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Where are they at on the south end?


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I'll be coming up with my buds on the weekend of the 17-18th. We'll be staying
at Dickie's Portside. Any advice on where they're biting on the south end. Is 25-35ft.in the day,on top of the reefs in the evening and at night still the rule of thumb or have things changed? What about the perch,
are they biting? Where and how deep? I also would like some advice on muskies and pike.
Same thing, where and how deep?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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This isn't going to be of great help to you, but my parent's have a cabin not far from Portside resort (just north in the first bay) and on Saturday afternoon, about 1:00 p.m. we caught a 24+ inch walleye right off the dock! We couldn't believe it since the water depth is only about 6 feet there. However, there was a strong south wind that brought all kinds of large minnows and bait fish into the area. Here I was feeling bummed because I was hoping to get out to the flats to do some fishing with my dad, but the wind was too strong for his liking to make the long trip to the flats so he took my son out to the dock to do some fishing. Needless to say, next time the wind keeps us off the lake, I won't complain much if we can catch walleyes right off the dock! I hope someone gives you some info that will get you out onto the hot spots on the lake! Good luck!

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We fished last Friday (August 9) and caught 28 walleyes. 1 in the slot, 2 under and 25 over. All but one were caught in the deep water off the large mud flats. 32-37 ft. Huge clouds of baitfish in the area. Best bite was a hammered nickel spinner with a rainbow dace. We caught a few on leeches and crawlers but minnows produced the best.

Moving at a decent clip seems to be the key. Others in the area who were slow rigging it seemed to being catching at a much slower rate.

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We fished mainly in the the area in the Southeast near Father Hennepin park.

1.2 mile northwest from the landing in a place called the Graveyard.....

We had better luck about a half mile -to a mile northwest from there...you can see the boats congrgate on this spot from the Graveyard spot

We sometimes followed the fishing barges to see if they were catching them...

A friend of mine said he slayed them in the North and I heard that report from several other fisherman as well...I could find out where(GPS coordinates). He said they caught 200 on a weekend.

BAIT: Leech only....see if you can find em cheap near your home town...they charge big bucks in Isle.

Lindy Rig,Large Snell -5ft'(key)
Hook - Neon Yellow, Pink, Orange Gamagatsu hooks, colored Beads
Lindy Sinker(big enough for the weather and conditions to keep you down on the bottom-check out the bait shop in Isle-they have this new interchangeable Lindy weight-can snap on 1/4-1oz dependng on the conditions without having to re-tie), use an optional Spinner hook on(we had some good luck with a multi-colored colorado with an eye on it).

Used black 6 lb fireline for increased bite sensitivity.

held my line towards bait(bail open of course), i treated everything like a bite , gave the fish time to munch it(10-30sec), then set hook...i had the best success in my group with this technique. We dritfed through; however, you could try an anchor and slip bobber technique....we saw many having success with this.

not much structure where we fished: although the Graveyard is near a shallow reef.....some bumps here and there...most came from what seemed like a flat area. We caught them in 8-24ft...most in around 15..but dont get too hung up on the depth.

we had some fun up there.....caught plenty in the slot and out of the slot...enjoy.... it was like Canada..but bigger fish!!

Anglin' Freak

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IceMan 73,

We fished from 8:00 am until 6:30 pm. The weather was supposed to turn nasty so we bolted before the evening bite.

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    • Big-Cats-Only
      I also got a Great Lake I go to all the time guaranteed have a great time coming back with a big load
    • Big-Cats-Only
      So I am also moving to the Lino lakes area in just 3 weeks and fishing is the only thing I would like to do… fishing buddy’s or any good spots would be appreciated
    • leech~~
      Yes, MN is very difficult to register anything that had a title or a original registration card. I've ran into the same issue with old snowmobiles, and motorcycles it suks. Hope he can get it done over in Wisconsin for you. Good Luck. 
    • Kettle
      Some had eggs but not all, found in 7-8 ft of water in the weeds 
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      Kettle, did it appear that they already spawned??
    • smurfy
      Those are some nice sunfish bud!!👍
    • Raven77
      Thanks.  Very similar to my tactics.  I usually haven't started using lead core until August and then we are fishing in 30 FOW.  I will give it a try in 20-25'.
    • SkunkedAgain
      It's amazing how much the water level is dropping. It looks like we've been getting enough rain to keep the forest hydrated but not enough to fill the lake.
    • JerkinLips
      Finally made it up to Vermilion this summer.  Between opening our place in Soudan and entertaining the wife and dog I only made it out on the lake 1½ hours Wednesday evening and 3½ hours Thursday morning.  In those 5 hours all I caught was a 10" perch.  I had 3 other light bites and that was it.  The wife caught two 8" eyes Wednesday and didn't get out Thursday morning with me.  Vermilion Fuel and Food didn't have rainbows, and their chubs were very small and pike suckers were too big (they did have a river-mix that looked good that I should have tried).  I did see a few mayflies on the surface so I will blame all of those factors on my lack of success, although my lack of fishing skills factored in also.  Many others fishing around us and I only saw one other fish being landed so maybe I wasn't the only one struggling to catch fish.   Water temp was 65°F in Stuntz Bay and the water level is running 13" lower than last year at this time as shown below.  Good luck fishing and enjoy the lake.  It was beautiful out there.  
    • Kettle
      Got into a mess load of 9"+ sized gills, all were released 
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