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The Yeti

Women, heaters and walleyes

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The Yeti

Got your attention? (just kidding)

I might be heading up with my fiance this weekend for a day trip into the evening on Sat. As read on another post, she also will probably need to sit with the heater next to her pretty much the whole time. Will not be able to search and destroy like I want to. Here's the big question. Would anyone like to divulge info as to where you have caught fish, or suggestions to any productive flats etc. I want to give her the best chance of catching some jumbos and some eyes. I know I probably just put a bullseye on myself, but I had to ask. Thanks.

If you do not want to respond here, my e mail address is [email protected]

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    • AlwaysFishing23
      Well was able to get out in the kayak this afternoon as the wind went down was out for about 15 min and around 4pm while making my usual trolling pass on the green weed lines. I hooked up with a 36” 8.5lb northern! On a #6 Fire tiger flicker shad again using my baitcast rig with 30 braid. I paddled to the beech as I had no net or anyway to land it from the yak. As I was coming in my rod slipped out of my rod holder. I said ohh $&@! And figured well that’s a rough day. But for some crazy reason my rod and reel combo floated!! No sure how but it stayed right on the surface. I had no extra floatation on it either. All I can say is I think I had some special people watching over me today😉Retrieved the rod and locked it in the holder and made it to the beech and fought it the rest of the way in. Was kinda bummed as I was forced to keep it due to the long battle. She may have went but I didn’t want to take a chance. Had about a 1/3 digested 5-6” sunfish in its stomach. By far the biggest fish from the kayak for me and one heck of a story. Well I think that was a great way to end the season. 
    • Parmer
      It's a small lake. Have ice fished out there in the winter. There is some decent crappies out there.  Never fished in the summer time. I want to say max depth is 25-30.  
    • eyeguy 54
      yep, lotta lead on the sippi from this guy. LOL  sometimes I do a simple drop shot setup. tie a #4 hook on and leave about a foot or less of line. then just pinch the split shot on bottom and jig away. didnt have to tie on so many hooks.  
    • MinnowBuckets
      Nice report! Glad to see there are others still getting out on the river too. I need to get simpler in my presentation and use the fathead/split shot technique more often. I can’t afford to lose 3 swimbaits or rapalas each time out. 😭
    • eyeguy 54
      dont talk yourself out of it. might hit a couple spots again this coming week for fun. Over the years I have had off and on luck till thanksgiving time. Couple pics from this fall.  I just like a fathead on 1/8 oz jig or a plain hook with a split shot. Quite the battle when the 28 inch northern tried to eat the bass. It got stuck on the jig so reeled them both in. Ran into the current two times. Fight city. LOL 
    • MinnowBuckets
      Yeah, I’ve thought of ice fishing below some of the dams in the area, but I always end up talking myself out of it. 
    • Stick in Mud
      I've been doing OK, too.  I dunno how long the bite last. In the old days when we had real, manly winters, we'd whack 'em through the ice down below the Sartell dam, so I imagine they'll keep biting as long as we're willing to tough it out. 
    • MinnowBuckets
      Thanks guys! I wonder how much longer the bite will last with the cold temps this fall. The water is already extremely cold for this time of year. Anyone else have any reports?
    • eyeguy 54
      nice job!  gotta love the fall bite on the sippi. 
    • JeremyCampbell
      Awesome catch MinnowBuckets!!😎