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Turkey Arrow Placement - Revisited


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Tombow and Buckblaster:

Thought I'd check this topic out again to see if there is still interest. You guys both gave very informative and well thought out posts on the subject a few weeks ago.

I would like to echo both of your statements on shot placement and penetration. From what little I've seen, the placement needs to be right on the money, and from what I've heard, any old arrow stuck in them will NOT immobilize the bird. Like you've said, it's a careful balance between too much penetration and not enough. With a fast shooting bow and carbon arrows, I think you'd blow right through a bird and lose it without the large expandables or some sort of drag enhancer. Hammerhead makes a 4blade model that opens way up and "corkscrews" its way into the bird that a buddy of mine has used with great success.

Another concern, which relates to what you've said on the drumstick shot, is shock factor. Bone crushing power and shock will cause the bird to freeze up a bit, and give you time to scramble out there and get it. I've seen a less than perfect shot turn into a kill, IMO due to the large cutting area of the 4 blades and all the shock they produce from hitting as much bone and vitals as possible. The more bone, ribs, and/or spine you can smack the better I think. However, if using a lighter poundage, you probably wouldn't get the penetration you need with a large expandable. I wouldn't be against using a heavier grain broadhead either if it didn't affect the trajectory so much.

A good story.
I hunt with a VERY experienced turkey hunter who guided in the Black Hills for many years and now hunts with stick and string. Last year, he smoked one at 17 yards standing profile in the hard part of the breast bone. The initial shock would have given him enough time to get out there and start dancing with it, but he was slow out the blind, and the bird took off after 10-15 seconds.

The best part was that later the same day, his brother called the very same bird within 20 yards and killed it with his gun.....only a few hundred yards away. What a bird! The right breast had been cut nearly in half, and the breast bone was cracked, but this thing still wanted to come to the call. Their ability to take a hit, bow or gun, still amazes me.


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I went out and bought the Hammerhead 3L 100gr expandable for this years turkey expedition. Seems I forgot all about the 4 blade version. I like the sharp tip on the Hammerhead, figuring that it'll give the initial penetration through feathers that I am looking for. I'm thinking strongly of doing a test run with a store-bought chicken and a wing from my first bird. (Then the neighbors won't WONDER if I'm a bit cracked, THEY'LL KNOW!! "Hey Marge, go tell him that chickens already dead!")
Thanks for the story, that IS amazing.

I plan on doing a full scale story of this years hunt complete with a solid review of the Hammerhead and how well it performed putting my first bow bird down!!

I did get a couple pictures sent to me yesterday from a friendly guy on the NWTF site of two birds killed with (not by) a Buckblaster (Rockets fixed AND expandable head. Let me just say AWESOME, almost didn't need to gut the bird!

Wish me luck and I say Best of Luck to you!!

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Thanks Joel. Nice hearin' from you again TB. It's time for me to pull out my rig soon. I videotaped my own kill last year while 10 birds milled the field in front of me. I watched the tape the other day and now I'm wound tighter than a drum! I can't wait to strap on the boots on and do this for the 5th year in a row!

Hey TB, would you mind sending me those pics? Interested in seeing how the bird stands up to broadheads. [email protected]

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    • Wanderer
      You could do Isanti to St. Francis also.  About mid way is Anderson Park that has a small sandy access.  Anderson Park to St. Francis had fewer but some bigger fish while Isanti to Anderson Park had better numbers and not as many big fish.   All upstream from Isanti to the access on Hwy 95 can be hit or miss but if you hit it, it can be good.   Up to 16’s is fairly common bit there are enough 16-20’s to not be shocked if you get one or more.   I’d never admit to this while I lived there. 😉
    • Kettle
      Some pressure but nothing like lake fishing 
    • Kayak1310
      Hey thanks guys, I appreciate your input. It sounds like this float might be best to put off a year when the water is up a little higher. I'll check the gage next summer and see how it looks. I was hoping to get into some 18 to 20" fish (aren't we all), so maybe they will have moved back in there by then.   Does the stretch south of St. Francis get very much pressure on it? I'll have to give it a look.    
    • Kettle
      Little more narrow up there, if I were to do it, I'd float St Francis to Andover. Shallow yes but it's a good stretch to fish
    • gimruis
      I fished it further south near Milaca/Princeton a couple times in late July.  It was OK then but dropping.  The second time we definitely bumped more rocks and grounded out in a couple riffles.  I use a 10 foot jon boat that can float through a couple inches of water.  We caught 15-20 smallmouth both times, but nothing over 16 inches.  I think the drought last year sent the bigger fish out of there.  It may take a few years to recover.   You can check the flow on the DNR website.  There is a live gauge right in Onamia.  Anything below 11 feet is too low for me.   https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/waters/csg/site.html?id=21018002    
    • JBMasterAngler
      Water is really low. It’s definitely doable, but there will be a lot of spots you’ll have to get out and pull. Fallen trees in low water might be your biggest obstacle. Should be plenty of smallies to catch. They’ll be concentrated in any deep pools you come across.
    • gimruis
      Lol he broke a muskie drought that had started in 2006.  16 years without a legal muskie!
    • leech~~
      Well you're are! 😆 Step 4 Your satirical essays should be humorous.
    • Caleb9
      Not too long ago, I found synthesis paper topics here. I may be exaggerating, but this is one of the best topic ideas sites I have found in the last few years.
    • Caleb9
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