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Ninetoe catches the BIG one!

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Ninetoe pulled the 'biggest catch' of a lifetime out of URL on Sunday, and I was there to witness it.

Ninetoe demonstrated his impeccable hook setting skills and played the line perfectly to bring his catch to the surface without loosing it. And no 'treble' hook was required for this master angler. No sir, a 'single' hook was all Ninetoe needed to land his catch.

But it should be stated for the record that Ninetoe did use a 'heavier lb test line' than one would consider customary when angling. Snapping the line was not a concern, but playing the catch just so, so as not to pull the hook out, was.

And so the legend of the Triangle grows.

Legend for the above :

'biggest catch' = one large 4 wheeler

'single' hook = tow strap hook

'treble' hook = grapling hook

'heavier lb test line' = 2,000 lb tow strap

In all seriousness folks, I had the opportunity to meet Ninetoe for the first time on Sunday while assisting him in removing a sunken four wheeler from the depths of the triangle. Ninetoe certainly knew what he was doing, which is testimony to the fact that he has done it far to often.

Ninetoe (and all the other IBOT members that he had at the ready) should be commended for their willingness to help out others when faced with situations like these. I hope that I am never faced with a situation like this myself, but it is nice to know that there are individuals like Ninetoe (and the IBOTs) who are willing to lend a hand.

And as an added bonus for the day, Ninetoe (and Jigglestick by way of a cell phone) baptized me into the IBOT fraternity (via the 'clamping' ceremony). The experience truely brought tears to my eyes.

Ninetoe, keep up the good work.

Until next winter.......

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Thanks Keith! Me and a buddy went out on sat for a little fishing. Needless to say we got separated and I had no problem finding my way back to the east side of the crack. He , however , had his triangle lenses on and thought he could walk/drive on water. shocked.gif So when a wheeler pulled up to where I was fishing and said " I need a rope, a wheeler just went in right there" I then headed to the scene of the foolishness and I heard a wet and wimpering " hey ninetoe" I then said out loud " Say it aint so" Well it was. My buddy was standing there soaked to the neck and missing his boots! confused.gif Well we got him into a hot shower and headed for the Temple for reinforcements. After a few cold ones and a huddle with some I bots we decided to wait til morning. On Sunday Morning ( comming down) Me and Heffernan ( aka the water walker) then headed out to fish out his wheeler, and thanks to Tim at WestWind we had all the equipment for the job. When we got to the wheeler it was floating wheels up. I then mearly touched it with a 2x4 and it sunk in 10ft of water. I then boarded a trusty piece of floating ice and paddled out. After a few tries we had the wheeler hooked and on the ice with help from the above bystanders. It was nice to see that we hadnt damaged it other than a little water inside. Thanks goes to Jiggle, Puts, Uncle Nutsy, Black Shack and the rest of the crew they had on standby. Thanks again.

On sun afternoon we went to the south shore as we heard from ByGodBieganek that the fish might cooperate. We ended up with 7 crappies and 25 walleye that were fun to catch and release. The ride back into Morts Dock was a little spooky considering what took place the night before, but we made it and that was the last ice riding we'll do til next seasons ice.

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Dan Thiem

Thanks Ninetoe for the entertaining story! Very fun to read! grin.gif

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Better Than Working!
      Thanks! I have to admit that the plan starting the day was to pitch for smallmouth but the wind where we wanted to fish pushed us to plan B! Another reason to tell my wife why I need so many rods and reels and tackle boxes!
    • Tom Sawyer
      Nice fish!
    • Better Than Working!
      Not seeing any reports from Mille Lacs so here is my 1st report! Hit the pond Saturday afternoon for a few hours of getting the rust off the boat, equipment and skills. Found the fish in cabbage in 10-12 feet of water. Trolling stick baits 2.0 - 2.3 mph. Only got 4 walleye (24", 25" and two 28") but they were very healthy! Not bad for a few hours of fishing! Good luck out there and make some memories!
    • fish_time
      Who hates when your monofilament line wants to come off your reel. Let me share some tips and tricks with you on spooling your reel and help fixing this problem. https://youtu.be/CkFtOHn9nm0
    • Wakemup
      65-66 in Norwegian yesterday and 63 in Niles.
    • Wanderer
      Ely area lakes were showing 69-71 today.  That was a warmer than expected surface temp but I doubt it goes very deep.  Very little spawn activity compared to past years for this weekend.
    • eyeguy 54
      I like the stretch upriver better but can only drift down that area.  I would wear my arms out traveling up stream!   Hopefully do a drift down soon.  
    • jhousenga
      59 crossing Daisy Bay Friday night. 67 in Big Bay this afternoon.
    • monstermoose78
      The stearms in the arrowhead are small very small I would recommend a 6 foot or short rod for most streams as you will be pitching your bait out. They are also over grown with brush wading these streams is a challenge. You will be fishing for mostly brook trout above the first posted boundary FYI it’s normally a large water fall but not always. Also the first week of June there will not be much from the lake to the first posted boundary anyways. Remember there special regs below the first posted boundary and the above the first posted boundary.  If you want to use your fly rod I would hit the small trout lakes in the area. A split shot and small chunk of crawler is my go to bait for Brookies. There are a few streams with some browns and rainbows but very few. If you are fly fishing look at Thompson lake by  devilstrack lake it’s catch and release. Mink lake, kimball lake are also good. 
    • Squirrelhawke
      Growing up in South Dakota I did quite a bit of fishing in the black hills for browns and rainbows, most of that fishing was best accomplished with a long pole and just drifting my bait down the stream if you can read the eddies and slacks in the water you should do fine.  Of course I'm assuming they bite the same up north as they do out west.  It was a kick when I went  back out there 2 years ago and on Sunday morning fished the little 6 ft wide stream running behind the campground, all the other campers were amazed that I would pull out a fish about every 20-30 ft no monsters but plenty of little beauties at 7-10 inches. If the water is clean and the fish are there you just gotta find out what they are eating at that time of year.  Hopefully this helps and if I'm wrong some of the guys with Minnesota experience will pipe up.