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Any luck Borch?


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I know you're so busy cleaning birds you don't have time to post, but let us know how the hunt is going!


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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Oh I wish!

If it weren't for bad luck I'd had no luck at all!

Called in 5 jakes and 3 hens Thursday. Passed on them. In the afternoon I had a nice long beard coming in and a neighbor decides to ride up on their ATV and spooked him when he's less than 75 yards away and closing fast. Just terrible timing.

Friday was out with the kids. Had a huge longbeard working in and had a bunch of hens show up and lead him away after about 40 minutes of gobbling and strutting. Got him to start coming back and my som decides to move around and spook some hens sneaking in from behind. This also spooks the tom.

Today never heard a peep. After and hour and a half we decide to make a move. I checked over the area carefully started to pick up the gear. Step out and there's a tom not 60 yards away coming in silent. I just checked there 2 minutes earlier. Of course he sees us and it's over. That's it no other sighting today.

It's gotta get better from here. Those jakes are starting to look pretty good right about now. wink.gif

We still have two days left. Then I get a day to rest(work) and off to SD I go.


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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Well yesterday was a bust. Not a peep heard. Did see a few hens though. Today was a different story. Walked into one of my spots that we hadn't hunted yet this year. There wasn't much for sign there the past few weeks.

I got there a little later than I would have liked as the sky was lightening up. So I scanned each of the likely roosting trees on the way in as the bird like to roost in the stretch we have to walk through on the way to our spots. I get to the first spot that I have setup in and see a tom in a tree about 60 yards in front of me. I freeze and decide what I should do. I'm on the edge of a ridge so backing up wasn't much of an option. I decide to setup on the tree I'm standing next to. I don't like to setup this close but that's the way it worked out. It's an oak ridge so doing it quietly was impossible with it being so dry and no wind to cover up anything. But this just seemed to fire him up with the leaf crunching. I managed to get setup without him seeing me and he continues to gobble with another one now joining in about 75 yards in front of me and to my left. I let things settle down a bit and do a couple of soft tree yelps. He doesn't gobble but looks in my direction and struts on the limb. The other bird gobbles though and he sounds off. After another 5 minutes I do another tree yelp with some clucks and purrs tossed in. Then I simulate the wing beat of a hen flying down and crunch some leafs. This pushes them over the edge. Lots of gobbling and strutting on the linb. I do some leaf scratching and get gobbling from both birds. I set down the call and shut up.

After about 3-4 minutes I hear the bird to my left fly down. The tom in from of me continues to do his thing on the limb. After about a minute he stretches his wings and flies down too hitting the ground about 45 yards away but out of sight. I finally get an chance to get my gun up and ready as both birds are out of sight. I can hear both birds strutting and walking around. The bird from the left shows up first and is given a lethal does of #5 shot at 32 yards. Time on my watch 6:50 am. The other bird sticks around putting and clucking. When I walk up to get my bird after picking up my stuff the other gobbler closes the distance(to about 20 yards). Must have thought I was the hen walking his way. He eventually sees me and leaves putting.

Not the biggest gobbler in the world but a nice two year old bird on the last morning of my season. Just wish one of the kids could have been there for a potential double.


16.5 lbs
9.75" beard
1.0 & .875" spurs

Taking the kids to school this morning I saw 6 different gobblers in the fields. Not a hen in sight. Looks good for those hunting this next season.

Now I head off to SD tomorrow night. Catch you later.

[This message has been edited by Borch (edited 05-03-2004).]

[This message has been edited by Borch (edited 05-03-2004).]

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    • Wanderer
      You could do Isanti to St. Francis also.  About mid way is Anderson Park that has a small sandy access.  Anderson Park to St. Francis had fewer but some bigger fish while Isanti to Anderson Park had better numbers and not as many big fish.   All upstream from Isanti to the access on Hwy 95 can be hit or miss but if you hit it, it can be good.   Up to 16’s is fairly common bit there are enough 16-20’s to not be shocked if you get one or more.   I’d never admit to this while I lived there. 😉
    • Kettle
      Some pressure but nothing like lake fishing 
    • Kayak1310
      Hey thanks guys, I appreciate your input. It sounds like this float might be best to put off a year when the water is up a little higher. I'll check the gage next summer and see how it looks. I was hoping to get into some 18 to 20" fish (aren't we all), so maybe they will have moved back in there by then.   Does the stretch south of St. Francis get very much pressure on it? I'll have to give it a look.    
    • Kettle
      Little more narrow up there, if I were to do it, I'd float St Francis to Andover. Shallow yes but it's a good stretch to fish
    • gimruis
      I fished it further south near Milaca/Princeton a couple times in late July.  It was OK then but dropping.  The second time we definitely bumped more rocks and grounded out in a couple riffles.  I use a 10 foot jon boat that can float through a couple inches of water.  We caught 15-20 smallmouth both times, but nothing over 16 inches.  I think the drought last year sent the bigger fish out of there.  It may take a few years to recover.   You can check the flow on the DNR website.  There is a live gauge right in Onamia.  Anything below 11 feet is too low for me.   https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/waters/csg/site.html?id=21018002    
    • JBMasterAngler
      Water is really low. It’s definitely doable, but there will be a lot of spots you’ll have to get out and pull. Fallen trees in low water might be your biggest obstacle. Should be plenty of smallies to catch. They’ll be concentrated in any deep pools you come across.
    • gimruis
      Lol he broke a muskie drought that had started in 2006.  16 years without a legal muskie!
    • leech~~
      Well you're are! 😆 Step 4 Your satirical essays should be humorous.
    • Caleb9
      Not too long ago, I found synthesis paper topics here. I may be exaggerating, but this is one of the best topic ideas sites I have found in the last few years.
    • Caleb9
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