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Leech slot starts in May

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Major changes are coming for anglers on Leech Lake.

Star Trib article

Beginning with the walleye opener May 14, the walleye bag limit will be four, with one fish allowed longer than 26 inches. Walleyes 18 to 26 inches must be returned to the water.

The Department of Natural Resources made the changes following a public comment period that ended last month.

The experimental regulations are designed to protect walleye brood stock in the lake, which DNR biologists and anglers are concerned about due to weak year classes since 1997. The agency decided to narrow the protected slot limit based on comments from the public, said Henry Drewes, DNR northwest regional fisheries manager.

"The original proposal was an 18- to 28-inch protected slot," Drewes said in a news release. "After the angling community expressed interest in keeping a few more larger fish, we took another look at our population models and determined that we could still accomplish our goal of protecting a significant amount of brood stock if we modified the slot on the upper end to 26 inches."

The DNR received more than 270 comments related to the walleye regulation proposal, of which about 81 percent were in favor of the protected slot, reduced daily possession limits and the one-over limit, said Harlan Fierstine, Walker-area fisheries supervisor. The DNR said more than 400 Walker-area residents purchased space in the local newspaper to express their support for the regulations.

"We got the message loud and clear that people want to see a proactive, holistic management plan for improving the walleye fishery on the lake," Fierstine said. "And the plan people want to see in place this spring includes walleye regulations, proactive cormorant management, experimental walleye fry stocking and habitat protection."

The effectiveness of the new regulations will be evaluated over the next five years.

The DNR also is working with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services program to initiate stepped-up control of the rapidly expanding cormorant colony on the lake. The DNR also is finalizing the details of a plan to stock the lake with five million marked walleye fry during each of the next three years and develop short- and long-term fish habitat goals.

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Thanks for that post...

I think overall it will be good for the lake, but the economy up there is going to suffer for a few years. I want to hear someone explain to me the Indian netting regulations.



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Nuclear Fishin

I agree. They seemed to address all the concerns except for the Indian gill netting on Leech.

I think the DNR should explain how much and what affect on the economy the Indian gill netting has and how it has to be changed.

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It really is more of inflation on costs of recreation than economic impact caused by a restricted slot. This area in particular continues to grow in population and rec use as more people look to get further away. Being a former land owner up there lake shore has gone 6 fold since we had purchased and more land is being bought up around leech and neighboring lakes. The economy around Leech includes many communities that there residents and visitors travel and visit Walker. Yes the guides will suffer some I agree, and as netting goes, I can't remember the last time I heard of it going on that created a conversation. I believe with the restrictions the state will put the Boy river stripping station back in and help with the stocking of Leech and other nearby lakes, the Steamboat area should also see some monitoring also of Spawning fish, Yes protecting is the key for a few years, the Boy river station was a big factor to its success in the 80's and that was the last I heard of its use. Other gamefish other than Walleye is the attraction to this area hope it all pans out. As long as it is Managed and not just set the mark and leave it for 5 years.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • meerkat
      18 days to opener,  I hope there is some open water we can fish.  our group can't reschedule due to work issues.  Come on Sun/Rain!!!  Our golf courses are just opening up today!!  smh
    • smurfy
      I see this is an ice report but not I caught fish report!!
    • mrpike1973
      Did real good on cats today got 4 wife 4 and I got a huge sucker that was fun. Horseshoe sure opened up today.
    • eyeguy 54
      Sure glad you had some help moose and all turned out well ! 
    • Rick
      Impressive, both Tom and Jeremy
    • eyeguy 54
      Almost time but maybe not quite... Although I did get the yak out of the backyard today, on to the trailer and up front to spend some time prepping it for time on the water soon.  Indeed it was fun getting out with you and the gang a few times this winter and looking forward to the next outings whenever they may be. WIll share what worked for me and look forward to reading some more info from others. Panfish is what I love going after and I had great fishing with gold jigs almost all winter. Did use a few other colors that worked also but that gold was hard to not use. Tear drop style tungsten in and 4 mm from Widowmaker Lures. Tried some from sportsmens direct also the last couple outings and liked them also. For plastics, the wishbone was good and also impulse mayflies and slug bugs. Tried and bought too many different things to try... LOL. Fished with shrimp for the first time ever this winter and that was a challenge and fun to try something different.  Started out with my good old ultralight gander mountain rods with the frabil titanium spring bobber and then bought a couple of the TUCR Inferno with the orange tip. I really like them for the 4mm and prefer the old ganders with a 3mm. Won a custom 32 inch power noodle from Kichler Custom Rods in Elk River at an event in Wisconsin and used it a few times yesterday. Very nice and looking forward to playing with it more. CGI inline reels still doing their job fine and I did grab one of the new Descent inlines and it worked sweet also. Nice that it now has a pop off spool instead of the gold screw off knob. 10 1/4 was my biggest gill and 14 for the crappie. Even went after catfish 3 times. Saw my first catfish tornado on the vex and iced a lot of fish after being taught how to use a bobber right for those super light biters. thx RickG   My highlight of the winter was getting a PB northern on a tip up up on Mille Lacs with stick in the mud. Fun City! My good old FL 18 is still working dandy and although I am tempted to upgrade, not sure if I will. Nills 6 inch saved my back from the hassles of the gas and when I put the Milwaukee on it life got even better. All in all a fantastic winter fishing with great guys and learning how to be a better fisherman.   Fish On! 
    • monstermoose78
      Well monstermoose78 is done ice fishing around here for the year. Why you ask I fell through yes there was 28-30 inches of ice on the lake, but the shoreline nope. Went fishing with @Cret Jigs and we had fun fishing. I cut lots of holes and we got some good ones for the knife. Cret jigs brought a plank for the way out but on the way in I did not make it to the plank. Cret jigs helped me get my stuff to the shore and out. I worry about the guy on the wheeler and they guy who used the plank to get out too. Thanks Cret jigs for a fun day. 
    • redlabguy
      To all you guys who’ve been keeping us posted, thank you. I’m an islander so I don’t have much hope for the opener, but I’ve been reading all the posts (read them year around), including entertaining posts on new gear, and, again, thanks for letting a lot of guys know what’s going on there. The current weather, forecast and web cams, give me hope! I’m thinking I may get back home in three weeks, maybe four. Keep the sun shining, Dick
    • jkrash
      What a difference a day makes, yesterday the dam was locked up tight and today it's roaring. Walleye should be running this week...
    • IceHawk
      Well this morning was officially the end of the ice season for me.   Its been a lot of days on the ice this winter and I have to admit I'm  a little burnt out.   It wasn't easy but it was time to end it.  Have to admit It was a sad moment putting the gear away but it was time as needed space today to put the boat in the garage   Learned a lot of new water and reacquainted myself with some old standbys. Fished 10 different counties this winter so definitely fished a lot of different areas.  Fished many species on the ice this winter so there never was a dull moment. Didn't take a ton of pics just a few need to take more just have never been a pic type of guy LOL.   Iced 7 walleyes between 26-28 3/4 all on local lakes.  So just a tip if you dedicate some time locally big eyes can be found. Fished panfish everywhere in the state highlight area for big fish being Becker and Ottertail Douglas counties. Biggest gill this winter was 10 3/4    many 10's came topside but couldn't break 11 this winter. Craps 15 inchers were tops. Good fish but had goals set at a 16.  Some things learned this ice season where number one lure for the eyes was a old school hammered silver Swedish pimple. It far out produced anything else.   Kenders tungsten where my mainstay for gills and crappies. The plastics of choice were power bait wishbones,  chigger frys, and Northland impulse mayfly's.  The catfish were a hoot and a  change of pace did well on Maynards slammers Glow red. The equipment and gear I was running and never failed me all season were Thorne Bros Rods- For eyes Perch sweethearts. For the Panfish I was running  Power Noodles, panfish sweethearts,  and my favorite the Tripwire. Reels Pflueger Presidents, Prestige ,and Supremes.. Did use some inlines also from 13 fishing The free falls where worth every penny. Ran a K-Drill 8 inch early and late and During the thick ice Ran my strikemaste Lazer.  Vexilar Electronics the old trusty FL18 my eyes underwater, Please Don't  think that I'm pushing these products because I'm sponsored by them, I'm Not. Just want to give a thumbs up and honest opinion on  some top notch equipment that has worked and weathered the storm of a good hardwater season. Realize we all work hard for our dollars and I can honestly say these products where worth every penny and never let me down!  Well Off to the Garage to start getting the boat ready for the Next season  By the Way big Shout out to some of the best Anglers I had the chance to share the ice with this season from FM.  Thanks  Borch,  Bass Thumb,  Moose,  Eyeguy, Rick G , Tom Sawyer for shareing some ice time with me.  Hopefully I get to meet and fish with a few other FMer's this summer or next hardwater.  We had some great Times great laughs and managed to even ice a few fish   Looking forward to having a few summer outings in the future.  BYE BYE Ice Hello open water