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Which came first?


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In Reply to Fidelis,

First off my opinions were not stated out of anger, this is an topic of interest to me, and this is a discussion board. I have apologized for returning fire when fired upon. If anyone else has any unresolved issues with my language or behavior on this board, please call it to my attention.

First point: In true lawyerly fashion, you have fragmented my commentary, and took my statements and applied your own context. Considering turnabout as fair play, I hope you appreciate my responses to your statements. I am not calling for the elimination of C&R, I clearly left this as a choice for anyone who wishes to do so. What I am against(again) is the proposal that Mille lacs be restricted to C&R only regulations, as of yet, I have not heard a logical arguement for that proposal.

Sidenote: I quote you "Sidenote: In a perfect world, regulations wouldn’t be needed. As a lawyer I can tell you property rights were created over two hundred years ago by the white man, and for good reason. Prior the creation of property laws, communities were formed to work together for the benefit of all. However, some individuals learned they didn’t have to work as hard as others but could still reap the benefits. At this point lines were drawn, laws were made, and everyone had to fend for themselves whether it dealt with real or personal property."

Your statement "In a perfect world, regulations would not be needed". Well it's not a "perfect world", so what exactly is your point in mentioning that? You go on to say "As a lawyer I can tell you property rights were created over two hundred years ago by the white man, and for good reason." Well I am no lawyer, but I do know some history, and I will tell you that property laws have existed for thousands of years before the settlement of North America and the establishment of the United States of America, and are quite well documented. I am uncertain as to wether it was the "white man" that was the first to create them, yet I digress. Yet I guess you do as well as your next statement "Prior the creation of property laws, communities were formed to work together for the benefit of all." What? was this a universally applied community structure? What specifically are you refering to and what is the point of it? and how does it apply to this topic. And the rest of this paragraph recedes into even deeper recesses of unclarity.

Second topic, While yes, this is my opinion, it would be no more difficult to enforce than todays regs, based on the recent ruling regarding game wardens and privacy expectations in boats and ice houses. Also my proposal has just as much merit as those proposing C&R regulations, they are just differing opinions presented by members of a discussion board, we are hardly putting pen to paper here. You stated "C&R fisherman releases 4, maybe one dies. You keep 4, all die. Under your regulation we will back to involuntary C&R, accept there won’t be any “C”." I am not following your logic here, why won't there be anymore "C"? Based on the scenario In my previous post, both fisherman in your example are still killing less fish than they would be today.

Third topic: Yes, fishing has been spectacular this past season, In fact, I can not remember the fishing ever being this spectacular, That is why the resorts are doing well, This has nothing to do with C&R, and there is good evidence to support that C&R may actually be slowing the bite,(see the story on FM homepage). Put some C&R only regs on the lake, and I am sure the resort owners would not be happy with the results. If your expectations are that the "state of the bite" is a permanent situation, I would urge you to reconsider. The population has not been accurately assessed, the hooking mortality figures are finally moving into a reasonable range, and not even the DNR will state that the population has stablized.

Fourth point: No I am not a professional fisherman, I wouldn't care to be one either. Simple fact is I have been fishing my whole life, My parents and grandparents taught me, and my interest grew from there. I am also a trained biologist, and have studied freshwater biology and ecology extensively. If there is one fish that is easy to pattern, it is a walleye. That is neither silly or callous, if that offends you or anyone, that is unfortunate, but the only reason could be that you have not put enough time into understanding walleye. If you believe the walleye to be a hard fighting fish, you really owe it to yourself to expand your horizons and try out a king salmon, lake sturgeon, muskie, pound for pound even the smallmouth bass gives up a better fight.

Fifth topic: If you cannot tell the difference in taste, that is your problem not mine. I can tell the difference; the fact is walleye is a fish with delicate flesh. It must be handled properly in order to really shine on the table. If people knew where the frozen walleye comes from and how it is handled and by whom, I am sure the demand would drop. Go ahead and have a taste test if you would like, I won't be there, as you do not appear from your post to be anyone I would like to meet.

Final point: You must be reading between the lines to come to those conclusions, Just as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I am merely stating what is my opinion, I do not see how the discussion of mine and others opinions is disrespectful. We do not all have to agree, but we do have to get along. If anyone feels there is a post I have made that contains slanderous, profane or vulgar language, I would be more than willing to edit that post.

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Great Response/Analysis LabRat -

I could mimic your lack of etiquette by responding (see coldone's retort to Pannyraid, supra), but this is about fishing on Mille Lacs, not who can come up with the best one liners. Although I find your banter humorous and entertaining, I also find it uninspiring and childish.

I will resubmit my original inquiry solely for you to elucidate:

Fish survived and reproduced in the big pond long before man arrived. So why does man have to remove fish for the fish to survive??? (i.e., why is the DNR wrong?)

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Air cleared.


Did you just make fun of us? I hope so, because we need it! grin.gif

Thanks to all for the opportunity and the experience.

Anyone know where I can find a good, used soap box? Mine's shot.

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    • Rivergroup
      We sere able to grab a good amount of crappies and bass but not much for walleye. That being said, always sad to leave the lake for the season but we'll be back eventually.   
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Fall walleye fishing is in full swing on Lake of the Woods.  Some excellent reports this week with an increase of fish along the south shore and an increase in anglers catching them via jigging, however spinners and crankbaits are still working well.   Anchored up or spot locked and jigging over the side of the boat is an effective fall method.  Using gold, pink, glow, orange and chartreuse colored jigs tipped with a frozen emerald shiner is hard to beat.   Spinners with crawlers or minnows and trolling crankbaits are still producing fish and is an effective way to put your baits in front of many fish, some of which will typically react.   With literally millions of walleyes in Lake of the Woods, not every walleye is focusing on the same forage in the same area.  Walleyes are being caught at many locations around the lake, including deep mud, reefs, shorelines and transition areas (rock to mud, mud to sand).   Most fish are being caught in 18 - 32 feet, depending upon where you are fishing.  Don't forget about the morning / evening bite along the shoreline areas.     Big pike, jumbo perch, a few crappies and an occasional sturgeon in the mix of walleyes and saugers throughout a day of fishing.   On the Rainy River...   Some shiners have started to run up the Rainy River.  There have been good fishing reports with fish being caught, but it isn't the heavy fall run yet.  The walleye fishing isn't a slamfest yet, but there are definitely some nice fish to be had.   Jigging is becoming more effective with water temps in the low 60's.  This technique will only get better as the fall continues.  Trolling spinners and trolling crankbaits continues to be effective as well.      Walleyes continue to be caught in Four Mile Bay, along various shoreline breaks, bars and other pieces of structure up and down the river.     Pike and smallmouth bass are hanging out on shorelines, in bays and areas with rock.  Some nice crappies being caught around docks and off of breaks. Fall sturgeon fishing is normally very good in the fall and is overshadowed by the walleye run!  The sturgeon season is open through the winter into the spring. Up at the NW Angle...  Walleye fishing up at the Angle continues good.  Limits of walleyes are being caught on both sides of the border.   Walleyes are hanging out on points, reefs, flats and neck down areas with current.  They are being caught jigging, pulling spinners and trolling crankbaits.  All three methods are catching fish.   As a rule of thumb, jig over structure, pull spinners or cranks to cover water along a shoreline, on a flat or to find fish.   Crappies are in 20 - 30 feet off of points and around brush piles. Electronics help to find, and stay on the schools of fish. Muskies continue to be active.  Big pike are in abundance and snappin'.  Smallmouth bass are active with cooling water temps.  
    • SkunkedAgain
      Wow, interesting
    • Rick
      A weekly list of news briefs about fish, wildlife, and habitat management.Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Rick
      Voluntary submission of wing or tail feathers needed for study.Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • delcecchi
      Back when the DNR was seining our beach in July I asked, and apparently they were through oak narrows.   But long way to go to get to us.   I'll keep my eyes open and my mask and snorkel on.  Didn't see any sign off them this summer.
    • Wanderer
      Nice job Troy.   We are happy with our opening day for ducks.  2 man limit of mixed species by 10am.  LOTS of people where we were today but that was expected.  Other than getting beat to our spot, no issues that would keep up away.  Not even the rain.
    • leech~~
      Thanks, I'm riding this now TW200 so not sure I can get on any of the ATV trails. Might have to sled by in the winter! 👍
    • JerkinLips
      There are actually 3 tree carvings on the trail from Soudan to Ely.  I saw 2 of them but missed the 3rd.  I believe that trail is the Prospector Trail #4 or #6.  You have to start from the parking lot on the Murray Road 2 miles past Soudan since several property owners on the old railroad bed didn't allow off-road vehicles on their properties.  Another option is to travel from Tower to Embarrass then on to Ely, but that adds a couple hours to the trip.
    • leech~~
      I've seen that caving on a few web pages. What trail is that on?  It would be cool to ride by. 👍
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