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Alphid, Mykal you out there?


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Just wondering if you guys have been out yet pulling sticks at night. Pretty early I know, but I am starting to get ready. Heard from a few folks that some fish are starting to go? Need the bottom to fall out on these temps real soon! Feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can compare notes. we all know much of the fall pattern is top secret info!

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I got out last night for a couple of hours and managed to get into some good fish. When you find the colors that they want, for us it was orange and black you could get some fish. We ended up switching colors for a while unitl we found the correct one and then it was fun. The size of the fish we caught were smaller than usual with teh biggest being about 20 and the shortest 16 1/4, Thrown back. The rain brought us off the lake early so that was too bad and I think if we got a little bit of moon light the fish would have been really going good.
Our second hit of the night was a rod breaker and I quickly set the hook. A couple seconds later my line breaks. I was a little upset with myself thinking that my line was frayed, didn't look like it but I figured it. A couple minutes later a hear a splash at the front of the boat, I look again and about a 40+ in miuskie is tail walking on the surface. Too bad but it was better than thinking a walleye broke you line.

Depth we where fishing was about 4-8 feet, rocks. Trolling about 1-1.7 mphs.

It was a fun first tme out there and I will be up there again this weekend.

Bigeyes, I will email you in a bit too.

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My kind of fisherman, sticking it out in the rain last night. Still waiting for my first night-ski on the pond, had one break off last year.

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Bigeyes, I will up on Saturday night with Mr Pike this weekend. I still need to mark a couple more bouys in the gps, but I will be out late night on Saturday scouting some of the usual haunts. Maybe we'll see you up there.

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Sorry, no Milly this weekend, but you better hurry on the bouys the sherifs dpt. will be pulling them in the next couple weeks. I will be on a forest chicken hunt. I will be out hunting, probably walking 20 miles and probably no seeing a bird. It will be a pretty tough year again. Not near as fun as 4-5 years ago.

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Aphid Mykal & BigEyes,
I do quite a bit of night trolling with cranks and can relate very much. I have a 16' rebel with a 30 hp motor that trolls very vell on smaller lakes but have always been very shy about going on ML with it at night. My question would be, are there really good spots to crank where I would not have to venture far from a landing and feel like I am "at risk". I have all the lights spotlight and etc. but have also heard the stories of how the pond can be especially at night. If you have any spots to share and do not want to post them I understand if it helps you could Email me at [email protected] I appreciate any help.

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DFV87, Respect the Big Pond, yes, but don't let it keep you away from a night run. The good news is much of the Fall action is close to shore. There are MANY potential good spots. I don't know which one's are good yet as I haven't been out at night in a couple weeks. If you are going this weekend and we have a SW wind. Launch from Isle to Cove and you will be close to some prime rock reefs and shoreline, and out of the wind if needed. Let us know when your coming and we could at least get you started. Derek or Scott from Mille Lacs Guide Service is another great option. They run Fall night trips and REALLY know the lake. I am planning to set up a trip with them myself sometime.

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    • Kettle
      Got into a mess load of 9"+ sized gills, all were released 
    • mtheis
      My go to lures with lead core have been #5 Shad Raps and #7 Jointed Rapalas.  With Shad Raps I usually start about 2 mph with 85 ft of lead out in 20 ft of water. I usually use a 20 ft mono leader.  With Jointed Rapalas I let out 100ft of lead traveling 2 mph.  I am moving between 20 and 25 ft of water.
    • Lunderfull
      short weekend but going to try to fish this weekend instead of working the whole time. sounds like its going to cool off a bit wonder how that will affect things.  
    • Rick
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    • SkunkedAgain
      You'll appreciate having less guys in the boat if you need to drag raps.
    • Raven77
      I love pulling lead core but usually don't pull it out until later in the season.  Can you share depth and speed numbers that were working with lead?  Thanks.
    • Rivergroup
      Heading up early Saturday morning. Going to be a short, discombobulated trip this year. Starting with 4 of us but one has to leave to watch his son play in state (WI) baseball tournament on Tuesday. Rest of us are only there until Wednesday. Kind of disappointing but I'm thinking we'll have to make a trip in September as well.    Forecast calls for wind!
    • Feathers Rainin
      Those are cormorants and they are aggressive fish eaters.  I saw more last weekend than typical on vermilion.  Pretty common  on the east end but I don’t usually see much of any on the west which is where we were.  They eat a lot of fish and surprisingly large fish for their size so they aren’t great for the fish populations.     I can’t believe how fast the water warmed up.  We were seeing up to the high 70’s last weekend.  Typically mid June is mid to upper 60’s.  The Muskies didn’t seem to be too fired up with the quick warm up.  The ones we moved were lazy and would not go in to the turn.  Hopefully some more normal temps this week help.  
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