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New Year's


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Take your pick...There are umpteen resorts and several public landings.

You will need to give more details before others offer suggestions on an access location.


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I'm also coming to Mille Lac's within the week, I'll be a bit more specific with questions:

1.Wondering where would be the best bet to go out of? I've been out of Red Door Resort, Twin Pines Resort and Isle area.
I'm more comfortable with the Red Door resort area or Garrison area.

2. How far out should I look at to getting on fish? If there are spots in closer, then I'm more interested in that then driving 3-4-5 miles on the ice because of the heaves everyone is talking about...but want to do what is necessary to catch some fish like Scott is doing smile.gif
And depending on the answer, is the ice good enough to get out to that spot?
Will be on a 4 wheeler, so not looking for ice to hold a chevy or ford.

No need to pinpoint GPS spots because I have a GPS and lake map that if you can direct me to a flat to focus on, I can punch holes and look for the 17-18ft depths you talked about recently. Or do I need to be looking at different depths.

3. What time of day are you getting fish? All day? Afternoon? Evening?
Coming a distance so want to be prepared for time of day.

Thanks for the help....very much appreciated!

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Well I am looking at catching some nice walleyes. I have gone out of Garrison in the past, so I am more familiar with that area. I hear about these cracks so those are scaring me a bit. i will be traveling by ATV.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Big-Cats-Only
      I also got a Great Lake I go to all the time guaranteed have a great time coming back with a big load
    • Big-Cats-Only
      So I am also moving to the Lino lakes area in just 3 weeks and fishing is the only thing I would like to do… fishing buddy’s or any good spots would be appreciated
    • leech~~
      Yes, MN is very difficult to register anything that had a title or a original registration card. I've ran into the same issue with old snowmobiles, and motorcycles it suks. Hope he can get it done over in Wisconsin for you. Good Luck. 
    • Kettle
      Some had eggs but not all, found in 7-8 ft of water in the weeds 
    • smurfy
      Kettle, did it appear that they already spawned??
    • smurfy
      Those are some nice sunfish bud!!👍
    • Raven77
      Thanks.  Very similar to my tactics.  I usually haven't started using lead core until August and then we are fishing in 30 FOW.  I will give it a try in 20-25'.
    • SkunkedAgain
      It's amazing how much the water level is dropping. It looks like we've been getting enough rain to keep the forest hydrated but not enough to fill the lake.
    • JerkinLips
      Finally made it up to Vermilion this summer.  Between opening our place in Soudan and entertaining the wife and dog I only made it out on the lake 1½ hours Wednesday evening and 3½ hours Thursday morning.  In those 5 hours all I caught was a 10" perch.  I had 3 other light bites and that was it.  The wife caught two 8" eyes Wednesday and didn't get out Thursday morning with me.  Vermilion Fuel and Food didn't have rainbows, and their chubs were very small and pike suckers were too big (they did have a river-mix that looked good that I should have tried).  I did see a few mayflies on the surface so I will blame all of those factors on my lack of success, although my lack of fishing skills factored in also.  Many others fishing around us and I only saw one other fish being landed so maybe I wasn't the only one struggling to catch fish.   Water temp was 65°F in Stuntz Bay and the water level is running 13" lower than last year at this time as shown below.  Good luck fishing and enjoy the lake.  It was beautiful out there.  
    • Kettle
      Got into a mess load of 9"+ sized gills, all were released 
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