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must have tackle for a light trip

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We're going light for the first time and I have to shed the big tackle box for a smaller one. We're headed to crooked. Outside of live bait rigs, what are the must have lures I should bring on the trip?

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Eye tackle:

Without a doubt 1/4 & 3/8th oz jigs. Slip bobbers, #4 hooks, assortment of split shot and slip sinkers, corkies, swivels, #7 Floating Raps and spinners.

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Ad some Tournament strength plastics and Jointed shad raps as well as spoons for Northerns and your set. Dont forget a good water filtration system.

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what sort of spinners? which plastics? Any specific jointed shad raps? I love those chartreuse floating raps up there, smallies love em.

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For plastics a good few twister tails in Chart, Orange, Pumpkinseed and black. Power leeches. Also some power shiners in colors matching minnows in that water. Blue/flk and glow and white maybe chart should do. Blue/flk is my favorite. Spinners could be crawler harnesses or mepps. Both work well up there. Get some walking sinkers in 1/4th-3/8th oz. You should be set.

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here is a list of suggested tackle i reccoment customers on wilderness trips. BTW have you decided on a canoe or were you just picking my brain?


Fishing Rod and Reel

Medium Light or Medium 2 piece spinning rod

6-8 LB test line

10 LB test line on extra spool

Surface Lures

Rapala minnow: 3 inch black and silver

Bass Oreno


Henndon Zara Spook

Henndon Zara Pup

Tiny torpedo

Crank Baits

Repala Deep Runner: 3 and four inch in various colors. I like Perch Colored

Repala shallow runners: Same as Above

Wally Diver

Crayfish imitations



Lead headed jigs are by far the "best-all-around" fishing lures. And you should be equipped with lots of them. Our favorites are 1/8-1/4 oz in various colors, such as black, chartreuse, orange, pink and green.

Bring some ¾-1 oz for jigging Lake Trout


Doctor Spoons ½-3/4 oz, one oz is good if you have a rod with good backbone

Kastmaster ½-3/4 oz silver and gold

Daredevil: good old stand by. Red and white


Twister tails in various colors such as black, yellow, chartreuse

Sassy Shads: Silver and Perch

Power Grubs: 3 inch in various colors such as crayfish and black

Various Stuff

Slip Bobbers

Hooks: size 6 and 4

Split shots


Hook remover (for catch and release)

Filet Knife



Roaster Tails


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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Now that I have the time I'd like to follow up on my first post and go into detail why and what lures I've chosen and their intended application.

Lets start with the jigs since thats what I'm usually pitchin for eyes. The action is controlled by you along with jig weight. You'll switch that up when you find the mood of the fish. What a jig does and does better then any other lure is it gets you to the bottom and delivers your bait there as you retrieve it. When your setup on structure no other lure can do what a jig does. You follow the contour with a jig keeping that bait in the strike and for early eyes thats the bottom. Now we're not talking a flats where you can fall asleep dragging cranks or spinners. Your going to be using your site and feel to ensure your on the bottom but not dragging the bottom. Takes a bit of finesse to do so then add a soft mouthed eye in the early season cold water and you kick the finesse factor up a notch.

My second pick was slip bobbin. I've seen them used on structure and they work but your hardly ever in the sweet spot, meaning on the bottom, hard to do when your structure is vertical. I like the slip bobbers when I'm in a flats that has a bit rock or weeds thrown into a sediment bottom. Those weeds and rocks will hold fish in early season. Stumps where you couldn't negotiate with a jig are also prefect for the slip bobs. Spinners: I make my own tandem hook spinner for minnows, leeches and crawlers. I'll lump in live bait rigs (lindy rigs if you will) with this presentation because I use them in the same way. Thats a slow troll or drift usually in a flat shallow area that holds early season eyes and wind blow shorelines. The floating raps are perfect for after dark when your targeting eyes in very shallow water. I'm talking water to shallow for jigs. After the eyes have moved on top the reefs in the evening the raps are perfect.

MooseTrack covered some other lures that would be added to my arsenal for eyes later on in the season and if your into SM Bass hes named some good baits there too.

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Thank you surface and moosetrack, I appreciate your time to respond. Moose, i have settled on a trip out of Mudro and picked up a permit for June 30th. If I go kevlar, i will be calling on you. I'm still checking with a friend on the availability of his lightweight canoe. If that falls apart, I'll give you a call. $300 isn't pocket change to me, sorry. I would love to tap your brain for some honey holes, however, and if that means throwing you a rental bone, so be it. I look forward to meeting you. I have developed a very good relationship with Roger and Debbie out of seagul lake outfitters on the gunflint, and would like to established a friendship with someone on the western side... may as well be you. thanks. I'll call you later.


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not a problem w/ the info on crooked and tackle. only kiddnig about picking my brain...it happens a lot and i really do not mind. my goal is to make sure customers are happy and usually it means FISH! I understan d that renting kevlar is not cheap, but it is usually worth it. if you want, give me a call and we may be able to work something out wink.gif

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • CigarGuy
      Nice job Bob! Fishing off the neighbors dock sucked for us. My gang is coming up Thursday night till Monday, this will be our opener, we'll hit it hard. It's a bummer my dock is mostly under water and the lift isn't in. Thanks to the neighbor around the corner for letting us park on shore at there place next weekend.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Well, I chose my screen name for a reason. 😆 Congrats to everyone
    • Bbobber
      I had a great weekend the weather was decent and fishing was good. I caught 5 walleyes 21"-25", 4 northerns largest was 32" and a 17 largemouth opening day. 2 more walleyes, 2 crappies 2 northerns on Sunday all on jig and minnows.
    • DLD24
      We had a good opener as well we could have kept limits opening day, but just kept enough for a fish fry. Then Sunday had our little friendly tourney and everyone had a pretty good day. Pulling cranks and jigs n minnows caught fish.  
    • Kettle
      Water temp today 45-50. Few fish, windy and cold 
    • Tominator692
      Had a great opening weekend. Son and I boated 51 walleye between Saturday and Sunday. Plenty of small stuff but no problem getting some nice keepers. This is a pic of the best weekend fish for us. 
    • fishingstar
      I was on Rice this weekend also. Seen boat lifts with water up to the canopy. I was the only one to catch a fish out of the hole campground It was about a 6" crappie.
    • BWpineisland
      We had a pretty good weekend. There were two couples and we limited out both Saturday and Sunday. The eyes we kept were all 15-17”.  We caught many 10-14” eyes and one 26” which was returned to the water immediately. All on a variety of jigs in 18-35’ of water. As usual the women out fished both of us😀
    • Bloatlord
      Wrong area, sorry.
    • Raven77
      I will second the advice on watching out for floating debris.  We saw a lot of floating logs and deck sections this weekend.  Also, most hazard and navigation buoys were not out yet.  I wonder how many lower units and props were destroyed this weekend?  It would be dicey if you don't know the lake.
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