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What ever happened to all those people who said the lake was going to crash because there weren't any baitfish in the lake? The walleyes sure don't look like they're still starving to death. That and they're not biting because the lake is full of baitfish ...

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Must have had a record perch hatch to save Mille Lacs (if it needed "saving"). I kinda had a feeling that this lake would go from Hero to Zero in a matter of a good month...and it did.

I will still be fishing Mille Lacs as much as I can....I never got to the bite when it was ridiculously HOT, My Brother wouldnt bring me....but he sure would call and tell me how good the fishing was....nice guy huh? I hope Mille Lacs shuts his lame *** down this winter, all the braggin and boasting, and he wouldnt even bring his lil bro with. Mother Nature hates people like that and she will get even....well it makes me feel better to think that. I am glad she is shut down for the most part, now I can go get skunked and it'll be like the good ol days of him and I out there.

morriscode---the nice one

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Oh, I think we're still around BMG.

I never guaranteed the lake would crash, I just proposed that there were too many big fish in the system and that the lake is managed politically and not biologically.

I'll be interested to see how long this huge hatch of perch lasts.

I am certainly happy, however, that the fish have so much to eat that they aren't biting much anymore.

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