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Iridium Spark Plugs

Sand Burr


Can any one tell me the life span of these plugs?

I have a 200 150hp Optimax.

Sad thing is they look to be listing for about $12.00 a plug. shocked.gif

It sounds like I might have a fouled plug or a intermitted coil pack but assumed the coil is either good or bad.

Can they be sprayed with carb cleaner?

Any ideas?

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Iridiums, like there sister platinums, have a long theoretical life of 100,000 miles in a car. However after this length of time they can be rather difficult to remove so a more realistic lifespan is 65k to 75k. I don't know how they would rate them in a boat, but after five years (i guesed that its a 2000) I wouldn't imagine that they are worn out but then again after five years it couldn't hurt to replace them either.

Have you identified which cylinder is affected? Have you priced a coil? If you think it may be a plug how about just buying one and trying it in all the cylinders until either the problem goes away or the problem still exists and then you know that A. its not the plugs and B. you only spent $12.00 and maybe an hour of your time.

Another thought is removing the plugs and looking for one that doesn't look like the others. This would identify a single cylinder as the culprit.

Keep us updated, the more info you can provide the easier it is to help!

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