciate it Turk!

Again we would like to thank all who were involved and let everyone know that this was the 1st Anuual Team Walleye Tournament and we will be back bigger and better next year.



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Frank, Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for all the work you did. We really appreciated it. We will be back next year, however one suggestion. Maybe next year there will be a prize for the biggest or most sheephead caught??????????? grin.gifgrin.gif

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I wonder who that sheepshead prize winner would be? Hmmmmm?

This tourney was very well run and the setting was the best I have seen. I especially liked the Pasta Buffet prior to the tournament meeting, good good eats!

I would encourange any serious anglers to enter this tournament next year. The cost is only 150 per person and if you see the results you'll notice that two 5 fish bags two days in a row puts you up near the top.

I thought this was great fun and just what the Croix walleye community needs. We need to keep it going.

My congrats to Chad and Carl the winners they have their bite completely mastered! Hats off to you!!!

It's a long four months until the River Rat Tourney, so it's just time to fish....

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Turk, I have no idea what you mean, I know that you are the master. However I do know where the large ones lie. confused.gifconfused.gifwink.gifwink.gifwink.gif
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rumor has it that oldstar will be in the competition next year if sheephead are added as a bonus category.

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