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Do you have any idea who the buyers are? Just wondering. I know there is a website to the Messenger but I don't know it - do you?

Thanks -- Vickie

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There was an article in the Mille Lacs Messenger about the sale of this resort. They were introduced at a meeting last weekend with the condo owners. It looks like the new owners have an interest in growing the business , not shutting it down.
Very good news for the south end of the lake.

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Mille Lacs Messenger
280 West Main
PO Box 26
Isle, MN 56342
(320) 676-3123
Fax (320) 676-8450 [email protected]
Papers signed, Izatys sold
by Joel Patenaude, Messenger Staff Writer
New owners include ex-lawn care, fishing pro
Ending more than a year of speculation, the new owners of Izatys Golf and Yacht Club introduced themselves to townhome owners Saturday morning just minutes after signing a purchase agreement for the premiere resort on the south side of Mille Lacs Lake.

Introduced as one of the two principle new owners, Dave Kramber, (pictured, right) came to the podium in the ground level dining room of the main lodge at Izatys filled with about 100 nervous townhome owners and resort employees.

Kramber, the former owner of a Twin Cities lawn-care maintenance company and a former professional walleye fisherman, said he intends to take the 650-acre property to “the next level.”

Also on hand was Kramber’s primary business partner, Don Riesterer, chairman of the board of WHYUSA Financial Group (pictured, center). The two men said they have a couple silent partners with real estate experience also backing the purchase.

“We have a lot of exciting ideas,” Kramber said. “We ask that everyone get behind us and get excited, too.”

For an undisclosed sum, the men have agreed to buy the entire property — including the two golf courses, restaurant, lodge and marina — except for the “stone lodge” and a house owned by Izatys seller Chip Glaser (pictured, left) which was already under a purchase agreement.

Kramber said the announcement of any changes in the operation of the resort will have to wait until a due diligence period ends and the deal is completed on Dec. 5. “There shouldn’t be any lapse in operations,” he assured his audience.

“It’s vital to our survival that we make this a year-round resort,” Kramber said. “It’s 90 miles from the Twin Cites and it's an unbelievable property.

Kramber said he owned an Izatys townhome for a decade before selling it recently to build a log home down the road.

Kramber said he intends to be on-site full-time, putting to use his landscaping experience as the former owner of Southwest Lawn Maintenance Inc. which served the Twin Cities area.

He said he’s fished Mille Lacs for 30 years. He went pro, traveling national fishing circuits for five years ending three years ago.

“I don’t have a lot of resort experience, but I know this property inside and out and I know the fishing industry,” he said.

Kramber said he will aggressively pursue the organizers of fishing tournaments, large snowmobile events and book weddings. He said he will also consider offering entertainment on weekend nights that draw local crowds, such as live music and stand-up comedy.

Kramber said he looks forward to working closely with the marketing firm for the rental and time share properties.

Riesterer said he and Kramber have been business partners for four years. “This is the biggest thing so far,” he told the crowd of the Izatys deal.

Riesterer said his real estate interests include a log home company that wants to build on Izatys lots.

Kramber said Izatys golf pro Jason Tolette will stay on, as will his father in a consulting role.
The restaurant will likely be taken over by a company with catering and restaurant experience from the Twin Cities, Kramber said.

A townhome owner asked, “Is there hope for a D’Amico’s?” referring to the critically-acclaimed Italian restaurant in Minneapolis.

Kramber replied, “Yes.”

Later Kramber said there are as many as seven restaurant companies “pursuing us.” With a purchase agreement for Izatys now in hand, he said negotiations for new food service can begin.

Glaser acknowledged the many months of rumors. A Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe official acknowledged looking into buying the property at one point.

“I even heard recently we were selling to the Minnesota Twins,” Glaser said.

Glaser said Izatys was a successful public-private partnership. Its expansion over the past decade was due to the cooperation of various state agencies and Mille Lacs County, which agreed to its first tax increment financing deal to help the resort.

Steve Dubbs, a townhome owner and descendent of one of the first owners of the resort that became Izatys, was on hand to hear the announcement.

He said the resort was started in 1922 by retired Detroit, Mich., school teacher Rose Burns. Earl Bettendorf, Dubbs’ grandfather, bought the resort in 1930 and ran it until 1952.

The resort returned to the family 10 years later, and Dubbs’ parents, Jerry and Dorothy, ran the resort and golf course until Glaser bought it in 1987.

“On the one hand we’re sad to see the Glaser family sell the resort. They made a significant impact on the resort and the community and will be missed,” Steve Dubbs said. “On the other hand, it is exciting to see the enthusiasm of the new owners, the excitement they have for the property and their vision to take it to next level.”

Bob Minish, president of the Izatys Townhome Association, said he was pleased by the announcement.

Earlier in the meeting, Minish announced that Midwest Resorts, formerly Premiere Resorts, will soon take over maintenance of the townhome properties. The company has agreed to retain two trusted maintenance managers, he said.

Click here for more news

© 2002 Mille Lacs Messenger All Rights Reserved.

The Mille Lacs Messenger is a member of the Minnesota Newspaper Association

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • monstermoose78
      A friend took this photo this weekend
    • ozzie
      Looks like a fun time on a tranquil lake!!
    • Surface Tension
      Bad electrical connection will create heat.
    • jim curlee
      I have a metal roof on my house near Cook, I installed it about thirteen years ago still looks/works great. Replaced my shingled roof at home(Pine Island) last year, the shingles lasted 17 years before they were lookin pretty tough. That would be twice I've replaced shingles at home in 35 years.   The major problem I have with steel is when the snow melts off of the roof, it will all come off at one time. If your car, or the door you use to get in and out of your house is under the eave's, you WILL have an issue. Last spring enough snow came off of my roof in one melting, that it would have buried, and I'm sure crushed my truck. The snow drift after that melting was about 10' wide, and 4' deep. You better plow it right away, or you will have an ice drift that you cannot remove. The only other issue, is that when it rains it really runs off of the roof. You will get wet standing under the eaves of your house. The rain come's off in sheets.  You could use gutters or deflectors, but the snow coming off in the spring will also remove your gutters/deflectors, guaranteed. A door on the gable end of your house will take care of the rain and snow problem.   Other than that I think the steel roof is great, it is easy to apply, and is guaranteed for 40 years. I don't plan on ever using shingles again, have converted most of my buildings to steel! With shingles you might get 20 years, then you get to hire somebody to come out, and replace your shingles again. LOL And NO, it is not so loud in my house when it rains, that you can't hear yourself think. LOL And No, I don't sell/install steel roofing, I'm just sold on the stuff.   I can't recommend a good or fair roofer/contractor, I do my own work. I can recommend a good/fair electrician/concrete guy. If you pm me, I'll tell you a plumber NOT to hire.   Jim      
    • PSU
      RLG, good to hear and I think that's one of the most important tips I've learned from this forum. Trust your electronics!    
    • redlabguy
      I haven’t seen many posts lately which means I’m not the only one struggling to find fish. I ventured out of Frazer into Big Bay today and fished 20 fow on a shore line pulling a spinner/crawler  at 1 mph and got a limit of nice fish in a half an hour. They hit almost as soon as I got the bait to the bottom. Just me and the lab- - otherwise, we would’ve put a lot more fish in the boat. It was the third place I tried. It’s good advice to fish where you see fish on the sonar.  RLG
    • yoppdk
    • srj
      Sounds like a great time, Hoey. Keeping active with old friends is really important...……….as I have advanced well past "middle age", most of my friends I fished/hunted with have either died or quit the outdoors pursuits. Bummer. However, Thursday I head to Morson with one of my remaining partners to spend a few days at his place at Sportsmans Landing, always a good time. That part of LOW is really fun! Endless rock humps to fish, and little traffic. A couple years ago, I got my bud into jigging raps and similar lures. Big fun jig rappin the sand flats in that area. And usually, we catch a few crappies for a great meal. One observation  after many years of fishing LOW north and east of Big Traverse involves the rock humps.....anyone with thoughts on this, please weigh in. In big Traverse, the rock bite peaks in July and slowly peters out. There are still good days, but by late August, you have to run and gun to find fish on the rocks. However, in Sabaskong, Little Traverse and areas north and east of Big Traverse, the rock bite stays very strong. On Whitefish Bay, my best rock fishing was the last couple weeks of August. My thought is it is because of the pressure on  the US side and the lack thereof on the Canada side. Opinions? Good luck.
    • Borch
      I was fishing 18-25 fow.  I cruised several humps that topped out around 17-20 fow and found fish on about 1/2 of them.  I only fished spots I marked good numbers of fish on them.   By horizontal I mean either making long cast and snapping the jigging rap back sharply or trolling 1- 1.2 mph and having enough line out that there would be a little slack before my next snap of the rod at that speed/depth.  You don't feel the hit.  The fish is just there on the next snap that then turns into a hook set.   I've also fished them vertically but many times the more horizontal presentation works better.  At least for me.   I caught fish on both 7&9 sizes.  But the 7s are easier on my arm with repetitive snapping of the rod.  These fish heavy and I've fished them like this in more than 30 feet of water. Metallic perch was the best color for me this weekend followed by rainbow trout or chartreuse.   Even caught several pike and crappies doing this type of fishing.  Moonshine shiver minnows work well too.  They get the nod when there is most on the bottom.  They fish cleaner that the jigging raps. 
    • delcecchi
      when was the most recent time it started normally?   You did start mixing oil in gas when you disconnected the injection system, right?