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Well I just heard from my crew of guys up on the big V. I was not able to make it this year because I got Married on April 30th and went on a honeymoon for a week. The wife was willing to let me go but after being off work for 13 days I am sure the guys would have killed me to come back work for 3 days and go back on vacation. This is the first opener I have ever missed since we started going to the big V 10 years ago!!!

Anyways. The 8 guys that went up have found lots of action but alittle on the small side. But this afternoon they were sitting bobber fishing for eyes and all the sudden my dads cork went down and he set the hook. The pole bent but the line did not move. He was trying to figure our how he got snagged when the line started to swim to the boat. Well he started to work it and try to get it off the bottom and it would come up a foot then head back to the bottom. Well after a half hour (so they said) he finally got it to the surface and saw is was a ski. It took a dive and his line went slack and he thought it broke but as he reeled in he still felt alittle weight and then he saw he had a perch on then this Ski hit it again! The got it next to the boat and the Ski kicked and let go again. Just as he is to lift the perch in the boat the Ski hit it again and took about 10 foot of line out. I guess dad worked it back to the boat and the Ski never let go again and they netted the Ski with the Perch in it's mouth sideways!!!! The Ski never got hooked!!! The Ski was 45"!!! They snapped afew pictures and let it go. They set her in the water and it took afew seconds and she thrashed and took off!

Now I am really upset that I was not up there! I can verify this story with the pictures when they get back and also my sister was in the boat and told me that this did actually happen. So I really do have to believe her cause I know she would not lie to me about something like this.

Also to let you know the perch was tasty they said! Tough to clean though cause every rib bone was broken they said!

Just thought I would share that with all.

Good fishing.


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I was out on the Big V yesterday happily jigging away for walleyes with 7' med light rod, 6# line and 1/4 oz jig in 7' of water and got snagged, that is until the snag swam under the boat shocked.gif I thought I had the walleye of a lifetime on. After about 5 minutes the fish came to surface and splashed around a bit, holy s*%t it was a huge freakin Musky. That fish had to be in the 45" + range and fat....never seen any thing so big up close and personal grin.gif Didn't stay on long after that, a few more head shakes and I am guessing it sawed off the 6# line.

Guess I gotta actually build that Musky rod that I have all the components for laying around here.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
      Water temp creeped into the 50s finally. 2 man limit
    • Rick
    • Raven77
      Water level is going down, but slowly.  My dock frame was 6" underwater last week and I can just see it above water today.  It's going to take time.
    • TomWehler
      My lil island front iron crib dock also under bout six inches. No Good! Lil higher than this time May 2008.  😮😮🥅🏒😮 No good to drop west dock for lifts as that would be under also n lift rails n pads be just but under water.  No Good! Marauder Boys miss the lake too. Happened before in my 26 years out there n will happen again so we just deal doing other stuff off lake n enjoy it all. Fun being a Shore Rat for shallow Crappies around home lakes. Bust a move n keep in the Grove. 🏒🥅🤩 We figure by anniversary June 12 th level drop enuff we sneek out in smaller Lund n fix up n open up? 🤩 Best of luck to ya but be safe. This lake is deeper n darker than you or I know…🤩 Big Smiles n Keep on Rocken! T    Did'nt intend to have pic so big....Geeezzz.  
    • redlabguy
      We’re in the same boat. Actually I’d like to be in any boat. Our island cabin dock frame is about six inches under water. I hear that water is not rising which gives hope it will fall but I think Memorial Day is too optimistic, at least for us. You should think about other plans?
    • Djsnej123456
      looking to do some kayak bass fishing on Clearwater lake by Annandale. Are there any Other landings other than the one on the far south west end? Was wondering how the fishing is on the east end but that is a heck of a paddle. Appreciate any feedback. 
    • mbeyer
      Water levels seems to be topic of the day. I'm visiting over Memorial Day week. Docks are not in on the island where I stay. Wondering if the water is going down? What do the rivers look like? Are they just pouring our water?? Is water level 6" lower than a few days ago?
    • Rick G
      Couple prespawn creek smallies
    • Rick G
    • Rick G
      Finding plenty of fish around the area lately. Water on most of our area lakes and rivers is very high. Most of the panfish have moved from those back bay areas and are staging for the spawn. You can find the pannies tucked in the weeds right now close to those spawning beds. Casting small jigs without a float to pockets of vegetation or to outside the pencil reeds has been working well. 
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