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Robert G

Cats On Chain???

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Robert G

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the best place on the chain other than the meth hole to catch catfish. I haven't had any luck in the past few years and would like to try this weekend. Also what kind of bait should I use?

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The chain offers many areas to catch cats other than the meth hole. I shy away from it alot this time of year because of the pressure it receives after first ice.

The Horseshoe chain consists of a variety of lakes that are accessible and reasonably safe during the winter except for a few spots.Becker,Horseshoe,Schneider,Long,Bolfing are just a few of the lakes with many others contributeing into this river system.

Cats primarily stage in the deepest holes and breaks in these lakes but can be caught on many of the flats leading out of them. Getting a lake map and looking at structure in these lakes is a good place to start. Then checking different areas cutting holes looking and fishing for cats is the key to finding these babys in secluded areas. I really favor isolated rock piles that lead to deep water Alot of the bigger cats I have caught have came from areas like this.

They can be caught in other areas besides the meth hole trust me I have proven it over the years.

For presentation this time of the year they can become finiky and downsizeing to lighter line and smaller spoons is usally the key to iceing cats. I prefer Go-devils as I have found they really like these out there. Also don't rule out cut bait or small minnows and even waxworms on small jigs. Let the fish tell you what they want and don't be afraid to try different things (Lures,bait,line-size etc). A key is definately a good rod reel set-up these winter cats can at times bite as light as a gill or crappie.

Good luck in your search!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Squirrelhawke
      I do a bit of fishing from the coon rapids dam on down to 694 and I usually bring 2 rods because I lose at least one lure to the rocks. Bear that in mind and also realize that there are nice smallies, eyes and cats in that stretch of river. I also had over 3 feet of pike eat my stink bait I had out for channel cats. If I didn't have a circle hook on it would have been a nice pic to share. Good luck and hope to hear of some good luck. 
    • delcecchi
      It would take a lot of code to make multiple windows tiling the screen work, would be my guess, and would create few additional sales so isn't worth the expenses.    Just pick up an inexpensive 5 to 7 inch unit and use it for the map.   
    • Wanderer
      You look like the Phantom Fisherman - except the toes.  Or maybe the River Detective  🕵️‍♂️ Gotta love those good runs in short times!   
    • Bryan P
      Awesome Eyeguy! That is a good run of smallies there. I like your spot, that was my favorite fishing stretch for them when I lived in St cloud. Mississippi is such a great smallie fishery. Im blessed to live right next to it too. Now lets get the current to go down some! 
    • eyeguy 54
      I LOVE SMALLIES !  LOL  I am blessed to live close to so much fun. 
    • pikeandchester
      Spent a couple hours on Elysian this afternoon.  Drove around some shallow areas on the south east end of the lake with the trolling motor and only saw carp. Water is still unusually clear for this lake, at any time of the year, and 79 degrees near shore. May be a great opportunity for a bow fisherman, even in the daylight. Tried soaking minnows in a hole on the north end with no luck.
    • Fully Kraeusened
      My choice would be Namakan, but honestly that’s mostly based on emotion. It’s where my dad and I fished the most while up there. I also think it’s prettier than Kab.  I’ve never been on Sand Point or Crane. Just my two cents. I’ll be up there one week from today. Staying on the Ash River if anyone would care to enjoy a cold one first round is on my buddy. 😁
    • ANYFISH2
      Sounds like a heck of an evening! Alot of fun also.
    • eyeguy 54
      Hit the water at 5 and back to shore at 7. 21 smallies smacked the stick bait.   Biggest went 18.  Had one that did a great jump and landed in the yak by my foot. LOL 
    • ANYFISH2
      Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all! I would like Thank all, that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us all, as well as thier families.  THANK YOU! My blessings to you, who use this weekend in remembrance of you passed loved ones.  God bless.   Hope those that get out on our lakes have a safe and successful weekend.   Remember to let us know how your weekend went, and please give us a report in our Area forums!