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Moose Lake/Lake One Entry points and area

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I will be entering Moose Lake 8/18 and joining up with 5 more buddies at Lake One a few days later. I have searched the MN-DNR "Lake Finder" and located a number of lakes in that area with good numbers of walleyes and northerns. Are there any hot spots to keep in mind that you know of? I noticed Conchu Lake was heavily stocked with trout in the late 90's, any comments? To find the walleys should make sure I have a bunch of crawlers with or will the artificial stuff/rapalas work just as well. How about near river inlets and submerged structure this time of year. Should I concentrate around drop offs and submerged weed lines? I have always been able to find northerns with top water noise makers - and what a show. I was thinking of going after some smallies as well, can you recommend general baits and places to find-em?

A few years back I chose Slim Lake because of the walleye stocking program and did well in the 4 to 6 # range. Went home with a bunch of food due to the number of walleyes all 6 of us caught.

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Can anyone recommend a 4 day trip(fishing along the way) from moose lake to lake one where we will meet up with the rest of the group. Assuming it is possible to navigate from moose to one.

Once on Lake one, can you recommend a 5 day trip hitting some walleyes on the way. maybe insula.


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Leeches are still working very well and now that the weather has cooled down, crawlers are feasible again.

A leech locker and constant water changing is essential to keep leeches healthy.

With crawlers, just keep them cool. If you find some moss out in the woods, replace the dirt with it. You can freshen up the moss by taking it out (without NC) dip it in the lake, squeeze out most of water and put back in. This keeps the NC's cool and moist without drowning them.

We keep a book of maps that shows some of the better fishing spots (our own set of maps, not a retail book) and you can stop by, buy a couple maps and I'll let you take the book back to the table and you can copy some of the spots.

We have a guy, Adam, who works for us and he is always willing to go over fishing techniques with anyone who wants to talk fishing. He fishes a lot and is usually quite successful.

Horseshow Lake was mentioned by one of my customers as being pretty good for fishing about 4 days ago. It is just south of Lake Three and pretty secluded.

That's all the info I have for now. Hope to see you soon,


John and Lynn O'Kane
Voyageur North Outfitters
Ely, Mn 55731

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I saw the same thing about Conchu, it's supposed to be full of trout. I was there in early July and all I caught were largemouth bass. The campsite on Conchu is pretty bad (small, buggy, and slopes severely towards the water), but there are two nearby on the North Kawishiwi that are good. I stayed on the one on the other side of the Conchu Lake portage.

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