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Walleye regs on Mille Lacs

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Isn't it wonderful that the DNR has just figured out that the walleyes in Mille Lacs are larger and more abundant than they had previously thought. ("Outdoor News" 2003)

I've never fished the lake, but sure would like to this year.
How about making a daily bag limit consist of a "total length" of caught walleyes instead of the slot limit in place now, or the one that is being tossed around at this time? I believe that a daily limit of say, 42"-48" of walleyes would be a substantial improvement over what we are enduring at this time. This would allow one "large" fish to be taken, as well as one or two smaller fish for table fare. Or, on the other hand, it would allow the angler to release larger fish and only keep enough for a delectible dinner.
This would need a bit of detailing for optimizing the resource but it may be a start.

Any ideas??


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That idea doesn't sound to bad to me. I do think that they should do something different, but whatever they come up with someone will complain. I have a personal catch and release regement that I always stick to and if you are in my boat or fish house the rule sticks. ANY FISH OVER 21" GOES BACK.... MUST BE AT LEAST 15"... AND YOU CAN ONLY KEEP WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO IMMEDIATLY EAT. Plus I always check male or female which makes a difference. I just don't like to freeze fish then eat them later. I want to eat fish I go fishing.
Heading to the pond for 3 days next week to catch some pigs. I have done OK with slot fish this year but love pulling those 6-10lb up.


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Thanks for the reply... Wish I could go with you, I love 'dem pigs too!!
I'm trying to send a few notes on this to those who are holding the power. Any e-mail addresses that anyone can get to me would be greatly appreciated.

Fishin' and Wishin'


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • partyonpine
      Lonny or if someone else can answer do you charge more in Sept to make the special trips or is it the standard rate.  Also on a side note took my two citified nieces up there over the 4th for the day and we absolutely killed the Small mouth and even got a bonus trout, they have both asked when the next time we are going up there.  10 and 7.   Tumy  Also depends on what you are looking for, the bass fishing will be fantastic find island cast around said island catch 25 bass. HAH  The bluegills might be a little deeper that time of the year.  Walleyes I have two spots I would try that time of year but have never had much success in July and August, that also might be I do it for an hour and 5 pound small mouth start dancing through my head.  
    • srj
      We also ran into Fisky on the lake as well as at the weigh-in. He is a fun guy to share a boat seat with.....and catches lots of fish big and small. We had a 30 1/4 fairly early but struggled to find 18 - 19 inchers. Or 16 or 17's. We had 1 18 and finally kept two 14 1/2's as the day wound down.  Not getting nice unders was really unexpected. But color us very happy with the results. Good luck
    • rumeye
      Try these guy's they helped me out one time   https://www.warnersdock.com/ They are in New Richmond WI.
    • Chill62
      Awesome...Always was wondering what happened to him on here.  Sounds like the crappies are on fire back home and here I'm working day 9 straight
    • Wanderer
      If Minn Kota doesn’t supply them any longer, you should search the typical on line sales sites in case someone is advertising new old stock parts. I have a 55lb Maxxum on my fishing boat that needs a new armature.  MK doesn’t sell them anymore either.  I did find some new lower units available and some armatures.  I don’t have the serial number sticker on my TM anymore to know for sure what armature to get so I took mine to an electric motor shop to be rewound.  The cost is about the same as a new lower unit though. I might just as well get the lower unit with new seals and such but it is really a wash on price and everything else is in good shape. Check more resources if you haven’t already is my advice.  Good luck.
    • Joshua
      Hello,  I have an older model minn kota trolling motor.  Its a 1999 All Terrain Power Max 44lb Thrust.    I cannot seem to find a new foot pedal system for it. Should I just get a new trolling motor? Thanks in advance for any help
    • monstermoose78
      It’s the greatest experience to take a kid duck hunting on youth day. There is not enough kids out there to chase the ducks away. When I take kids o rarely see another person hunting. I wish they had youth day when I was a kid. Stop being selfish and give the kids a chance!
    • delcecchi
      I think that's a great way to do it.  Probably only takes a minute to put it on or take it off. 
    • Pat McGraw
      The guy I bought our place from had an 1/8" cable right down the center of the whole dock. I'll likely move towards a more invisible, section by section approach. However, the full length cable setup has been effective and not as intrusive as one may imagine. Really easy to fasten all the sections at once. May be able to see in the attached
    • DLD24
      Headed north to a little perch and walleye lake this morning. The day didn't start the greatest, go to take off from the landing and the boat porpoised like a mofo... Ah crap forgot the plug haha haven't done that one in a few years... The day got better from there, we found fish stacked up on the wind blown weed line... There were so many fish I assumed they were schools of big perch, but they were mostly smaller walleyes with some real nice keepers mixed in... Crawlers under a bobber were the ticket... They would hardly touch a leech.