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New to Area, Fishing Rice Lake....

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hey all, I just moved to Minnesota from Washington State. I grew up in ND but its been about 16 years since I left there. Anyway, I hadnt Ice fished for years, and was ready to get back into it. I must say it has changed alot, with the Vexilar and other new electronic equipment.
Anyways, I live between Big Rice lake and Little rice lake, and Kitchi, and went out for the first time on big Rice this weekend.
Did pretty good, 2 Walleyes 2 and 1/12 pounders, 2 pikes about the same size, and 3 perch, small compared to what I used to get in devils lake , ND smile.gif
The were hitting on pink or red jigs with minnows, I did lose a few by breaking the 6 lb test mono line, then I switched to spiderwire, much Better smile.gif

Anyway, I just found this site tonight while watching the Vikes do their usual choke job with 2 minutes left , thought I'd chime in, Chad

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Hey chad, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have rice figured out pretty good. I don't fish rice very often.
Talk to you later

Kupcho's Guide Service
Upper Red, Winnie, Blackduck Area
Phone:(651) 426-1545
E-mail: [email protected]

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Welcome to the site. Big Rice is a great lake. I was wondering how you got on the lake? You will definitely want to stick with a supper line up there will all the pesky little pike. If you can find them there are some very respectable bluegills in there. Also, if you ever want to discus or ask any questions about the lakes you mentioned swing by the Cass Chain forum for more responses. Its kind of a quiet forum in the winter but come springtime it will be loaded with info.

Good luck up there!

First Choice Guide Service
The Cass Lake Chain
Phone: (612)730-9620

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Welcome to the Forum Chad! Sounds like you had good results for your first venture out on Rice. That's one that we haven't had a chance to hit as we've only been up here a little over the year and there are tons of lakes to try...trust me we're trying grin.gif

Where in Washington State did you move from? For a couple of years I lived in the Tri-Cities area, and on weekends dad loved to drive around and look at different spots in the state, we sure did see some beautiful spots up there.

When your in Blackduck stop on by and say howdy and we can swap some fishing stories!

Drake Motel
[email protected]

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I lived in the Mount Vernon area while In Washington...

I live right on Rice, so I can do on it no problem smile.gif

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I did some consulting and training work at an elementary school in Mt. Vernon. I can't remember the name of it though.


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I finally had a chance to go again tonight after work. Fished from 4:00 till 4:30...
At LEAST 25 perch... 10 over a pound. Released them all, fun stuff but dang cold out!

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    • Wanderer
      I’ve only seen teal one morning on the river.  Absolutely nothing in all the evenings I’ve been out.  Hard to get excited about hunting around home. 😒
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    • monstermoose78
      Been searching for teal with hazel and Finn. We seen a few but not any numbers anywhere. I think I got a pond that will be good as it was full of rice. 
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    • smurfy
      troublemakers i tell ya..........dang instigators!!!!!!!! 🤣😉
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    • Wanderer
      Who are these leech and kettle guys going back and forth??? 😉
    • leech~~
      Well just for the Halibut, you could try salmon or Cod! 😆
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