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I know that legal limits of fish are legal, maybe not ethical. I noted several boats taking limits of large walleyes and small, with no regard to the well being of the lake. Some of the boats were out twice a day and I suspect that they took limits on each trip, they were out the two days I was out and hit an obviously fished spot from a previous trip. My question to you is at what time does it become appropriate to call authorities about suspected stockpileing of fish? Our boat caught several 20 - 27 inch fish that would have went home with any of the other boats out there. Sometimes it seems that our cpr efforts are in vain. What's your take on this subject?

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I regret that it has come to this...but I beleive that we all need to be the ears and eyes of game enforcement. With the technology and equipment we have today, and the $$$ spent, I have found some people feel "entitled" to take as many fish as possible.

My answer to your question...If I was familar with the lake and area, and was fairly certain another boat was stockpiling fish...you bet I would call.

Opening weekend our party kept enough for a great fish fry @ the cabin and one more @ home. I felt that was enough for us as we will have other opportunites. We could have kept several limits.

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It does no harm to call. Statewide daily and possession limits for walleyes are the same, and include only one fish over 24". If several 20-27 inch fish are being caught, it's possible they were out of bounds on this issue. (next year it goes to one over 20" ?)

It'll do your conscience good to make the call.

good luck and good fishing!

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I'd ask what lake but then I'd have to become part of the problem so I won't. Do you suspect these people are locals? They are usually the ones that destroy the fish populations it seems because they can keep going back day after day. Its amazing these lakes can keep kicking out fish every year! Myself If I get on a good bite like that I try to maybe only fish it a couple times, and hit a different lake the next outing. Once you eat a good fresh meal of walleye you kinda lose the taste for it for a few weeks at least, and its pointless to freeze your fresh fish when the possesion is the same as the daily limit. So if you go back and back to catch more of the same fish we should do so for the fun of it and release anything we can, and leave the fish there for next time or even the next years to come. Just my 2 cents. I've seen this stuff happen alot myself and have been reluctant to make the calls but I'm starting to this year. I made 2 calls this sring and have to say it made me feel better after I did.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
      Water temp creeped into the 50s finally. 2 man limit
    • Rick
    • Raven77
      Water level is going down, but slowly.  My dock frame was 6" underwater last week and I can just see it above water today.  It's going to take time.
    • TomWehler
      My lil island front iron crib dock also under bout six inches. No Good! Lil higher than this time May 2008.  😮😮🥅🏒😮 No good to drop west dock for lifts as that would be under also n lift rails n pads be just but under water.  No Good! Marauder Boys miss the lake too. Happened before in my 26 years out there n will happen again so we just deal doing other stuff off lake n enjoy it all. Fun being a Shore Rat for shallow Crappies around home lakes. Bust a move n keep in the Grove. 🏒🥅🤩 We figure by anniversary June 12 th level drop enuff we sneek out in smaller Lund n fix up n open up? 🤩 Best of luck to ya but be safe. This lake is deeper n darker than you or I know…🤩 Big Smiles n Keep on Rocken! T    Did'nt intend to have pic so big....Geeezzz.  
    • redlabguy
      We’re in the same boat. Actually I’d like to be in any boat. Our island cabin dock frame is about six inches under water. I hear that water is not rising which gives hope it will fall but I think Memorial Day is too optimistic, at least for us. You should think about other plans?
    • Djsnej123456
      looking to do some kayak bass fishing on Clearwater lake by Annandale. Are there any Other landings other than the one on the far south west end? Was wondering how the fishing is on the east end but that is a heck of a paddle. Appreciate any feedback. 
    • mbeyer
      Water levels seems to be topic of the day. I'm visiting over Memorial Day week. Docks are not in on the island where I stay. Wondering if the water is going down? What do the rivers look like? Are they just pouring our water?? Is water level 6" lower than a few days ago?
    • Rick G
      Couple prespawn creek smallies
    • Rick G
    • Rick G
      Finding plenty of fish around the area lately. Water on most of our area lakes and rivers is very high. Most of the panfish have moved from those back bay areas and are staging for the spawn. You can find the pannies tucked in the weeds right now close to those spawning beds. Casting small jigs without a float to pockets of vegetation or to outside the pencil reeds has been working well. 
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